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Wi-Fi Friendly Appliances Soon to Become a Reality

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Wi-Fi is almost everywhere these days. And it does not matter whether you have noticed it or not, this technology is slowly entering your home as well. Not as just a way to connect to the internet and surf the websites of your choice. But for something more.

It has been observed that people are looking for Wi-Fi in more areas. And they will be happy to allow a touch of Wi-Fi, which will help to make their tasks easier. That is why a number of companies are integrating Wi-Fi friendly appliances that are necessary on a day to day basis.

Wi-Fi in Home Appliances

It has been noticed that the home appliances are the favorite of the companies when it comes to integrating Wi-Fi in them. And there’s enough reasons behind that as well. People tend to spend a lot of time using those at home. In fact, according to experts, within just a couple of years, 9 of 10 household appliances are going to be Wi-Fi friendly. So, people won’t have any problem controlling them. And to start with, a number of devices used in the house are getting ready to utilize Wi-Fi to improve user experience.

So, what appliances are expected to be among the first to offer Wi-Fi controls? Many of them have not even been developed yet, but are being visualized. However, it is expected that all these devices will be a thing of reality pretty soon.

Here’s a quick look at some of the devices where Wi-Fi are expected to be integrated.

Use of Refrigerators Made Easy

Sounds strange, isn’t it? But a Wi-Fi enabled refrigerator can be extremely handy, especially if you are too busy to remember what groceries you need. The Wi-Fi friendly refrigerators or smart fridges also offers a touch screen that helps you search for different recipes. Besides, you can also create shopping lists. And you might find it unbelievable, but the Wi-Fi friendly refrigerators also helps you keep track of the expiry date of the foods kept there. You can even sync your grocery list with your Evernote account, which will come in handy when you are shopping for stuff and forgetting something.

Clean Clothes with Wi-Fi Enabled Washing Machines

Washing your clothes on a daily basis is a must. But at times, you might even feel lazy. Why do you have to always get up from the couch and check out whether the washing has been completed? Does the Wi-Fi make your clothes cleaner? Well, not exactly. But you can always pamper yourself with a Wi-Fi enabled washing machine to manage it without any hassle. Install an app for the washing machine in your smartphone and connect the two in the most hassle-free manner. So, no more of moving around for washing clothes. You can complete it right from where you are resting with Wi-Fi friendly smart washing machines.

Get Pure Water Using Wi-Fi

Can’t believe it’s possible? Well, you can find water purifiers that are controlled by Wi-Fi.

Water purifiers are almost a must these days. It ensures that you remain healthy. But it sometimes doesn’t feel good to wait for a long time in front of the purifier and fill your bottle of water. So, how about having a water purifier, which you can control right from where you are sitting? And that too, from your smartphone itself.

Wi-Fi enabled water purifiers can be managed by installing an app in your smartphone and you can control the device from it. A much easier way to find pure water.

Brew Coffee with Wi-Fi

Love coffee? Planning to purchase a coffee machine for your house? Make sure you bring in a Wi-Fi friendly one. It can help you order a cup of coffee just by using your tablet. And you will also come to know when the coffee gets ready.

Did you know that there are quite a few types of recipes for coffee itself? Some of the Wi-Fi friendly coffee machines are going to help you with that as well. And you can use your smartphone to order any of the recipes and wait for the coffee to brew.

Wi-Fi Enabled Cooking Appliance

If it’s possible with the coffee machine, then why not with the cooking appliances. Several companies are planning to introduce Wi-Fi friendly cooking appliances. With these, cooking is expected to become much easier. You will have several options to select the right recipes and wait for the food to be cooked. And, at the end, enjoy the delicious food.

With the advent of Wi-Fi almost everywhere, these devices that use Wi-Fi to enhance user experience are not likely to be things of remote future, but a reality pretty soon.

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