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Kitchen Display System: 5 Key Benefits of Having in your Restaurant

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Ever since the emergence of Point of Sale Systems, there have been multiple technological advancements in the offline retail sector. This includes tools such as inventory management, quick billing, and workforce management. But one feature that stands out as the best among them is the Kitchen Display System (or KDS). This is a piece of pos hardware that allows you to get and track each of your customer’s orders from the kitchen itself.

The KDS allows your kitchen staff to work more efficiently as they don’t have to come at the counter every time they are done. Its efficiency, alongside the features of this firmware, makes it one of the must-have features in the restaurant industry nowadays. But there is always a question looming over it.

Is Kitchen Display System Worth It?

This is the question we are going to answer in this article. Every new business owner has this question in mind while selecting the first POS system for his or her business. We cannot answer this question before you find all its features yourself. This piece of information will help you feel the real need for this platform. And, experiencing the need and importance of it will help you determine the need yourself. So, let’s find out:

The 5 Benefits of Having a Kitchen Display System In Your Restaurant.

There are multiple benefits of having a Kitchen Screen but rather than giving you a brief analysis of each one. We are going to tell you in detail about the most important aspects of the same. Here are the 5 most important aspects of it: 

1. Accuracy

In terms of accuracy, it is one of the most important hardware provided by any restaurant or bar POS system. The Kitchen tablets help you analyze all the orders and help deliver them as soon as possible. It also helps you track the accurate count of every item in your inventory. So, overall it makes your kitchen more organized and suitable for the presentation to any customer who wants to see your culinary room. 

Also having a Kitchen Display Screen means your order is made in the specific order they are bought by the customer. It is a very important aspect of any business to serve their customers on a first-come-first-serve basis. This eliminated the possibility of any mistreatment or biases towards a particular customer.

2. Efficiency

Considering the competition in the food industry, which is increasing marginally day by day, it is important to have efficiency in the work. An efficient work environment needs a better understanding and quality control, which can both be provided by the Kitchen Display System itself. It provides your kitchen staff a platform that not only helps them take orders from the counter but also they could have feedback, report any issues or have a basic communication with the front desk. 

The efficiency of your restaurant will also be increased when your kitchen staff doesn’t waste their time getting the order from tables and vice-versa. So, in this case, many better restaurant POS systems provide an additional tool called Order From Table. It enables your restaurant customers to digitally order their favorite food without any waiter.

3. Fulfillment

Order fulfillment is necessary not only in the food business but all businesses across the globe. It is one of the basic pillars that every business must have including your restaurant business as well. Fulfillment in the restaurant business comes in the form of uniformity in taste as well as faster & better service towards clients. Both these things can be improved drastically with the help of a Kitchen Display System. Kitchen screens help in getting the order in real-time, without any delay whatsoever. So, basically it means you can check your current as well as future orders as well. Seeing the future orders helps you prepare your ingredients in advance which guarantees the uniform taste in all your servings.

For the second one, it helps you reduce your man-work and time which is generally put in for the communication between the kitchen and other places. This helps you serve your customers a lot faster and more efficiently.

4. Economic

Many people consider buying POS systems so that they could manage their restaurants more efficiently and economically. These are the same reasons why you should also invest in KDS as well. First and foremost proof of its economic value is that it saves you the paper cost. The papers that are used to communicate between the kitchen and front desk are totally nullified by the use of kitchen screens. And additionally, it saves more cost by forecasting the day’s inventory according to the order. This actually ends with less wastage of food in your restaurant, hence cutting your cost marginally.

A Kitchen Display System also helps you get the most out of your staff as no one is silently waiting for the next order to come. Everyone can see their designated work on the screen and do without waiting for any special instructions from the main chef.

5. Consistency

Last but not least, it provides consistency in the data among all the correlated devices in the restaurant. Be it the billing system or the kitchen inventory management system, they all take key inputs from the kitchen display system. It tells them that which orders are prepared, which should be billed, which inventories are used, etc. 

Having an integrated system means you can cancel all the chances of discrepancies in data. While using KDS, you can clearly allow the system to see which order preparation needs which materials and keep their count in the inventory. It can also help you in forecasting your future purchases based on the frequency of dishes.

The Verdict

So, after reading all the details regarding the Kitchen Display System, you can now choose what’s best for your business. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a new POS system or searching for a replacement for your old one, this piece of hardware will help you make your restaurant more organized than before. There are many good restaurant pos systems in the market that provides you the secondary functions as well. This includes kitchen screen among others such as inventory management, billing system, kiosk, etc. So, if you are looking for a restaurant or bar point of sale, then you must consider taking the one with better features and benefits according to your system. 

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