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Is The World Ready To Witness The Power Of Artificial Intelligence?

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Who would have thought about the Power of Artificial intelligence when John McCarthy first coined it in 1955? Seeing the developments, let us now talk about the future.

The curiosity that revolves around the idea that machines can think is not new. For ages, mankind has been finding different ways to turn the dream into reality. They want to inculcate the ability to think into the machines. And no, the idea behind this is not to replace the human resources. The motive behind this is to taste the fruit of unmatchable convenience.

Isn’t everything about convenience? From the invention of the simple wheel to the invention of a multi-storied building, every bit of it is about providing convenience. And similarly, the development of different technologies is a step taken further to achieve unprecedented growth and success.

And when we talk about success and growth, how can we not discuss the remarkable unification of businesses and artificial intelligence?

The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Businesses

Before starting any further, let us discuss one fact- is it easy to define the scope of the future? And is it easy to make predict what a future holds for a particular technology? Well, everything is indefinite, but still, an attempt to understand the technologies better won’t harm anyone.

One thing that science fiction books and movies have taught us is that we should never underestimate the power of any technology. Who would have thought that artificial intelligence would become such massive success when John McCarthy first coined this term in 1955? But its invention has escalated the development of multiple processes in multiple sectors.

A lot of tech experts believe that AI will transform the world. And seeing the ongoing developments, it is very clear that the AI tech is going to change the future. And as far as businesses are concerned, there is a possibility to witness gargantuan success.

By leaving a powerful impact, AI is transforming the virtuality of every business. Emerging technologies like IoT, blockchain, big data, etc by merging with AI, will continue to portray as a technological innovator for the distant future.

Future Of Different Sectors With Artificial Intelligence

After realizing the impact of AI, leading companies across the different sectors are trying to harness their power. So let us see what we can expect in the future.

#1 Transportation

The more we dream about autonomous cars, the more we are left under fascination. Imagine the scope of convenience, ones the complete unification of autonomous cars and artificial intelligence is converted into a reality. Not only will it reduce the chances of accidents, but will also sort out the traffic. From smart predictions to a quick solution, AI can totally transform transportation. Of course, time is required to perfect them, maybe a few years, but once the final technology is delivered, there is no turning back.

One day, machines will carry us from one place to another.

#2 Manufacturing

This is the sector that is seeing some use of AI in its different processes. But a full-fledged involvement is still lacking. Given some time, it can emerge as one of the most prominent sectors using AI. For example, AI-powered bots. The new advanced technology can be used in the areas involving high safety risks or can be used in areas that require the utmost perfection.

These bots can work alongside humans to perform various kinds of tasks. For example, stacking and assembly. And predictive analysis sensors are the ones that are keeping the equipment running smoothly.

#3 Healthcare

There is no other sector that requires more caution than the healthcare industry. Involving the lives of the patients elevates the graveness attached to it. Hence to maximize efficiency, it is mandatory to involve the perfection of AI. That is the reason why we can see a lot of development in this field.

Imagine the efficiency level of a hospital that uses artificially intelligent machines to detect and diagnose the health of its patients. Problems are more accurately detected when the healthcare sector uses AI-based appliances/ gadgets/ machines to plan and finalize the treatment process.

From streamlining the drug discovery to monitoring the patients with the virtual assistants, and big data analysis, Ai and healthcare departments are keen on personalizing the patients’ experience.

#4 Media

Yes, you read it correctly. We are talking about the media. Because just like any other sector, this sector too is leaving no stone unturned to benefit from this colossal tech. Media and journalism are trying their level best to harness the power of AI. There are media channels that use this technology to help make a quick sense of highly complex financial reports. Channels are also employing natural language abilities in order to produce different reports/ stories.

The possibilities are never-ending, but it is true that one needs to connect with the right set of experts to reap the benefits of the same.

#5 Education

More is less when we talk about setting up the foundation of AI in the education industry. Teaching the young generation about artificial intelligence technology is not enough, until and unless you teach the concepts with live examples and practical knowledge.

Now imagine the level of understanding, once the students are able to learn about this technology, through the help of AI-based books. Isn’t this one of the best examples of practical knowledge? Apart from the digitalization of the textbooks, there are a lot of other things that can be done to ameliorate the developments.

For example, AI-based virtual tutors can effectively assist human teachers/ professors/ instructors. And that is not all. Facial analysis can be used to detect the emotions of students, which can be used to figure out and detect the portion of the students who are struggling to carry forward the class or identify the bunch who is totally bored.

The final result can enhance the education process of the class.

Last but not least…

#6 Customer Service

There are many tech giants that are working on special AI assistants that will have the capacity to place human-like phone calls. They are used to book appointments, tickets, seats, and much more. In the future, we will have a system that will be able to understand nuance and the context of the conversation.

As we have already discussed before, the scope of AI technology is gigantic. But if you want your business to walk hand in hand with this tech, you need to connect with the experts. The complexities involved with it require an expert team to excel.

So what are you waiting for? Cut through the chase and link your business with the AI. For more information, connect with us.

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