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Top 10 Shopify Apps That Every Merchant Needs in 2021

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Shopify has been developed into one of the most popular platforms in the eCommerce industry. To support its users, Shopify is loaded with countless apps specializing in different aspects of running an e-store. 

This post introduces 10 useful Shopify apps for driving sales, retaining customers, and building a strong reputation for your brand.

Oberlo – Best Dropshipping App

Oberlo might not be a strange name for anyone in the dropshipping industry. It allows merchants to quickly find potential products to do business online and start selling immediately without complicated procedures. 

Oberlo will be a great starting point for newbies to build a dropshipping business at not too high expenses. 

What you can do with Oberlo:

  • Report and analyze trending products on the market to dropship from global dropshipping suppliers
  • Immediate and easy import from Aliexpress 
  • Have brands’ orders shipped straight to customers with simple clicks of the mouse without any interference 
  • Offer automated order fulfillment, price, and inventory updates. 
  • Integrate robust order tracking that continuously informs merchants of all shipment status 


  • Explorer Plan: $0 | Basic features for self-starters to start their dropshipping businesses
  • Grad Plan: $7.9/ mo | Offer users, coaching, and trends reports 
  • Boss Plan: $29.9/ mo | Offres advanced eCommerce tools to scale your business 

Oberlo provides its users with the ease of automation, and you can save a great deal of time on finding ideal items and suppliers online for your business idea. An app designed to facilitate the process of finding trustworthy manufacturers with reasonable prices quickly. 

Email Marketing Abandoned Cart – Best Email Marketing App

Let’s start with the first app that focuses on generating and converting leads into sales via email: Email Marketing Abandoned Cart – a perfect automation solution to scale your business with email at a low cost. 

With this email Shopify app, online merchants can start and strengthen their relationship with customers by a chain of follow-up emails triggered according to customer’s activities in the storefront. 

What you can do with Avada Email Marketing:

  • Automatically send abandoned cart emails to customers to remind them about the forgotten items on their shopping carts.
  • Send a pre-designed email to welcome new subscribers. The starting points for the chain of follow-up emails that will convert these leads into purchasers and finally loyal customers    
  • Robust segmentation functions for the brand’s email list, allowing store owners to run different email campaigns for several targeted audience groups more effectively.
  • User-friendly drag and drop functionality that enables even the non-technical people to create professional emails with no difficulty
  • Rich library of ready-to-use email templates serving different audiences and marketing purposes 
  • Support e-stores in collecting emails, promoting discount coupons with Newsletter Popup and Spin to Win
  • Support multiple channel integration SMS Marketing, push notification and more, in one marketing automation workflow


  • Free Plan: No fee | Support up to 15.000 emails/ month, 1.000 contacts with basic automation flows, and limited reports
  • Pro Plan: $9/ mo | Unlimited emails, 1.000+ contacts, advanced automations & reports, plus Email & Chat support

Avada Email Marketing, for sure, a good fit for those who have no related technical experience and still want to create stunningly beautiful emails and run automated email campaigns with high efficiency. 

Recart – Best Messenger Marketing App

Recart is indeed the number one messenger app for e-stores, trusted and installed by over 130.000 Shopify merchants. Thanks to this app, Shopify store owners to improve their conversion rates via highly-effective messenger campaigns.

With more than 1.3 billion Messenger worldwide, Recart is for sure “a robust growth engine” that any e-store needs to build a stronger relationship with your target audience.

What you can do with Recart:

  • Launch Messenger campaign that aims at boosting sales, sending notifications about customers’ orders, improving relationship with customers, and more
  • Automatically send customers their receipts with discount coupons for the next time purchase. 
  • Reduce the cart abandonment rate through multi-channel interactions with the store’s target audience 
  • Integrate perfectly with multiple touchpoints in the customers’ purchasing lifecycle. Recart works probably with Loox to encourage one-click reviews through messages or Wheelio for gamifying pop-up experience.


The price for Recart is calculated based on the value of extra sales you can generate with the app. 

  • For Small Business: Starts from $29/ month for up to $1.000 extra sales
  • For Growing Business: Starts from $499 per month with priority support, 8X ROI guarantee, and other privileges

The best thing about Recart is that merchants have access to the advanced Messenger functions offered by the app no matter what plan they choose. 

