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Text Message: The Fastest Way To Reach Your Audience

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How often do you check your mobile messages? I am sure it’s quite often. Text message or

Why SMS marketing?

It’s easy and trustworthy

SMS is one of the easiest ways to promote your service. Most importantly, you can use SMS marketing in any number of ways for your store. Whether it is to provide a special promotional code or one-day sales coupon, SMS is the easiest form of marketing your products and services. Moreover, it is easy to use SMS marketing to increase the trust that people have for you.

Too fast

As soon as you send a text message, you can expect it to be delivered and read shortly, usually less than a couple of hours. A typical user responds to an email in about 90 minutes, but respond to a text message in about 90 seconds. An SMS message sent to an opted-in list of text subscribers can produce a fast response. In this fast paced lifestyle, what else could anyone want that can give such a quick ROI?

Reach more people

The best part about SMS marketing is the way it can help you to reach as many people as you want. It could be one person or thousands of people, depending on you. The most staggering statistics in the history of marketing is that 98 percent of SMS communications are opened and read more than any other form of text-based marketing communication including email or direct mail. SMS marketing is overpowering email marketing. This is the reason why SMS marketing continues to grow in popularity and has great success rates.


Sending SMS in a bulk does not cost you much. It is the cheapest way to market your products and services. For just a few bucks per SMS, you can not only reach those who are subscribing to your list but also to the potential customers with the maximum amount of money left in your pocket.

As you offer special incentives and discounts within your financial budget, chances are that you’re likely to get more people to sign up for your site. The more you grow your audience, the better it is for your brand.

Implementing SMS marketing into your business plan can fetch you the best ROI. However, as an online merchant you should know the best practices to use SMS marketing for your eCommerce store. If you’re not yet sure of how to utilize text messages for promoting your products and services, today’s blog post will help you learn the same. Keep reading…

Discover the best forms of implementing SMS marketing

One-day sale notification

A quick notification of a one-day sale is crucial for eCommerce business. It helps you to increase maximum profit in just one day and also build a credible name for your business.


No matter what kind of deals or promotions you’re offering to your customers, sending notification via SMS is the quickest and best form of making people aware of your brand. Customers will always appreciate the special coupons and special deals that you bring their way.

Transactional message

Let your customers know about their order status when they opt to have transactional messages via SMS. Once they choose SMS, send them brief messages to:-

  • Confirm that their order is received
  • Inform them that their order has been shipped
  • Notify that their order has been delivered
  • Follow up with the after sale service.

For click and collect items

Click and collect or in-store pick up is popular as shoppers find it more convenient. When shoppers are made aware of the orders that are ready to pick up via an SMS, it can potentially avoid any miscommunication. The text messages can make the experience more personal.

Offering freebies

Who doesn’t want freebies? I guess everyone loves a freebie and it can certainly grow your SMS list notification and the reputation of your business.

A perfectly crafted SMS can do wonders. However, there are certain rules and regulations to follow when you are using text message marketing for your business.

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