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Know How To Keep Track of Your Vehicle, Even When Miles Away

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All your tickets and stays are booked, and you are raring to go for that long-awaited family vacation. If you own a car, you might be worried about the safety of your car in your absence. It’s only logical, after all. You may be leaving your vehicle outside your house, at a private parking space or in your garage. It’s natural to feel insecure about your car when you are away from it.

So what can you do about it? One way to ensure peace of mind is to install a GPS tracking device in your car. This device is meant to keep your car safe even when you are not there.

GPS tracking devices come with the most advanced security features available in the market, such as location tracking, two-way calling, and more. While there are so many brands providing such tracking devices, make sure you select a trustworthy brand like KENT CamEye that ensures 100% protection for your car.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the features of a GPS tracking device that helps you stay stress-free about your car when you are away from home.

GPS Tracking With Route Playback

One significant feature of a GPS tracking device is to stay connected to your car even when you are miles away. It provides you with innovative tracking and monitoring solutions, like statistic reports and real-time GPS locations. You might be wondering how it helps.

Say, your driver takes your car out on a trip when you are not present. Having such a GPS tracking device equipped in your car will help you playback the route for trip analysis.

Real-Time Intelligent Alerts

Just imagine getting an alert on your phone notifying that your car is out of your pre-defined location parameter. It is possible with the help of intelligent alerts from a hi-tech GPS tracking device. Such devices send out AI-based alerts to your smartphone whenever the parameter defined within the tracking app gets violated. The GPS tracking device sends actionable alerts like:

  • Unknown Driver Detection
  • Power Cable Removed
  • Engine Idling
  • Reboot Attempt

On receiving the warnings, you can take the necessary steps to safeguard your vehicle.

Constant Monitoring of Driving Behavior

A smart GPS Tracking device acts as a strong deterrent against frequently faced vehicle safety issues. In your absence, your driver may depict reckless actions, like giving rides to unknown passengers for quick money or let an unauthorized individual behind the wheel. Constant monitoring via your GPS tracking device with an in-built dash cam discourages such behavior, making the driver aware that you always have an eye on him.

Time-Lapse Video Recording on Cloud

When you safeguard your vehicle with a GPS tracking device, you get the live-streamed videos recorded alongside.

Worried about where to store such recordings?

Cloud connectivity is the answer.

Advanced GPS tracking devices live streams and record everything on a secure cloud server. You can download the recordings on your phone whenever needed.

Your Reliable Vehicle Security Partner

Being a trusted brand that offers GPS tracking devices, KENT CamEye is known for advanced specializations that match your particular requirements. It has high-end features like vehicle tracking, live streaming, two-way calling and much more. The GPS tracking device is made in India, and you can buy it only on Amazon and Flipkart. It offers you the ease of getting a free demo trial to witness the virtuosity of their products. So, order it now and get it delivered on your doorstep.

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