Business management is part art and part science with a sprinkle of insanity. As a leader, you need to form the bedrock for your team. You do that by being consistent, reliable and available. These articles on TYB are designed to help you become a better leader everyday by feeding you a constant diet of business wisdom from people that have been there, done that and succeeded.


6 Employee Wellness Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Workplace

Staying healthy at work can be challenging for many, especially when tasty snacks (I’m talking about you, donuts), hours spent sitting down, and skipped lunches are the norm in your workplace. These types of unhealthy habits can pose significant problems down the road not only for your employees but also for your business. So what’s […]
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What if Someone Got Injured on Your Business Premises?

Businesses and companies do their best to keep their employees and customers safe, but accidents still happen in spite of preventative efforts, and people sometimes get hurt as a result. Or sometimes injuries occur at your business because your products have hurt someone. As a result, you may be facing expensive lawsuits and medical bills […]
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Is the Single Member LLC Right for You?

You’ve decided to go into business, but you’re not sure what sort of business structure you ought to be looking at. Some people have mentioned sole proprietorship, which seems simple enough. As Entrepreneur notes, the sole proprietorship is the simplest business type available to an individual. The drawback of the sole proprietorship is that you […]
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Four Ways to Power Your Organization For a Digital Transformation

Many businesses are still unsure whether a digital transformation is fruitful for their organization because they think of it as a technology deployment exercise. However, this is far from reality. Digital transformation is aimed at solving business problems. They create new opportunities, optimize the sales channels, and power up the entire organization’s productivity. Digital transformation […]
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5 Essential Tips For Law Firm Business Development

Law Firm Business Development Developing a law firm in these challenging times is not for the faint of heart. You’ll have to walk the extra mile to become more relevant to your target clients. This article gives you five tips we believe can help you pick up your lost glory and grow your law firm. […]
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Using VoIP For Your Video Conferencing Interview

Organizing a conference call was once the preferable choice, primarily because it was cost-effective and efficient. However, as technology advances, businesses are starting to look towards HD video conferencing as a better choice for their needs. The biggest reason for this is because people are more engaged in video conferencing than they are with audio […]
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What Is the Customer Service Management Process: Definition, Key Factors, and Strategies

Consumers are becoming increasingly intolerant of poor customer service. 32% of customers​ will leave a brand they love after one bad customer experience. Brands that wish to maintain a competitive advantage must focus on service-related strategies to reduce churn. The service management process performs an integral role in maintaining outstanding service levels. Effective strategies here […]
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10 Ways Remote Work Can Work In Your Company’s Favor

This year, businesses across the country were forced to shutter their doors and move their employees into remote positions — but this might not have been a bad thing. As much as the sudden shift to remote work may have thrown companies for a loop, the transition also had a number of benefits that may […]
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5 Tips for Startups

The number of startup companies continues to grow in Canada thanks in part to government initiatives, innovative post-secondary programs, an influx of venture capital firms and a steadily growing population. More and more, Canadians are going into business for themselves, be it out of necessity, passion or opportunity. If you’re considering joining the ranks of […]
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4 Tips To Help You Improve Your Team’s Digital Communication

In today’s day and age of remote working and fragmented teams, understanding how to communicate efficiently and effectively is integral to a team’s success. And with the right digital communication strategy, you can take your team from discombobulated to cohesive. Embrace the Challenge When you’re managing a team, and everyone works out of the same […]
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