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Monetization Growth via Digital TV: Explaining the Trend

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New realities have brought new approaches to businesses. The ad tech industry is not an exception. While the pandemic crisis has caused massive shutdowns, a lot of companies are still running their ad campaigns. But today they’re considering new channels to reach their audiences as some of them aren’t available at all (e.g. advertising during live sports translations) or inexpedient (Digital Out Of Home).

But nothing disappears without a trace. As live translations of sports events are canceled, their audience’s shifted the focus to connected TV and entertainment video content on demand. Digital TV has been gaining momentum for the last years and according to eMarketer, by 2022 more than 200 million U.S. will have access to CTV. Today’s country-scale lockdowns became a kind of trampoline for TV streaming as people are anchored to their homes, so movies, series and TV shows help them while some time away.  

CTV & OTT are actively superseding traditional cable TV and gain commercial benefits due to various ad monetization platforms, like TheViewPoint. The reason for such expansion isn’t only about the better service level that cord-cutters have already experienced. It also has to do with a demography index by age. U.S. Millennials and Gen Zers represent the most lucrative audience segment. They consume content via digital TV vigorously as it’s an easy way to watch the favorite movie any time, any place they want. They are solvent and open to building strong bonds with brands. Hence, many companies allocate huge budgets for CTV/OTT advertising to get into their spotlight, as engaging young consumers can bring a fantastic LTV output.

As advertisers increase the demand, CTV & OTT app owners buckle up to leverage their ad monetization capabilities. With the help of TheViewPoint, publishers get the ultimate monetization solutions and can sell their inventory omitting any third-party platforms that usually charge opaque fees that may cut up to 30% of the ad revenue. The platform allows them to contract direct deals with premium brands from different industries which is why every publisher can find a relevant partner and offer him the best impression for the best price.        

TheViewPoint supports various ad formats that deliver interactive experience and drive high engagement among viewers. Publishers can easily sell ad spots for high bid rates to the verified advertisers from the platform’s own extensive network. Add programmatic solutions to that. With its help, TheViewPoint provides publishers with the most relevant offers that will organically interweave with the content. Unlike the classical supply chain that includes SSPs, this model bridges publishers and advertisers directly minimizing all operational commissions.

It’s all interconnected in the world and new challenges lead to new solutions. If something went out of the ordinary way, ambitious businesses are looking for alternatives which occasionally bring even more benefits than before. And the example of brands shifting to connected TV advertising is one of the cases.

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