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Factors To Be Considered While Choosing a Reliable Web Host

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About 60% of the businesses have built up their online presence over the internet. Speaking about the fact, over 1.5 billion websites are live but among them only 200 million websites are active. I am sharing some of the stats that will help you to understand.

If you are planning to launch your website then go for it, but just keep your website active and updated. There might be a question in your mind which web hosting service you should choose for your website? It’s quite simple, if you have launched a new website, you can go with shared hosting and in the future, if the traffic of your website increases, you can easily upgrade the plan. You can choose among other web hosting Australia services liked dedicated or VPS.

But the most important question that many of you like to ask is “which web hosting provider or company you should choose for your website?”

As per the survey, there are few factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing a web host.

Server Uptime– The good server uptime can increase the chances of customers to get converted. So, always go with a good server uptime that makes customers’ website experience good. Server uptime plays a vital role to rank your website in Google. If your website is facing a server downtime, it may cause you money. The good server uptime makes your customer experience happening for you and if there is a downtime then it may also cause you heavy financial loss. It may also increase your bounce rate which may affect your search engine rankings as well. Many web hosting companies offer 30 days free trial. So, use the advantage of availing the free trial. Use the service and then make a decision.

Pricing– It is found that many WordPress hosting Australia companies charge extra for some of their services like SSL certificate. So, it is always necessary to compare the prices of the company with others and make a choice by selecting the best and cheap web host. Many web hosting companies use the tag line as cheap and best. But it’s not always right to go with the cheap, usually, they attract the customers to buy their service and after availing their service they don’t offer the type of service that you are looking for. After doing the research, I found that some offers Free Domain For Lifetime along with Free SSL Certificate with their web hosting plans.

Money Back Guarantee: Most of the companies have a policy of money back. Some may offer for 10, 15 or 30 days. It varies from company to company. But always keep a note that they do have some policies for that as such.

Features– Companies have opted the techniques to offer more features at a cheap price. But not all companies are the same. So, always go with the pricing and features as per your website requirements and make a choice. There are many web hosting companies that offer maximum features at the best price, but wait, for some companies even charge you extra for the services like SSL Certificate which most of the companies offer it for free. Some offer web hosting services starting at just $0.90 per month which is affordable. They offer more features at the best price which I think is more relevant and beneficial.

Server Location– Making it simple, server location is been the best way to differentiate the companies. First, always search with a keyword for eg: server location Australia where you get the sorted companies that offer their web hosting services in that particular country.

Reviews– It is found that many of you are least interested in this section called reviews. And go on buying a service from big tycoons companies like GoDaddy and many more. But after buying a service, you feel like migrating to some other web host.

Why it’s so?

Probably, it would be that you are not happy with their service.

So, there are many web hosting reviews that are listed on the review sites. You can go through them and then make a choice. Don’t just be in a hurry to buy any service. First, just do the research of the company in terms of reviews. That will eventually help you to get a clear picture of it.

Do you know “WHY THIS HAPPENS SO?”

It’s because you have not gone through the reviews of their customers. So, always make a habit to go through the reviews of the customers before buying any product or service.
• Technical Support- Any web hosting company that is successful today is because of their support team.

You might have seen that many web hosting providers use the tag line as 24*7 support which is common among them. But do they deliver that type of service as said?

Most of you would answer NO!

Frankly speaking, I feel the same. The technical support plays a key role to differentiate the best from the worst. Today, every web hosting company relies on its technical support team. If a client has a technical issue, it must be solved within few minutes or else the client may feel like migrating to some other web host which eventually causes the business and makes you pay double for it.

There are many other factors that could be considered while choosing the web host. But the factors that are listed above are more important from the readers’ point of view. And also keep a note that if in the future, you need to upgrade your plan or service it should be available at the best price.

I hope you are clear now!

Wrapping up- So always consider these factors while choosing a web host as your website is going to rely on it.

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