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Tech Company

How to build and scale a tech company from anywhere

Silicon Valley is a great place to build a tech company. But it’s not always a possibility, or as the pandemic has shown us, a requirement. The resources needed to build and scale a tech company are available anywhere. If anything, it is actually pretty normal to start your company out of a garage (Amazon, […]
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sense of urgency


Sense of urgency is out – sense of competition is in

The Hot SALE, only today! GET IT NOW! You probably should have this kind of titles and promotions all over the internet, in the shops or on the brochures. This is the most common method of advertisement and selling a product. Well, it definitely was the most common practice for sure. It definitely worked very […]
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Why Video Marketing Products Get Decision Makers To Make Purchases

Many times, companies need to engage decision-makers in extraordinary ways to get them to buy their products. If not, they ignore the marketing messages, or they buy from competitors. So, companies use attractive video marketing products such as video brochures, video mailers, video samples and gift boxes, and point of purchase display and videos (POP […]
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7 Reasons Why VoIP Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The use of VoIP among both large enterprises and small businesses is on such a rapid increase it is predicted that more than 90% of leading businesses in the IT industry will stop using on-premises communication tools by the end of 2021. Talk about numbers and getting left behind! The steady migration of these businesses […]
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Best digital marketing strategies of 2021

There was a time when reliance on offline strategies like direct sales, postcards, brochures, flyers, and direct mail was quite high. Traditional marketing strategies were time-consuming and cost-ineffective. Digital marketing has enabled businesses to reach a targeted audience through social media platforms. Facebook has more than 2.5 billion active monthly users, and more than 400 […]
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Here’s What Text Message Marketing Can Do for Your Restaurant

Your restaurant’s regular and loyal customers want to be kept in the loop about what is going on and what to expect in the future. They want to know about special offers and promotions a specific restaurant is offering. They want to receive coupons and they want to make reservations and offer comments on feedback. […]
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10 Tips for Your International Marketing Plan

Doing business in the modern world is not just a great thing, it becomes just as normal as getting familiar with computers and digital technology. And this trend allows so many people to grow personally and professionally and do what they like doing. On top of that, doing one’s own business is one of the […]
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Digital Marketing Ideas for Small and Medium Enterprises

Whether you own a brick-and-mortar store or an e-business, digital marketing is an essential component for your business’s success. As online-based communication, social media platforms, and different technologies grow in popularity and usage, it has become more important than ever for every business to invest in digital marketing. Whether you run a highly successful business […]
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Tips from Niche Experts: How to Use YouTube for Your Brand

Chances are if you’ve ever found yourself requiring advice on the effectiveness of a product or service, your first solution was a Google search or a YouTube search. This alone should prove the success that YouTube marketing can have as a tool. The video-sharing medium is among the most used online platforms in the world […]
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