Having a difficult quarter? Struggling to get your company off the ground? If you can improve your sales, you can improve anything. This content is designed to help you get moving, get growing and stop stagnating. There is always something new to learn about becoming more efficient at closing sales. The thought-leaders on TYB are here to give you their wisdom, based on first-hand experience closing critical sales and growing their company.

A Definitive Guide on Sales Engagement Platform for Your Team

About 33% of the customers end their relationship with a company because of a poor personalized experience. A recent Accenture study backs this data. A good sales engagement platform is not about driving more revenue only. It must create an emotional bond between your business and prospective customers. This strong bond will make your customers […]
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What is Sales Performance Management Software?

The sales team plays a crucial role in any organization, and an efficient one brings clients, generates leads, and eventually increases revenues. Therefore, it is critical to track sales performance and assess it periodically, so that changes can be made whenever necessary. Sales Performance Management (SPM) is the most effective way to go about this. […]
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Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile Ecommerce App (All You Need To Know)

Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile Ecommerce App?

As technology is advancing, people are becoming more and more reliant on online platforms for their everyday needs. Online shopping is undoubtedly the most popular platform with massive demand. One can sell, buy and interact with the audience with a single click. Mainly due to the advent of the recent pandemic, people are relying on […]
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Unpacking All the Aspects of the Sales Cycle

The sales team is the key contributing factor to revenue in an organization. So having a well-defined sales strategy is important in facilitating the sales team to convert leads into customers. The business-to-business (b2b) sales cycle is a well-defined process. It starts from lead generation to acquiring a sound knowledge of the product and the […]
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9 Best Practices to Create an Impressive LinkedIn Profile for Sales

The line “Sell me this pen.” is an oddly familiar line for anyone who has shown up to an interview for a sales profile. However, as products and services mature and become more convoluted, so do sales and sales processes. Thus, in this context, the challenge of selling pens loses relevance. In the present context, […]
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The Ultimate Guide to Shopping Cart Abandonment

There are a lot of reasons shoppers abandon their carts online, and it can be one of the biggest challenges for eCommerce businesses to untangle and work to fix. One reason that we know often leads to cart abandonment is shipping costs. If you don’t automate your shipping and there’s no automatic comparison made so […]
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How Can an ISO Certificate Boost Your Sales?

An ISO certification means you’ve taken the time to ensure that you have met the global standards that have been set for all companies, big and small. These are guidelines that cover your management systems, or management principles, which improve your efficiency, safety, and quality. It takes time, effort, and resources to become certified, but […]
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How To Leverage E-Commerce Analytics To Boost Online Sales

Increased sales are essential to the growth of any e-commerce enterprise. In fact, generating sales is one of the primary goals of any business. That’s why business owners look for ways to increase their online sales. One of these is through e-commerce analytics.    This article walks you through e-commerce analytics. You’ll learn what it is, […]
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How Much Can You Automate as an eBay Seller?

Automation is creeping into more and more business processes, and if you are a seller on eBay it is clearly a technology that will make your life easier, and boost your profitability. The question, then, is to what extent you can automate aspects of your operations, and which parts of what you do can be […]
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