Business management is part art and part science with a sprinkle of insanity. As a leader, you need to form the bedrock for your team. You do that by being consistent, reliable and available. These articles on TYB are designed to help you become a better leader everyday by feeding you a constant diet of business wisdom from people that have been there, done that and succeeded.

Key Ways to Boost the Retention of Your Millennial Workforce

As a small business owner, you have all sorts of different organizational and market-based factors to keep in mind every month, as well as a list of expenses to cover that likely feels neverending. While it’s easy to get distracted thinking about immediate, in-your-face concerns, remember that retaining staff members is vital and, each time […]
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Distance Learning – A Contemporary Solution for Workplace Training!

The COVID pandemic has brought upon many noteworthy changes in the way we live, work, and learn. Workplaces were shut, and almost all facilities came to a rapid stop, for fairly a long period now. The global pandemic has provided us with a prospect to develop more flexible learning solutions, that are not only flexible […]
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How to Make Your Hiring Process More Candidate Friendly

Candidate friendly hiring concerns a candidate’s overall experience with an organization throughout the entire hiring process. Whether the candidate receives the job or not, their experience with the organization will travel through word of mouth and often through social media. For organizations, creating a hiring process that is mindful of candidate experience can increase brand […]
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The Top 6 Features Behind a Synergetic Product Development Team

Imagine a situation where your newly upgraded product goes live. It gives you the feeling that everyone in the company was involved in bringing the idea to life. Both the product and engineering team feel confident that this new update will resolve every customer’s problem with your product. Months go by, but the KPI dashboard […]
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6 Ways For Remote HR Departments to Be More Effective

For many companies, the shift to a fully-remote workforce took place early in 2020. As the pandemic continued to drag out, many employees still found themselves laboring in a virtual workspace over a year later. If your company is still following a remote-work model, it’s important that you don’t leave your HR department behind. This […]
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The Three Types of Global Corporate Codes of Conduct

Globalization brings with it many, many challenges. Inclusive and respectful cross-cultural business practices need to be heavily focused on to ensure international clientele are not accidentally offended and ultimately pushed away, and if your company plans on hiring international employees in the ever-expanding remote work world, internal inclusiveness and cultural awareness also need to be […]
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How You Can Help Employees Stick to Their New Year’s Resolution

The New Year is upon us, which means many will be considering their New Year’s resolutions, and naturally, self-care and becoming healthier remains top of the list for both men and women. Sadly, for many of us who make resolutions for the New Year, a tiny percentage of people actually stick to them. The 19th […]
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Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Recruitment

The world’s current social and economic state has sparked a chain reaction throughout various markets that has stormed the global economy. Not just business, but every aspect of our lives has now totally transformed into a whole new environment. We no longer have the freedom to move around, go to the office, meet friends, etc., due to the practice of […]
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What Will Law Office Management Look Like in 2021?

Law firms are complex and fast-moving, requiring firm leadership to be strategic with every office management aspect, from creating systems to their implementation. As a law firm, it is easy to put office management aspects secondary to serving your clients. But remember, your firm cannot run itself. 2020 ushered in a wave of unprecedented and […]
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How Ozan is Able to Attract and Keep Top Talent

From giving exciting training opportunities, new tech solutions to work with, and volunteering options, there are a lot of ways Dr. Ozan Ozerk attracts top young talent and keeps them within the company. The founder of the Ozan startup said that money is essential, but it isn’t the key factor employees consider. To hire the […]
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