ReConvert Upsell and Cross-Sell – Best Promotion App

Upselling and cross-selling is a perfect way for eCommerce businesses to get ahead of competitors and meet their revenue targets. 

Reconvert Upselling & Cross-Sell allows merchants to build a custom thank-you page to turn new purchasers into repeat ones. What makes this app significant is its extremely user-friendly drag and drop page builder to create professional and unique.  

What you can do with ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sell:

  • Create several custom thank-you pages with stunningly beautiful design to upsell customers post-purchase
  • Offer multiple sales elements like pop-up timer, product recommendations, reorder widgets, and so forth to upsell and cross-sell to store’s existing customers.
  • Display different thank-you pages for various offers, product properties as well as distinct customer groups
  • Collect customers’ information, for instance, birthday, product reviews, etc. for further service improvement and marketing purposes 
  • Robust analytics track and record all thank-you pages’ and widgets’ real-time performance 


Customers will have 30 days to try this fantastic app for free. Then, you have 4 pricing options to choose from, including: 

  • Free Thank You Plan: $0 | Up to 50 monthly store orders and other app’s features
  • Pro Thank You Page Plan: $7.99/ mo | Up to 100 monthly store orders and other privilege features of the app
  • MVP Thank You Page Plan: $14.99/ mo | Up to 200 monthly store orders 
  • VIP Thank You Page Plan: $29.99/ mo | Up to 500 monthly orders – Best Referral Marketing App

Lack of trust is the most significant reason businesses fail to generate sales no matter how compelling offers or outstanding features their products have. 

Focusing on the growth of internet-based businesses through their reward programs, allows business brands to initiate different referral programs from a single platform. 

What you can do with

  • Offers multiple features that support merchants in rewarding their customers, such as points, referrals, and a VIP program
  • Allow users to see their progress and offer different sales tactics that encourage them to earn more points. 
  • Merchants can build a comprehensive referral program that rewards the brand’s current customers for referring their friends and family to the user’s store.
  • Online merchants can control how the user’s customers share their referrals via unique referral link and track their progress for suitable commission. 


  • Free Plan: $0 | Support 10+ ways to reward, build points and referral programs, visual customizations, and default reward emails
  • Starter Plan: $49/ mo | Support 1 Smile App integration, access to all free features, branding movement 
  • Growth Plan: $199/ mo | Support Nudges (engaging on-site pop-ups), points expiry, advanced analytics dashboard, and all features of the previous plan
  • Pro Plan: $599/ mo | Unlimited Smile App integrations, access to VIP program and Success Manager, and include all features of the cheaper plans

Powers over 15,000 rewards programs and serves over 50 million members. You won’t regret using this fantastic app. 

SEO Suite – Best Shopify SEO App


Imagery is always an indispensable catalyst in any marketing activities of today’s businesses, which allows the brand’s audience to better imagine the value of what’s promoted. 

When it comes to digital stores, this factor is even more important in generating sales and building trust for potential customers who come to visit the websites. 

Avada SEO Image Optimizer offers online merchants a comprehensive feature kit to fully optimize a store’s images for better SEO results. 

What you can do with Avada SEO Image Optimizer: 

  • Optimize all major SEO issues related to images uploaded in the storefront, hence improving store rankings and boosting conversion rates
  • Automatically add optimized image ALT tags to every image on the Product Page, Collection Page, and Blog post. 
  • Automatically compress loaded images and keep their quality unchanged to create the best shopping experience for customers with store’s images. 
  • Faster index of website images and content 
  • Allow optimizing meta title automatically and meta description in Product Page, Collection Page, Blog Listing Page, and Single Blog to improve the store’s click rates. 
  • Offer robust SEO analytics system that reports store owners on specific SEO issues on demand.
  • Its analytics system offers merchants improvement solutions to fix any problems related to the web’s ranking. 

Avada SEO Image Optimizer is an excellent time-saver and tells you what it’s worth sending the money on with your search engine optimization.


SEO Suite is by far the best app you should try as it’s free of charge extension for Shopify stores. You can experience all its amazing features for free, a no-risk investment.

Omnistar Affiliate Software – Best Affiliate Marketing App


For those who want to get out the most of affiliate marketing on boosting sales, Omnistar Affiliate Software is one of the most successful affiliate marketing software for e-commerce in the market today. 

OSI Affiliate Software enables its users to create a complete in-house affiliate program to expand its reputation across social networks.

