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Top B2B Portals Of All Time

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The B2B industry is beginning on limitless trade projections for global businesses. As the ever-expanding industry, Ecommerce portals, promise to bring new markets and evaluate growth aspects. This sustains their profits for longer periods in the access of global traders. Constant innovation holds the future of the E-commerce industry because the inactive state of any industry slows down profitability. The B2B marketplaces assure a sustainable future for international business transactions among traders in different countries. Major countries like the USA, China is the center of the B2B industry. However, with the connectivity, virtual presence, digitization of businesses, the business sector is transforming in a unique way for the old traders.

Change is constant, and in the matter of B2B, it has proved truer as ever. Moreover, Speedy progress and technology have increased progress in the global business scene. After the B2C takeover, the B2B market is now moving towards the age of discovery. It is now aiming to be the chief game player of the E-Commerce domain.

Famous B2B portals likely to dominate 2020:

If you own a business anywhere across the globe and looking for some reliable source to promote your business. Worry not, as we have listed the most used B2B marketplaces, which have been confirmed by the worlds’ leading traders. Have a look and choose your pick wisely:


  1. Alibaba: came into existence in 1999 and became the sole founder of B2B platforms in the E-commerce industry. It is, without a doubt, the biggest B2B platform, and it is competing against its set records. Discussion about top B2B sites is incomplete without the mention of this B2B giant. This portal has efficiently set industrial standards and patterns for the upcoming B2B brands. In a very short span, it has expanded its roots all over the world. Alibaba has become a household name for all the renowned suppliers and manufacturers of different industries. Its growing popularity and client base have made it difficult for its competitors and newcomers of the B2B scene to even keep up with the pace of growth.

The most outstanding feature is that it is having more than 8 Million registered users from above 220 countries. It is the game player that structured its business on the free model. Therefore, its users agree to pay a huge sum of money for membership.


  1. TradeWheel:

A close second to Alibaba is a U.S. based B2B platform, which has taken the trading industry by storm. has been traders’ preferred choice to connect the sellers of China regions with European and other western markets. Since its beginning, it has wowed the B2B industry with its great global presence and worldwide following. The buyers and sellers on TradeWheel are highly satisfied with the results and they recommend for international trading. It holds a competitive edge over other online marketplaces as it supports and promotes the formation of long term business partnerships built on mutually helpful terms.

With a distinct directory of renowned buyers and sellers of the industry, TradeWheel is fit for each and every sector. It hoards an impressive international audience of your choice. With them, your products are going to get the exposure you have always dreamed of. 2020 is looking good for TradeWheel.


  1. Made-in-China:

Founded in the late 1990s, Made-in-China has its H.Q. in the Nanjing state of China. The business model is divided into the registration process, SEO practices, marketing services for suppliers, and the ISO certification charges. It gets more than 10 Million active visitors a day, with a very good lead to sale ration. Here you will be provided unmatched international trading opportunities, but it is more inclined towards the China region. Therefore the name, “Made in China”. It is yet to become a global leader, but with the ongoing pace and a little more determination, can be close to the likes of Alibaba.

Their directory of buyers and sellers contains names from the notable brands. It stands tall among the leading B2B e-commerce marketplaces. They are focusing on digital sales and content marketing while using a strong common supply network. Made-in-China offers its customers with complete services on its online platform for traders.


  1. GlobalSources:

The global sources is another well-established multi-channeled B2B marketplace. It, along with tradeshow exhibitions, provides its businesses with a platform with a huge customer base. Besides having a vast collection of products, the focus of Global sources lies within the electronics and gadgets industry. It believes in promoting trade using exhibitions, business magazines, and other modes of media. Global resources have successfully paved their way with their unique marketing methods, and they have a strong following in China. Furthermore, a good number of foreign users are also using it to grow trade between different countries.

This platform has a good number of exhibitions happening every month because they have to represent their traders in different sectors. It is probably, the most preferred China-based B2B e-commerce platform. Efficiently serving SMEs to outdo the precise and profitable trade chances with flawless advertisement delivery. Above all, this B2B marketplace has an extensive product range of 10 million SMEs in China and other regions of the world.


  1. DHgate: is a well-known name in the B2B world. Due to its unique client satisfaction service and far-reaching services in the e-commerce industry. Hence, it covers around 16 major industries to sustain and grow SMEs in China and other regions. is a source of unique exposure towards your products and services from a broad international audience.

It reportedly brought out trusted payment reforms to reduce the risk of potential fraud by international merchants. Its role in assisting global SMEs in achieving global presence is remarkable. DHgate promotes users to register their businesses to experience elevated sales and exposure in the international market. It has become one of the leading B2B website efficiently connecting Buyers and Sellers from Worldwide. This platform features the name of reputed and successful business directories. Hence, it is by far the best online directory for trading if your target customers look for quality services.


In conclusion, the afore-mentioned B2B leaders emerging from all around the world are striving to change the entire scene of the E-commerce markets. Consequently, putting together the industrial norms that cannot be passed easily by the competitors.


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