Simple Understanding of the Complexities of IBC

  Insolvency and bankruptcy Code (IBC) came as a ray of sunshine of hope for foreign investors who have always wanted to dip their toes in the Indian startup market “pond”, but couldn’t do it. The reason for this apprehension was the long and tedious method of retrieving the invested money if the company that […]
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Top 10 Mac Apps Everyone Should Be Using for Business

Every day we perform certain tasks and set new goals for ourselves. To keep all these things in your head is rather difficult and to tell the truth, in the era of modern technologies is rather silly. It is a well-known statement that “Time is money” and in the world of business, time means everything. […]
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Top 5 Security Concerns for Business Website Hosting

When it comes to security, the impact on businesses is far greater than that of normal website owners. Any issues arising from security breaches and the like can turn out to be a nightmare. From stolen data to exploited servers, there can be lots of security concerns. Businesses need to know clearly the key security […]
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IOT – Transforming the Face of Shopping Malls

“The Internet of Things is the game-changer for an overall business ecosystem transformation.” Joerg Grafe With next-generation sensors crawling rapidly encompassing almost all industry zones over the globe, the Internet of Things (IoT) sensation needs no looking back. The world of IoT is garnering increasing focus in almost all segments, owing to its swift and […]
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6 Things Small Businesses Should Do to Make Email Marketing Work

On the one hand, we see a boom in the startup culture the world over. Success stories of businesses that started in garages and made it a big flood all the spaces where we consume our news from. On the other hand, big, established players with deep pockets leverage access to sophisticated (and expensive) marketing […]
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How to Choose Your Laptop for a Graphic Designer?

Components The software used by graphic designers is often greedy. Unless you only work with one program and still the same – in which case you only need to check the minimum system requirements to run this program – you should ideally turn to a configuration that allows you to run most common software programs. […]
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A Business’ Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility: 5 Tips

It’s likely that your business has already gotten involved in corporate social responsibility or is working on the way to balance your interests with your values. Far more than a popular buzzword or a means of attracting younger customers, corporate social responsibility can propel a business from relative obscurity into a position of prominence within […]
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Improve Your Large-Scale Center Operations With Data: An FAQ

Your constant goal is to improve the outcome of your efforts. No matter what type of service you provide—software, consulting, or products and services like a rec center—you know that your goal is to improve your return on investment and profit margins while providing value to your customers. However, determining the best path to success […]
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How to Find a Good Blog Name for Your WordPress Blog

A blog name is extremely important. You cannot just keep a blog name whatever you want to. Instead, there are quite a lot of things that you need to consider. For example, what if you choose to turn your blog into a brand in the future? And just like this one, there are quite a […]
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