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Why Magento is the First Preference of eCommerce Industry

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With the dawning of the digital era, it is easier than ever to open an eCommerce business. That is, it is more accessible than in the past. This accessibility, however, is not free of caveats. For instance, there are so many choices of platforms, products, and platforms to use for eCommerce that the choices can become overwhelming. The most popular eCommerce platform is currently Mageworx. This company, also known as Magento, commands over 20% of the eCommerce platform market. For such a diverse range of choices, this is a massive client base. Understandably, there are many features of Magento that make it an industry leader.

Pricing Options

Unlike other popular eCommerce platforms, Magento has an open source version that is available for free. Obviously, this version of the software is not as complete as the paid version, but it is still an incredibly powerful tool. Full versions of the software are available; however, the price is tailored to the individual business. This way, a customized plan can provide a business with all the tools that they need.


Magneto utilizes a system with developers in mind. This makes it potentially more difficult for computer novices to use the program. For those with experience, Magento offers an unrivaled number of tools and controls. With more features than competitors, Magento is a fantastic choice for eCommerce businesses that need to scale up their businesses. Lower budget ‘plug and play’ eCommerce platforms allow for a little customization and will become impossible to manage once sales increase past a certain threshold. Thus, the added controls and tools in Magento are the perfect answer for growing companies. The feature list of Magento is incredibly long but some of the most pertinent features are listed below:

  • SEO tracking:

    There is a Magento extension that allows users to track keyword usage.

  • Marketing:

    The ability to create promotions and custom campaigns is a big draw for many.

  • Gift Cards and Registries:

    Unlike many other platforms, Magento offers gift cards to be issued. When enabled users can create their own gift registry for weddings, showers and other occasions.

  • Order Management:

    The Magento interface organizes POS, customer information, order details, and shipping information into one location for easy report generation.

  • Analytics:

    This platform offers more eCommerce analytical tracking and reporting that nearly all competitors.

Magento Design

Magento isn’t primarily a design-focused platform but this doesn’t mean beautiful sites are off-limits. Rather, the Magento interface provides a wealth of powerful design tools, allowing the user or design team to create a fully custom website. This is fantastic for standing out amongst many prefabricated eCommerce shops. Other sites offer many types of Magento extension, whether it be through theming, widgets or otherwise. Many of these are downloadable for free, whereas others have paid versions. If a company or its developers don’t have the time or ability to create the site from scratch, these pre-made themes still offer a great range of flexibility.

Inventory Management

Poorly managed inventory can frustrate customers and eCommerce business owners alike. Magento has advanced tracking tools for inventory and has options for unlimited stock codes, as should be used on digital or downloadable products. Magento allows shop owners to sync their site with multiple sales platforms, such as eBay or Amazon. This allows the stock to be tracked in one place, minimizing the risk that a customer buys an item that is out of stock. There are several tools that allow users to automate inventory and sales processes which would otherwise have to be done manually. Shipping cost and tax cost calculations are done automatically, as are currency exchange rates when global selling is enabled. This makes the backend management significantly easier.


In an era of ever-increasing cyber-attacks, few businesses are free from risk. Thus, Magento offers a full host of security-oriented features and services. The company also has a dedicated team to resolve security issues. Several preventative measures can be implemented too, such as SSL certifications and two-factor authentication.

While this list offers many reasons why Magento is an industry preferred eCommerce platform, there are still more reasons to be considered. Advanced SEO tools combined with stellar customer service make this company a great choice.

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