Mental Health Workplace

Mental Health in the Workplace

For a group of professionals to operate at their best, there has to be consistent mental well-being among all of the members. After all, the workplace represents a thinking environment that harnesses the skills, strategies, and obligations of many. Thus, groups, teams, and companies are like the organs of the human body: any one of […]
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Sales Prospecting Email That Generates Responses

How To Write a Sales Prospecting Email That Generates Responses

“Sometimes there’s these things in life that hit at the right time, and it connects with people in the right way.” – Gnash Okay, I admit. That’s a little cheezy for an email marketing article. But lead generation through email is all about doing the right things at the right time that connects with the […]
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ECommerce Era Benefits

E-Commerce Era And The Benefits Of It

It’s undoubtedly true that customers presently prefer e-commerce over conventional retail shopping. Traders don’t only reduce shipping costs but also increase their revenue. Despite the continuous debate about the merits of e-commerce businesses, websites have turned out to be popular, and the entire world has proved it. Search engines, news websites, and social media are […]
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AI HR Evolution Disruption

AI and HR – Evolution or Disruption?

AI and HR Picture a typical process of applying for a job. A company puts up a job ad that looks interesting, either because of the job content or just the look of the ad itself. A candidate updates his or her CV, fills in the other data fields in the application, updates the references, […]
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Simple Expenses If You Are Self-Employed

Simple Expenses If You Are Self-Employed

How do simple expenses work for self-employed individuals The Simplified expense system has been set up by HMRC to help busy self-employed individuals or business owners to reduce the inconvenience of time-consuming record keeping and data entry for their accounting and tax matters. Keeping up with all the bookkeeping obligations can become very arduous, especially for self-employed […]
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Use Video Customer Support Enhance Customer Experience

How to Use Video in Customer Support to Enhance Customer Experience?

When was the last time that you actually read a ‘read-me’ document or browsed any manual before purchasing a product? It is kind of rare for all of us. Many customers have shared their sentiments with the ubiquity of instant customer service options from live-chat to SMS, email, voice and social as the customers have […]
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Social Anxiety Plagues Modern Workforce

How Social Anxiety Plagues The Modern Workforce

With the stock market hitting new record heights by the day and with businesses everywhere clamoring to expand as quickly as possible, it’s of little wonder that many think the modern workforce is healthy, fit, and ready to take on future challenges. In reality, however, the modern workforce is plagued by a number of serious […]
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Email Appending Services Can Improve Your Business Campaigns

How Email Appending Services Can Improve Your Business Campaigns?

Email appending is one of the best and most effective ways to add emails to your customer lists. Do you know that? An average of over 30% of subscribers changes their email addresses every year. Emails go wrong and customers change their email regularly. You may have a huge list of customers, you know their […]
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Business Travel Guide London

A Business Travel Guide to London

Whether you’re based in the UK or are flying in from somewhere further afield, when you visit London for business there are some things you need to know. Where to stay With great tube connections, you can afford to stay pretty much anywhere in London no matter where your business meetings are, and there is […]
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