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Generate Business Leads Through Your Linkedin Account

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Much has been said about the rise of Social Media platforms. A few of them make themselves as professional as LinkedIn. For the last 5-10 years, LinkedIn has revolutionized the way we interact with each other on the Internet. LinkedIn has facilitated the process of the job market moving online. Thanks to its simple, easy to use features million of people worldwide managed to find a job they love. But LinkedIn is not just employers and potential employees reaching out on the same platform.

It is so much more than that. It is a tool to promote yourself and your business brand. Do we really need to say that you should update your LinkedIn account on a regular basis? Putting new references will make you more credible to your potential business partners. This is why we recommend going through your profile at least once a month. Staying on top of things will automatically make you look like a pro.

Become an Opinion Leader or Your Own Brand Ambassador

The so-called LinkedIn phenomenon comes down to its authority or weight. It is perceived to be a trustworthy source of information. Why? Perhaps because you sign off each and every post with your name and your company position.

This makes anyone think twice, before posting any random content. If you choose LinkedIn to share content, just remember to be consistent! We agree with Forbes when they say that LinkedIn is “the most powerful business to business social networking site”. You want to come across as someone who is credible or in a position of power. Use those settings to pump up your name and your posts will sell you like magic. Regardless of where you stand in the hierarchy or organizational ladder, the right presentation skills will make you look like a true professional.

LinkedIn operates on a certain paradox. On one hand, it is a corporate Social Media site, which shows your “allegiance” to a certain company. On the other, it presents you as an individual. It openly asks you to share your feelings or opinions. The key is in finding that balance or sweet spot. Use your own personal brand to find a synergy with your company’s brand identity. How? It will come “shine” through your choice of content or writing style. Become your own brand ambassador and build your following from scratch!

Learn How to Leverage Your Influence and Impress Your Potential Business Partners

We have already shown you the basics of how to drive engagement on your page. Now, it is up to you to put it to use. What do we mean? You can point to your posts as a way of “informally” showing your knowledge on a certain subject. Remember, you are able to tag your contacts in the text field. Use this feature to swing their opinion in the right direction.

The great thing about LinkedIn is that is casual and friendly in tone. No-one will accuse of trying to force your decision on them. The best way of ensuring that you come across as natural as possible is to post regularly. As we said before, it will also allow you to develop your own style. As reported by CNBC, LinkedIn’s own research points that communication and soft skills is the key to success, in any sector.

Respond to any inquiries within the same day and you are likely to attract serious business! You can easily integrate your LinkedIn page with your existing Social Media accounts or your company email. You can even have a chat option, which is similar to Facebook Messenger. Being available 24/7 is the cornerstone of today’s global business. Make sure that your contact information is up-to-date and fully synced with your operations elsewhere.

What You Should Know About Getting Your Customers Through LinkedIn

Many businesses are treating LinkedIn like any other Social Media platform. They are just using it to give their products or services visibility. Which makes total sense from a marketing perspective. Is your customer base made up of the business community? Are your operations mainly business to business? Then you are probably on the right track.

But if this is your only strategy, you are definitely missing out on LinkedIn’s greatest features. Let us explain. It is a great way of stimulating business leads organically, through your engagement or presence on the platform. As soon as people identify you as an opinion leader, they will reach out to you with their business queries. It is a way of companies channeling their business through personality. Use it to your advantage!

This is why encourage everyone to build their own brand on the platform. Many companies include LinkedIn in their marketing strategies and choose to direct their efforts through the platform. But at the end of the day, the star of the show is you. You are the one capable of pushing engagement by the virtue of your professional network. This is the whole point of LinkedIn.

Last but Not Least: Keep It Separate

You should also remember to keep your personal and company page separate. Unless, you are a one-man show – running a consultancy, for example.

Keeping that distinction will make you appear more professional, meanwhile allowing you to post more in the long term. What do we mean? Companies rarely do well with humorous posts. But you can easily add a lighter touch by adding a funny video through your personal account. Repost or share, as and when appropriate!

Personal accounts are a great way of “pumping up” extra attention to your existing posts. You can use your personal account in the comments section. Use it to remind your contacts about an important announcement or any upcoming deadlines. With two accounts, you are able to do the same but more!

Expand your outreach and use a personal touch to get others on board. This is basically our message to you. Now, let’s get connected!


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