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Conversion Optimization Tips That Every Marketer Should Aware Of

Conversion optimization is all about collecting data, interpreting it and taking the proper strategic decisions. If you prefer a “do it personally” approach, then here are some great conversion optimization tips for you Check the Duration of Visit A good site not only brings visitors but retains them for a long time. The longer users […]
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Cool Link Building Tips for Your E-Commerce Site

Fetching links for an e-commerce website is as grueling as searching for the lost pin in the heaps of hay. Nobody is really interested in getting linked to a page that focuses on product selling. But how about transforming that product page to something special and making it way beyond a mere product page? Here […]
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21 Tips for Great Ad Copy on Google Ads Search

Have you ever struggled with Ad Copy for Goole Ads? We know how it feels. You have to include all the necessary information into short text ads and make sure they would convert. Due to the limited number of symbols available, it is rather difficult to describe all the advantages of the advertised product/service and […]
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3 Marketing Productivity Issues and How to Fix Them

In the ’90s, the normal deployment time of a new software feature was around 3 years. Then Agile software development happened. All of a sudden, the timeframe shrank to months and weeks. The productivity of the development process skyrocketed. However, it seems like many other knowledge workers are still lagging behind. If we want to […]
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6 Dinner Table Setting Steps for Optimizing Your Blog Posts

Writing a great blog post is just like making a fantastic dinner. You spend a lot of time producing remarkable content that you want potential customers to eat up and rave about to all of their friends. Still, the meal isn’t the only critical ingredient to a truly great experience. You need to create a […]
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Is Account-Based Marketing Right for Your Business?

Modern marketing is heavily focused on the use of paid and earned channels to engage with prospects who are looking for the services a business offers. Marketing content is targeted, but the targets are broad because marketers hope to pull a large number of prospects into the top of the sales funnel. Account-based marketing is […]
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All You Need to Know About Ranking for Google Maps in 2019

Google maps provide local businesses with a significant opportunity to market to the local area and the people within it. By ensuring your Google maps marketing is on point, you will create added visibility for your business and in turn more sales. Here are some great tips to do so for 2019. 1) Business Listings […]
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Where to Look for Non Expensive Wedding Dresses

Wedding preparations take a lot of time and effort.  They also tend to be costly because there’s a lot of things you have to spend on.  You need to pay for the food, entertainment, décor, and venue. One of the most expensive things you have to spend is the wedding gown.  There are a lot […]
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7 Pillars of Strategic Content That Guarantee Success

Developing a content strategy involves planning our communication to achieve an established goal and maximize the odds of a favorable outcome.  Complications develop when content authors have limited knowledge of the pillars of strategic content.  Each of these pillars ensures a defined purpose, audience-directed message, believable and factual content, strong argument, interaction, audience, and peer […]
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