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Update Your Digital Marketing During Crisis Recovery

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The COVID-19 outbreak has affected all segments of the population all over the world. Apart from human lives, it has also affected the social and economic growth of society. Many businesses are permanently closed and badly impacted due to this pandemic. Now, as people learn to live with the virus, things are getting better and back on track.

Businesses all around the world are also trying to build themselves from scratch. Companies that are not so affected by the Covid-19 crisis are changing their growth strategy. These businesses are approaching various marketing channels to boost their brands offline & online.

If you were one of many to modify your digital marketing strategy according to the pandemic, you need to update it again according to the crisis recovery. You should understand the changing scenarios and transform your marketing strategy in such a way to gain the maximum benefits.

People have different search styles and intent these days, and you need to be more empathetic to invigorate favorable user actions.

Here are some strategic recommendations for your digital marketing to keep growing your business while beating COVID-19.

Strengthen Your SEO Marketing

Many businesses have stopped their marketing and SEO when coronavirus hit us. Of course, it is a good thing if you’ve never halted– consistency in SEO matters a lot. Regardless, you’ll need to make an effort to regain the results you would have maintained with minimal optimization. 

Still, if you did stop your SEO, then this is the time to get back on it. Things are getting better, and people are again getting into the market. So, if you want your customers to come to you, you need to first appear to them. You have to make some significant SEO efforts to be found to your customers before your competitors. 

Nowadays, people are watching their expenses more than ever; only authoritative businesses will be able to win the customer’s confidence and earn their business. 

People consider top-ranking pages to be credible, and SEO is the way to be in top positions of SERP. So, embark on your SEO to increase your leads and sales.

Boost Your Business Website Authority

Authority is very important in getting new customers. You should have eminent authority and brand popularity to retain customers and entice new ones. To improve brand authority, increase your link building and brand promotion. Try to earn some high-quality links to earn rankings and drive traffic from referring websites.

You can also consider other brand promotion tactics like social media promotions, PPC ads to elevate your authority and drive the most business to you.

You need to display to potential customers that you are the best option available for their requirements. Hence, get new quality backlinks and promote your brand to improve your brand value and earn more customers.

Mind Your Local Marketing & Review Management

As businesses are opening again, people are also searching for nearby companies for their particular needs. Now is the time to be available to your local customers and drive them to you. People always search for a local business online, and it’s beneficial if you are the business they first see in the SERP.

Hence, optimize your local listing or website for local customers, and drive them to you. You should update your company’s working hours on search listings, and give details on how you’re operating according to the current situation. Moreover, optimize your reviews; encourage your customers to review you and your services in this crisis.

If you find a negative review, optimize it with a humble reply and compensatory offering. 

Your local reputation should be supreme to earn the maximum business from your locality.

Inform Your Audience About Reopening & Operating Procedures

Informing your audience is very crucial to stay connected and understand their persona. You should create content for your audience to educate them and ease their concern. As you start promoting your content, include your business reopening and the additional procedures you opt for utmost safety and sanitization.

Inform your users that their safety is your priority, and they must choose you for their requirements. Your content should emphasize common stressors among users and deliver a reliable solution. 

You must follow the most rigorous sanitization procedures possible for customer safety; you take care of your customers; they take care of you. It’s a two-way bond, and you can strengthen it by showing some care. 

Furthermore, consider video content to better connect with users. You can also show how you are operating, and there is no way your customers are taking any risk. Promote yourself as a credible and safe business that people can rely on even in the current climate.

Shoot Your Email Marketing Campaign

There are many businesses in the market which are similar to your own. It can be quite confusing and spooky for customers to pick one as they weigh out risks and benefits. Writing a personalized email with an assurance of safety and great quality services/products can be a conversion booster. 

Email marketing is a way to improve your customer relationship and multiply your loyal customers. Make sure there is something that makes the email feel exclusive to the user by inserting their name, their browsed products, personalized offers, etc. to make them feel unique and valued.

Initially, you should study your target audience and bifurcate them according to the sales funnel they are in. Now, create the email template for each audience cluster to maximize conversion rate.

Consider all these recommendations of email marketing, and recover your business with crisis recovery. 

Give Some Discounts or Offers

Being business-minded all the time won’t help you. It would be best for your business in surviving the crisis if you were to remain in the customer’s favor. Things are getting better, but it’s nothing like the days prior to COVID-19, so offer something to your customers as encouragement to buy from you. Be the one to start the conversation, but let your customers make their move and enjoy your service, even in adverse situations.

You can also announce some free giveaways for something in return like a social post promoting you, review, rating, competition, etc. This way, you can have engagement and sales as well.

Remember: while your profit margin might not recover as much as you’d like, you can improve gradually by enticing users with discounts. Not offering anything makes you the same as others; business-minded, and you aren’t going to have anything. So, give something to have something.

These are some tips for you to consider for your digital marketing strategy during global crisis recovery. Make updates to your digital marketing tactics to improve your current results to something good.

If you are not skilled in SEO, then hire digital marketing consultancy services to implement all these for your business.

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