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Is Disk Drill Hard Drive Recovery Software the Best?

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Deleted data does not leave your PC without a trace. Missing files can be saved with special software. To significantly increase your chances to get your documents and photos back, you should minimize your further activities, i.e. do not install new software and save anything to the disk. If you overwrite something, the recovery will be impossible. For the same reason, you cannot recover files to the same media where they were initially.

The Solution

Disk Drill Hard Drive Recovery Software is one of the best and most reliable data recovery utilities that allows you to recover a huge amount of data and protect your existing data from most emergency situations. In addition, on the official website, you can get any help in questions related to the software. And you don’t just go to the FAQ section or get an answer in a live chat from a robot – there’s live customer support on the site, ready to answer all of your questions!

Disk Drill is a great recovery utility that can be downloaded for free (Basic version can be used for 7 seven days). This program finds and returns images, text documents, audio files from flash drives, hard drives, and memory cards. Disk Drill can be used in case of simple mistakes, as well as in case of accidental formatting, viruses, system corruption, etc. There are versions for Windows and macOS.

Disk Drill Features

The utility can do a lot and has the following features:

  • All existing modern file system support;
  • Three modes of data recovery: Undelete, Quick Scan, and Deep Scan;
  • Data recovery on formatted media;
  • Supports hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, external HDD/SDD, etc;
  • Deep Scan works even with damaged or missing file systems.

Disk Drill Recovery Modes

The utility offers three recovery modes:

  • Undelete – this mode cancels deletion of files previously protected with Recovery Vault;
  • Quick Scan – quick search for deleted files;
  • Deep Scan – applied in case Quick Scan did not bring the desired result.

You might wonder about file systems that Disk Drill works with. The list is also quite extensive and includes all current file systems – HFS/HFS+, FAT16/FAT32, NTFS, EXT3, EXT4, and others. A distinctive feature of the application is the ability to recover files even on formatted media.

Disk Drill Versions

There are several versions of Disk Drill at different prices and with different functionality:

  • Drill Disk Basic (free) – cannot recover files. The demo version of the product allows you to test the functionality of the program to a limited extent.
  • Disk Drill Pro ($89) is a full-featured version of the program. It costs $89 but there are three types of discounts available (past version upgrade (50%); non-profit, educative & gov (20%); and competitive upgrade (50%)). The prices may be high but eventually, it’s all about the importance of your files.
  • Drill Disk Enterprise ($499) is a corporate version for an unlimited number of users and computers. It’s ideal for startups and large campaigns.
  • Disk Drill Media Recovery ($39.99) is a limited version distributed through the App Store. Due to Apple’s strict policy, the program can’t get full access to hard drive partitions and, as a result, the Recovery Vault system doesn’t work. Files and folders can be recovered, though, with no problems.

This program supports most types of disks, files, and file systems. With its help, you can recover erased files using the Recovery Protection function, as well as find duplicate files and clean the disk. However, the Basic version does not allow recovering files lost before installing Disk Drill.

Disk Drill Basic allows you to scan all the media connected to your computer, and a preview function will help you make sure that the files you need are available for recovery. If, however, you inadvertently deleted one or more files and folders that could not be deleted in any way, you want to go to the Recovery tab.

How To Recover Lost Files on Android With Disk Drill?

First, obviously, you need to download and install the utility on your computer. Then connect your smartphone to it, and Disk Drill will scan it and find all filers that can be recovered.

On the main screen, you need to choose the desired drive, e.g. Linux File-CD. Start scanning. If the files were lost recently, all you need to do is use Quick Scan. Alternatively, Deep Scan takes longer but is able to find files that were deleted a long time ago.

When the recovery utility finishes scanning, all found files will be displayed on the screen. They will be given random names, so to find the right file, you will have to sort them by size or type. The Zoom icon will help you browse through the chosen files.

Disk Drill will not only help you to recover your data – the utility also contains useful tools for working with your hard drive, which will help you “clean up” your Mac, find duplicate files, create backups, and monitor the state of your drive. By downloading Disk Drill, you get comprehensive protection for your entire drive. You will be able to scan and recover data from any device, including Mac, HDD/SSD, external hard drives, digital cameras, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle, and SD/CF cards. In many cases, Disk Drill will scan your device, even if it’s unstable, unreadable, or has damaged sections. Using powerful algorithms, Disk Drill provides reliable data recovery.

How Do I Recover Data on Mac OS X With Disk Drill?

Want to recover deleted files on Mac OS X, e.g. important business documents, music, photos, or videos? Need files or entire folders? Do you have problems accessing a USB drive or memory card? Disk Drill knows how to recover data on Mac OS X is the fastest and easiest way.

Just one click launches a powerful scanning process that shows you a list of files to recover. With a preview function, you can easily determine which file will be successfully recovered. If you use data protection features, some of the file recovery methods on your Mac are free. If not, just a small update will allow you to recover deleted files and continue your work.

Is your hard drive or memory card suddenly no longer detected or looks empty? This may be due to a damaged section. Your data may still be there but the “map,” required by the system to locate the data, may be lost. Disk Drill will repair damaged sections and return your data if it’s still there. All plug-in devices are supported. Depending on the file system type, different data recovery algorithms are used. Even if the device has been formatted, the data can still be recovered!

Once you have installed Disk Drill on your Mac, start the program and go to Data Protection. Here you should enable the Recovery Vault mode on all your media, and you can forget about problems. The utility will inform you about the successful indexing of information on the media with the Growl pop-up message. Now the program closely watches your actions in the system and saves service records about each remote file in the program storage. As soon as you need to recover a file, you will need to upgrade Disk Drill to the Pro version. The program will take just a few minutes to recover the file.


Disk Drill is definitely the best tool for data recovery in terms of reliability, allowing to recover a huge amount of information and protect existing data from most emergency situations. The only disadvantage is the price but this is subjective – in the end, it all depends on how valuable the files at stake are.

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