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7 Essential WordPress Plugins For a Small Business Website

The flexibility of WordPress makes it easy to design a small business website that meets all of your needs. The huge choice of plugins means that you can add any features or tools that you desire to improve the design, functionality, and performance of your site. But with so many plugins to choose from, deciding […]
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5 Biggest Business Plan Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Every entrepreneur starts their journey with high hopes for success. Whether they have a useful invention or mobile app in mind, entrepreneurs are at the forefront of innovation. But to continue growing beyond the initial idea stages, there’s a major hurdle that most startup founders face: getting money to support early operations.  Fortunately, entrepreneurs have […]
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How To Succeed In The Services Industry

Many entrepreneurs have found that opening a service business is the best way to make their dreams come true, whether locksmithing, moving, garage door repair, plumbing, or remodeling. Yet unlike any other type of enterprise, your success will depend mainly on reaching and maintaining customers because they’re buying YOU! Below are some effective tips to […]
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5 Tips To Improve Human Capital Management

Today, businesses experience several challenges. One of these critical issues is how to manage human capital effectively. The problem of human capital management becomes even more complicated as a business enterprise expands and recruits more staff members.    Without an effective human capital management system in place, a business can face serious productivity and financial problems, […]
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The Building Blocks of Productive Employer-Employee Relationships: 5 Tips For Success

For those working professionals cursed with helicopter managers and micromanaging supervisors, underestimating the power of a tight-knit bond between supervisor and supervisee may come as second nature. However, upon closer inspection, nurturing synergies within the corporate food chain can promote productive employer-employee relationships and help supervisors avert common workplace issues, i.e., high tensions, missed deadlines, […]
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8 Common Issues That You Might Face In Your Workplace And How To Prevent Them

A working place is an environment in which people with different personalities have to interact. These differences don’t have to be a problem, but often they become a source of workplace issues as they build up tensions and stress.  Since workplace issues can lead to decreased productivity, bad performance, and overall stress, that is usually […]
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Tips and Advice on How To Hire the Right Staff

  Hiring new employees is not an easy task. There are so many factors to consider when looking for the right person to fill a position and even more things you need to think about after being hired. You want your staff members to be happy in their jobs, work hard and stay with your […]
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7 Important Things You Need To Know To Better Manage Your Team

You know that you’ve achieved a noticeable position at your job when you’re put in charge of a project. This means that you are responsible not only for the outcome of the whole project but specifically how well those working beneath you perform. Becoming a project manager and a team leader is no easy feat, […]
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How to Optimize Your B2B Customer Touchpoints

In a world where customer experience is everything, the importance of optimizing B2B customer touchpoints can’t be emphasized enough. It’s possible to influence every interaction a customer has with your business, to ensure that they all contribute to a positive overall customer journey. The aim of this is to improve your conversion and retention rates. […]
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Daniel Menard

The Importance of Team-Building in the Workplace

Team-building is an essential step to running a well-functioning business or organization. Without team-building, employees may feel that they are doing their jobs in a vacuum and that their concerns are unheard of by management. There are many aspects of team building that can be put in place in any corporate structure which can ensure […]
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