What you can do with OSI Affiliate Software:

  • Offer Social Share Widget allows your customers to easily promote your brand via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Generate multiple promo code tracking for other website and influencers to promote your store on different channels 
  • Unique features to build compelling rewards to attract influencers to be your brand’s ambassadors 
  • Get real-time access to click totals, commissions, earned impressions, and other useful data reflecting each affiliate program’s performance. 


OSI Affiliate Software’s plan costs $47 per month. Users will get a 15-day free trial to experience all its unique features.

PDF Invoice – Best Invoice Creation App

It’s great when you have a beautiful looking website and unique or amazing products to sell. However, another aspect you need to consider is to get your customers more satisfied and stay for longer. 

And online invoicing is one such way of building an unforgettable impression with customers these days. 

PDF Invoice: Order Printer+ is what you need to create stunningly beautiful billing documents. Furthermore, its flexibility in letting customers download or print their invoices out with no difficulty makes this app a must-have one in your app collection. 

What you can do with PDF Invoice: Order Printer+: 

  • Create unlimited PDF templates for any billing documents with 4 pre-made template groups: Order, Invoice, Shipping Labels, and Refund
  • Freely customize offered templates with store’s info and other necessary information using the smart editor tool.
  • Allows customers to either download and save the online billing documents or print them out via simple clicks in the order emails 
  • Send email notifications with PDF attachments. 
  • Store owners can customize the PDF templates by languages at ease since the app support nearly 70 languages around the world.
  • Enable to print/ export PDF invoices in bulk at the store backend 


  • Free Plan: $0 | Offer unlimited templates and order print numbers, support basic invoice themes, automation email, plus POS integration
  • Pro Plan: $9/ mo | Include all free features and other advanced support of this plus plan. For instance, unlimited access to the rich library of app themes, branding removement, and delivery to SFTP/ Google feature. 

ROI Hunter – Best Ad Retargeting Marketing App

The truth is today’s customers won’t make their purchase decision right on their first visit. This is why retargeting ads are now an integral part of eCommerce stores’ sales strategies.

ROI Hunter specializes in helping Shopify store owners to set up effective retargeting ads on Google and Facebook in a few clicks. 

What you can do with ROI Hunter: 

  • Create attractive ads with better performance for any store’s product using ad overlay via one click
  • Retarget visitors through Google, and Facebook dynamic ads without accessing the Google Ads account or Facebook Ads Manager. 

Price: These plans below do not include the cost of ads.

  • Free Plan: $0 | Users can try the campaigns for free up to $150 of overall lifetime spend with basic features for ad retargeting on Google, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Startup Store Plan: Start at $9/ mo or 9% of ad spend | Support up to 100.000 products advertised, Google Search Campaigns, and advanced ad retargeting 
  • Growing Store Plan: Start at $49/ mo or 8% of ad spend | Support video ad editor, advanced ad campaigns, and all features on the previous plan 
  • Professional Store Plan: $99/ mo or 7% of ad spend | Include all the features of the cheaper plans, plus onboarding specialist and ad accounts health check

Yotpo – Best Customer Service App

A positive customer experience means better customer retention, therefore driving more sales. Yotpo is one app that online businesses can use to provide customers with the best support during their shopping journey.

This app leverages the presence of social proof on your website to positively affect customers’ purchase intention.

What you can do Yotpo: 

  • Collect reviews, ratings as well as user-generated content via Yotpo’s review email and On-site Review Widget 
  • Support importing and displaying customer reviews on your homepage, product page, checkout page, and other social media channels. 
  • Collect and use user-generated content across multiple touchpoints for better efficiency of social proof on sales


  • Free Plan: $0 | Provide 200 extra orders for 1st month, up to 50 monthly orders, review request emails, on-site widgets, and basic features for SEO page
  • Growth 50 Plan: $19/ mo | Include all free features, plus photo reviews, product and site reviews in one flow, snippets, and chat live support
  • Growth 75 Plan: $29/ mo | Support 75 monthly orders and include all features of the cheaper plans
  • Growth 100 Plan: $49/ mo | Offer 100 monthly orders and contains features of the previous plans

Wrap up!

Shopify platform comes with incredible opportunities for eCommerce businesses. 

However, you can make your website more powerful than ever when choosing the right Shopify apps to unlock new functionalities for revenue optimization.  

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