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Why Use a Childcare App for Documentation and Better Parent Engagement?

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Teachers are constantly looking for better ways to communicate with the parents of their students to keep them up-to-date on their children’s progress. While messaging, emailing, or sending notes were the traditional option for school teachers to keep parents in-the-know, the use of technologies such as childcare software makes it easier for school teachers and childcare professionals to share information with parents instantly.

Send Regular Updates On-The-Fly

A major benefit of using childcare management software is that it allows school teachers and childcare professionals to document and share the learning activities of their children. Using this software and applications, parents can immediately find out what their child’s school day is like and what activities their children take part in and show interest in while at school or a daycare center.

And that’s not all; a childcare app provides parents with an opportunity to keep track or their children while they are at school in real time with the help of photos and videos. This gives parents information on meal times, makes sure medications are taken on time, and can also allow parents to make other observations.

Parent Engagement

Since 80% of a child’s brain develops before the age of five it’s crucial for parents to pay attention to their child’s interests so that they can work together with the teachers to improve their child’s learning experience. The enhanced parent engagement that the childcare app provides can also result in better grades.

Some children have trouble learning due to various reasons. Rather than parents having to guess what subjects their children are interested in, with a childcare app, parents can find out which subjects their children are more interested in and the subjects in which they are lagging behind. Teachers are able to share this information with concerned parents on the fly thanks to the childcare app. In this way, parents can further support their children’s learning experience by using the information they are sent through the childcare app.

Saves Time

Picking up or dropping off a child is two of the most hectic times of the day for parents. This also tends to be the time when parents check in about their children’s educational development and ask for updates from the teachers. It can be difficult for parents to share information during such a short period about a child’s development and get an in-depth answer. Using a childcare management software or childcare app, teachers can send reports to parents in their own time without having to rush on their response.

Better Security

Safety and security are a big issue when it comes to children, and especially small children, which is something that parents are constantly concerned about. Along with providing parents with a better way to stay engaged with their children by posting regular updates on the child’s health and education, a childcare app is also useful in improving the safety of children as well. While pre-schools, daycare centers, and other educational institutions have certain safety protocols in place, there is no real way of knowing whether a child leaves with their parents or guardians.

A childcare app is a great way for parents to inform the school teacher of any change in their child’s pick-up schedule or if they will be sending over someone instead of picking up their children. Teachers also now have the ability to contact parents immediately to double check before sending the child with someone they are not familiar with, or someone who doesn’t normally come to pick up or drop off the children. The enhanced safety coupled with the many other benefits that a childcare app provides both teachers and parents makes it the first choice for better childcare management.

Replace the Pen and Paper

For pre-schools and daycare centers, maintaining and updating children’s records on a daily basis can become a pain. Not to mention having to keep track of check-in times, infant feedings, incident reports, and filling out daily reports. All this can take up a significant amount of time at daycare centers and preschools, which can be a time that’s used for something more important, such as focusing on delivering better quality childcare.

No more lugging around clipboards and 3-ring binders, using childcare management software simplifies these processes and makes it easier for schools, pre-schools, and daycare centers to keep accurate records of the children in their facilities, while keeping parents informed on the daily activities of their children. In other, words, using childcare management software and applications is a win-win situation for both parents and childcare professionals.

Billing Childcare Services

Apart from improving the workflow of pre-schools and other childcare facilities, the software can also be used for billing and invoicing for childcare services. Using childcare management software simplifies the accounting and billing process of pre-schools and daycare centers, by making it effortless to create reports and invoices that can then be shared with parents.

Whether you take care of children on an hourly basis or run a pre-school, now you can keep track of time and bill your clients accordingly to get paid faster. More importantly, the ability for you to carry out multiple tasks with the software coupled with a brilliant user-friendly interface, puts back hours in your day, making you more efficient and productive.


From the point of view of a childcare service or pre-school, having childcare software or app has many advantages. They offer a safe and efficient way for teachers to keep track of the children under their care while providing them with a foolproof way of managing their establishment. One of the main selling points of the childcare software or app is that the platform is scalable.

This means the different modules are available separately, allowing owners of pre-schools or daycare centers to purchase the ones they need for their business. In this way, using childcare software is a cost-effective way to manage your business.

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