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The Greatest Discovery In The History Of The Universe (So Far)

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It’s been found- The Greatest Discovery in The History of The Universe……..

Something happened to me late the other night and I thought I might share with you.

Many of us that Blog are business people first and bloggers second. You might be a florist or a car mechanic or a trainer of trainers but regardless you are probably in business and blogging as a marketing exercise. If you are like me you have for a long time searched for what ever it is you are looking for- Fame, Money, Success, Followers, Perfect Customers, A Big Car, A Nice Office, recognition from peers etc etc.

Most are still looking and for some of us it will never stop. The day may come when I am lying flat on my back looking at the ceiling of a nursing home and wonder where the hell was it, what was it? No way pal that’s not me.

You see, I’m not like everyone else out there and I’m guessing neither are you. Like you I felt an urge to get out and do my own thing for one reason or another but recently I’ve been led to question things all over again- and I’m not even 40 yet! This isn’t something that I stressed too much about but I still wanted answers. Ye sure, I’m trained as an electrician, I love technology, I install it for other people and I’m better than good at it but is that it? Is this what I’m supposed to be doing, Is this my contribution to the world?……I don’t think so.

They say it takes 10 years of constantly moving forward with focused effort in your particular field to become an expert. I’ve been in this game 22 years and in business 12 of those and I like to think I’m as close to expert as I’m going to get if I’m not there already.

The last few years have taken their toll on a lot of people, some have fallen while some are still moving forward, after a stumble or two, and there comes a point when you’ve got to ask yourself ….What am I doing here?….Am I going to continue doing this craic for another 22 years and and then wake up? Forget that, somethings has got to change.

After a lot of concentrated thought I have realised that I’m not anything at all, yet I am a lot of things. I’m a blogger, a writer, maybe I’m not that great but it doesn’t matter too much because I have decided that a writer is what I am, amongst other things- Business person, Home Automation Designer/Installer, Electrician, etc the list goes on, but when I’m here in front of my laptop I’m a writer. Anyway I’ve had an urge to write for a long time and now I’m finally doing something about it.

I subscribe to Copyblogger. Its a great site with some really top quality information and guides for those who want to create great content online. On a Copyblogger newsletter there was a link to this article from Contently. I read it and it made a lot of sense to me, so I read it again. On the second time around this sentence stood out like a sore thumb….

Who are your audience? How will you reach them, speak to them, engage them?

It was a moment of complete clarity. I previously thought I should be trying to reach a certain demographic out there in the universe and I was guessing, just guessing, at how I should reach them. I had an imaginary group of people that I was trying to reach and I was guessing at how I should reach them! -A double Boob.

The problem was I wasn’t clear in my own mind about who I was supposed to speak to, and here, in this post, it became crystal clear. It wasn’t like I hadn’t read something like this before elsewhere, it just hit home this time.

The people I should be trying to reach are the same as me. They are my peers. They are the guys (and some girls) who I’ve been and experienced during the course of my life to date. I know these people better than anyone else in the world because they are like me.

They want to know the stuff I have in my head. My experiences of being the technical bloke who loves gadgets, the electrician who was better at his job than most other sparks that he ever worked with, the blinkered business person who made a complete balls of his business, all of this.

My discovery, or more my realisation was that I’ve spent my life to date learning everything that I know so far, so that I can share it with those who want to hear and benefit from it. You see I don’t believe we should store this stuff up and keep it hidden.

Default mindset makes most of us falsely believe that all the so called “bad stuff” should be buried deep. There is no bad stuff, there’s just stuff and along with the so called “good stuff” it should be shared with others who are looking for it.

Check out this video clip. This movie has a great message if you haven’t seen it before.


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