Marketing your business effectively will help you reach new customers, establish a brand identity and disrupt your market. You need to communicate a key set of value-propositions that make your products or services irresistible. The authors and contributors at TYB have experience marketing products that generate millions of dollars in revenue.

What is Digital Marketing? Explained in Simple Terms

Digital marketing is one form of online marketing. You can find different types of digital marketing platforms such as email marketing, PPC advertising, social media marketing and marketing through blog writing.  Such digital marketing methods can bring potential customers to your business, and you can channelize your business through different marketing platforms. Some people think […]
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Growing Your Business: The Benefits of Content Marketing

If you have begun dipping your toes into the world of digital marketing, you may have heard the phrase “content is king.” So how exactly can content marketing help your business? Content marketing starts a conversation with consumers and opens the floor for your company to stretch its legs and demonstrate its expertise. Ultimately, the […]
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How eBooks Can Improve Your Domain Expertise

2020 has brought with itself a great many changes; from giving NASA a chance to launch another probe to Mars to the world being introduced to a novel virus and everything in between. And hidden amongst these celestial and microbial changes is a change in our favorite search engine’s algorithm, the 2020 core Google update. […]
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Preventing Fraud in PPC Call Campaigns

When it comes to connecting with and converting customers, marketers know the power of calls. A phone call gives consumers a direct pathway to your business and a friendly representative who can guide them through that last stage of the sales funnel. They offer immediate connection and human interaction—a two-pronged formula for success. PPC call […]
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Pandemic Causes Businesses To Retreat From Marketing

How You Can Claim Prime Search Engine Real Estate Through Quality Backlinks The COVID-19 pandemic has tossed business into turmoil, and marketing and advertising budgets have been a casualty of the times. Brick-and-mortar businesses around the world have been forced to temporarily close their doors, which has by necessity caused them to choke off their […]
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The Positive and Negative Effects of Outsourcing SEO Projects

In past years, Search Engine Optimization was just seen as a project that could help a company grow and be more in tune with their online presence. However, SEO has now evolved into a necessary tool that makes up the digital marketing backbone of a lot of enterprises and big companies. Consumers rely on online […]
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Dos and Donts for Building Links

If you have been in business for some time — and you haven’t just recently discovered the importance of the internet for building and maintaining an audience — you might be able to remember a time when SEO was easy. Building links used to be as simple as posting a URL in a comments section […]
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5 Ways To Use Social Media Marketing To Outrank Competitors

These days, almost everybody uses social media, whether it is for business, or blogging or just to be aware of the latest trends. Social media has overtaken the traditional platforms of marketing as well. However, many businesses opt for social media marketing only as per their requirements. Most of the time, it is an impromptu […]
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Why Content Marketing Is the Key to Taking Your Sales and Marketing to the Next Level

Your prospects are spending more time online these days. Our shift in lifestyle since the implementation of stay-at-home orders has led people to spend more time on their mobile devices and interact more with digital media and content. Despite this, many companies are reducing their digital ad spend. Budgets are certainly tight right now, but not putting in the work […]
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