Tech changes at the speed of light – literally. You need to keep your finger on the pulse of how technology is changing the lives of your customers and your team members. Great tech can help you meet customers where they are in the sales cycle and empower your organization to outmaneuver the competition. Don’t be intimidated by tech. These articles will help you wrap your head around trending business technology, once read at a time.

The iPhone 12 Series – Which Variant Is Right for You?

With the pace of smartphone evolution moving as fast as it is, there is always something new to look forward to. In 2020 alone, we’ve had about numerous smartphones released by different manufacturers, with Apple releasing four models. It doesn’t seem like much, but cumulatively, it can be really taxing to decide which phone is […]
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Best Tools to Embed Twitter Feeds on Your Website

Twitter is all about the occurrence and trends happening across the globe. Twitter has progressed by growing to be a marketing place for brands to advertise themselves. Embedding Twitter feeds on your website is a great move in that direction to show what people on Twitter say about your brand and thus generate social evidence […]
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Top 10 Killer PPC Strategies to Boost Your Results for the Year

In any typical year, PPC marketing is quite predictable.  Nonetheless, the year 2020 was everything but normal!  The year 2020 has been challenging, and nobody could have predicted all the things we’ve been dealing with. Let’s hope 2021 won’t throw quite as many curveballs, although current events will forever remain in the lives of marketers […]
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Real-Time Chat and Online Communities: Creating an Engaging User Experience in the Modern Era

Online communities are the foundation for communication on the internet. They allow people to connect with others who like similar things, have the same concerns, or bond over commonalities. They’re an incredible source of information on nearly everything under the sun. This benefit even extends to non-members, who can search on public online communities for […]
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3 of the Best Language Learning Apps Explored

Online learning has taken the world by storm. During the Coronavirus lockdown, usage of online platforms and Apps have increased exponentially. According to a recent study of E-learning growth and usage by Techjury, The worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth a staggering $325 Billion in 2025. The study also outlined that E-learning lead […]
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How On-Demand Apps Can Help Industries to Thrive in 2021 and Beyond

It is almost impossible in today’s tech world to run a successful business without an online presence. It is the primary reason entrepreneurs invest in various app solutions to help get their products and services to the right customers. Over the years, the popularity of on-demand apps continues to skyrocket. It shows that today’s consumer […]
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How to Avoid These 7 Serious App Store Optimization Mistakes

Do you know Google Play store occupies nearly 2.7 million apps? The fierce competition in app stores demands optimizing the apps to increase their visibility for the users. The marketers are implementing App Store Optimization strategies to drive more traffic on the app’s page. App Store Optimization is the method of optimizing an app to […]
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What Role Will AI Play in the Future of Software Usability Testing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is machines’ ability to simulate human intelligence processes. In computer systems, it draws conclusions based on analysis of intelligent algorithms and data. Machine learning is the area of AI that deals with computer software development, or the ability of intelligent systems to observe, learn, analyze, and self-correct. Here, the terms “machine learning” […]
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Using SuiteCRM Plugin to Get a Variety of Fonts and Colors

Sometimes all you want is to focus on making your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) more attractive for a change. Many want to bring changes in their CRM layout so that it looks great and attractive. Many change their decision for not doing this because of no idea how to change or have no such extension […]
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Importance of Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Development

Fraudsters eye each online presence of businesses and try breaching into their website for two common online frauds, namely account takeover and identity theft. None of the e-commerce platforms is considered to be fully protected from fraudulent activities.  However, during the website or e-commerce development by Brainvire, a developer should implement effective fraud prevention strategies. […]
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