Marketing your business effectively will help you reach new customers, establish a brand identity and disrupt your market. You need to communicate a key set of value-propositions that make your products or services irresistible. The authors and contributors at TYB have experience marketing products that generate millions of dollars in revenue.

4 Customer Retention Tips You Need to Know

Are you looking for a way to generate more sales while boosting customer loyalty? If so, you’re not alone. Business owners around the globe work hard to grow their brands and get people invested in their product or service.  The key to getting more sales is to build stronger relationships with your existing audience. Repeat […]
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Creating An eCommerce Strategy

eCommerce is the ability to conduct business electronically. Due to the popularity of the internet and the use of laptops and smartphones, many businesses have embraced the concept of eCommerce. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of an eCommerce strategy is a well-designed website. However, it’s more than web design and […]
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How To Get 1000 Twitch Followers, Fast

Twitch is an online video and live streaming service that specializes predominantly in gaming content. There are other areas of interest that gain some traction on the site but video games still remain the most-watched.  Gaining followers on the site can be done easily if you spend the time creating interesting content. If you need […]
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How To Reshape Your Business With a 360-Degree Marketing Plan

Developing a 360-degree marketing strategy begins by first establishing the channels your target audience is using. Thereafter, get to know more about them, from where and how they spend their time online to their purchasing behavior. You will also have to come up with a system to track your leads right from the time they […]
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Implementing Marketing Psychology Within Sales Funnels

Perhaps more than ever before, as businesses compete for customers in a global marketplace, simply having the best product, service or idea is no longer enough to succeed. Marketing is crucial, but the focus is often on the creative aspect of the approach such as the compelling story that is woven around the campaign. However, […]
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How Influencer Marketing Helps to Raise Website Traffic

The influence of social media can be seen in every aspect of your lives nowadays. Specifically when it comes to online business, where it is certainly changing the game each day. In the past, Los Angeles SEO companies were converting customers through paid ad campaigns and WordPress SEO Optimization strategies. Social media platforms have changed the whole […]
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Tips to Create Engaging Video Content for Social Media

When it comes to content marketing, there is a significant rise in the popularity of video content by business firms to promote their products and services. Hence it forms a crucial aspect of content marketing strategy. This plays a significant role in enhancing the ROI and building awareness around the brand by establishing a reliable […]
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How To Boost Instagram Performance With Stories and Story Ads

Instagram has helped many businesses gain more visibility, reach out to a broader audience, and make more profits. Your business is getting it wrong if it is not using social media in this technologically driven age. There are several social media platforms through which brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs have been able to market their products […]
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11 Methods for Boosting Online Sales

Boosting sales and increasing revenue should be the goal for every business, but many are afraid to implement certain methods or don’t know how to. However, it can be straightforward, and some necessary steps can drastically improve your bottom line. You will even find that some features increase your revenue and improve your overall customer […]
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