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The Best Seasons to Improve Online Business 2019

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If you are into an online business, you will know the impact holiday seasons bring to your business. Holiday seasons are meant to boost up your online sales. Online business requires the utmost attention in various sections. You can easily forget the great holiday seasons and miss the opportunity to hit a home run with the sales.

People like to shop online rather than going out and buying stuff. The internet is full of options with vast products, literally everything you need. So, it is important for a heads up when the holiday seasons kick in!

In this year, some holidays have already passed such as:

    • Jan 1st- New Year’s Day
    • Jan 21st- Martin Luther King Day
    • Feb 14th- Valentine’s Day
    • Feb 18th- Presidents’ Day
    • Apr 19th- Good Friday
    • Apr 21st- Easter Sunday

Although these important holiday dates have passed, there are days to come. So, no need to worry if you have missed these days to your startup business. Let’s look forward to the days to come in 2019 and the years ahead in your successful business.

The prominent idea to benefit from special seasons is, undoubtedly, offering deals and discounts. And how do you want to use it is the primary concern. We have Email marketing and many are already using the method. But, giving coupons via a coupon site is better than Email marketing. It will attract more customers, and you can increase the sale.

Let us come back to seasons. Here, let me explain the best time to improve your business by providing discounts, and let us know how you can successfully use those seasons.

May 12th, Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is an important day for everyone. Mother’s Day is a significant day, in the e-commerce society as well. Consumers spend up to 200$ each on the internet shopping, buying products and services for this occasion. People buy gift cards, flowers, jewelry, personal services like dinner or spa, and so on.

  • Some online marketing ideas for mother’s day can be:
  • Mother’s day special gift shop
  • Mother’s day giveaway
  • Ideal Mother’s day guide book with gift ideas
  • #hashtags; a social media planning
  • Mother’s Day facts, memes
  • Mother’s day special coupons or discounts
  • Free delivery option

July 4th, Independence Day

July is known to be a slow month for online business, but for the 4th of July marking Independence Day, you can boost up your sales. Online sales for 4th of July is about the love for your country.

  • Independence Day deals and discounts: You can provide some special discounts for this day
  • Giveaway or gifts: Think of some patriotic merchandise as a giveaway.
  • Social media campaigns: Post facts and the importance of the day,
  • Free delivery
  • Change the look of your website, and create an eye-catching design of the Independence Day theme.

September 2nd, Labor Day

Labor day marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. The new season brings in joy to online business, with an uproar in sales.

  • Coupons and discounts regarding this day (For example, Use couple “Laborday20” for 20% off on all products)
  • Support and donation to a labor day charity event or NGO
  • Social media posts about the day.
  • Bring in new products for the new season, sneak peek for the new products.

October 31st, Halloween Day

Halloween is one of the most remarkable holidays, and online business makes use of it. Make the spooky day, your happy day with an increase in sales.

  • Create a Halloween themed design for your site
  • Offers and coupons
  • Scary flash sales on your websites, with discounts
  • Start a #hashtag campaign
  • Send spooky emails about the deals, and discounts

November 11th, Veteran’s Day

It is the day to thank and honor those who save our country, who protects us by sacrificing their own lives. Veteran’s day can be a good holiday for online business.

  • Discount and deals, honoring the brave soldiers saving our country
  • Donation to organizations for the military service
  • Write about some brave veterans on social media platforms
  • Make the design of your website, honoring the brave soldiers.

28th November, Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays for your online business to boost up, as it is the start of the holiday shopping season. Everyone buys stuff online for Thanksgiving.

  • Discounts and deals; thanksgiving coupons
  • Free delivery for Thanksgiving
  • Thank the customers via email, with special coupons
  • Thanksgiving messages to buyers

29th November, Black Friday

Right after Thanksgiving Day, comes Black Friday. This is the best season in online business. Consider this day as giving your most profitable discount to the customers, since most of the stores provide sound discounts to their customers.

Giving coupon via coupon website will be very helpful on this day.
Boost your social media platforms with Black Friday posts; let your audience know about the deals and discounts
Recommend your customers to buy the most bought item that day
Flash sales.

2nd December, Cyber Monday

Since 2005, Cyber Monday has grown at a tremendous rate. Cyber Monday came into existence as most people crowded over Black Friday sales, there can be some exceptions who missed it. Cyber Monday is for those people, mainly for the employees at the online business firm, to get the products with similar discounts and giveaways.

  • Exclusive one-day deal
  • Different types of products should be shown to the consumers at an every hour rate, let the audience know about all your product
  • Send emails to the consumers; “Hurry up! 50% sales on every product”

25th December, Christmas

Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the US. The Christmas Holiday tops all the other holiday seasons. The online business sales reach heights during the Christmas season, as everyone buys a gift for their loved ones.

  • Christmas deals and discounts
  • Offer gift baskets
  • Christmas gift cards with coupons
  • Giveaway: Gift a souvenir like a miniature Christmas tree
  • Free delivery for Christmas!

It’s always a wonderful idea to give deals and discounts for every season. It doesn’t matter how much you are offering. Customers are curious about discounts even if it is small. Consider the significance of the season you can switch between high and low discounts. Ultimately, maintain an offer for your valuable customers. Choose the best method to market your discount. As I have mentioned, the coupon website is a pretty awesome one. You can go with Email Marketing and Social media too. Have a great deal on your website.

Best of luck!

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