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Top 12 Resources to Develop Writing Skills

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Effectual writing skills are the main assets of any writer, and specialized writers cannot progress without it. Creative writers have to work hard and intelligently to acquire such skills, along with their patience and strength of mind. Only with years of experience, they can enter into the territory of valuable, always-in-demand writers.

Improving the art of writing can assist you in offering better performance, perk up your communication with clients and customers, and can even help you gain excellent jobs with high pay. So the writers need to have a good command of the English language. However, gifted writers and newcomers also require polishing their skills often so as to remain ahead of their competition.

We’ve selected the top 12 resources to develop writing skills for specialized writers as well as beginners.

#1. Copywriting 101 by Copyblogger

Copywriting101 is one of the highest paid professions in the world of writing. The skill to write better copy relies on your ability to persuade more number of people to take various forms of action. Copyblogger has a superb beginner’s guide to copywriting which involves tips on writing good headlines, writing convincing copy, the variation between good and bad quality copy.       


Students and skillful writers too, struggle to obtain their work done as they’ve less time in hand. Thus, an assignment writing service is offering you the finest writing assistance. They provide you with custom essays created to facilitate your study as well as learning. You can succeed in academia with the help of this service.

#3. Content Experiments

Those who have a Google Analytics account can easily use Content Experiments as it is within Google Analytics. Being a superb conversion testing tool, Content Experiments lets you enhance the value of your current sites and traffic as you have the chance to test your website content and designs too. You can display numerous versions of a page to varied visitors. It is also effectual in verifying which copy executes splendidly.

#4. Scrivener

Scrivener is a strong content generating tool for writers, beginners as well as experts, which allows you to focus on compiling and framing long documents, such as non-fiction eBooks, story scripts, theses, etc. Though it offers you full management of formatting, it’s spotlight is on assisting you to get a hold towards the end of that difficult first draft.

#5. The Writing Centre for Writing Studies

Known as one of the most progressive online resource accessible for learners, The Writing Centre for Writing Studies is a unique match for learners who are particularly into learning detailed English styles and functions. Beginners can gain from this resource that is very descriptive and comprises of appropriate materials. It lets them accomplish few in-depth researches regarding English concepts, read on the essentials of writing, speech, and how they can combine the two.

#6. Study Guides and Strategies

This website concentrates on raw knowledge as well as plenty of higher English writing skills. It offers the individuals with magnificent concepts which will eventually assist them to develop their learning skills, along with study help, and classroom learning. By this resource’s help, you can be a better learner and a superior writer.

#7. A Research Guide

This website offers you different segments found in essays and exhibits you how you can rightly craft those segments. With the help of A Research Guide, you’ll be creating higher quality content as per the expectation of your professors. The site even comprises literature guides that generally has to be paid for.

#8. Using English offers a huge compilation of English as Second Language [ESL] tools and resources for learners, teachers, students, and academics. They can effortlessly browse into the site’s grammar glossary, and references of uneven phrasal verbs, verbs, and idioms, articles, ESL forums, printables, teacher handouts, and explore helpful information and links on English. The topics include the spectrum of EFL, ESL, EAP, and ESOL subject areas.

#9. Guide to Grammar and Writing

If you are interested into a more descriptive approach towards your English grammar, then you require utilizing this specific online resource thoroughly. It assures you precise and useful information on your grammar as well as writing skills.

#10. Writer’s Digest

Writer’s Digest website provides accurate information on writing excellently and therefore getting them published for the skilled writers. This website even covers blogs, forums, and a vast list of resources for the well-known writers. Writers are also well-paid on their articles being published on this website. The experts on this site have been continuously publishing magazines, books, conferences, competitions, and distance education materials especially for the creative writers and the beginners who would like to polish their proficiencies and skills, and perfect their craft.

#11. The Book on Writing: The ultimate guide to writing well by Paula LaRog

The Book on Writing comprises 25 chapters in 3 segments that explains a few important guidelines towards proper writing, beginning with significance of clarity to the worthiness of a conversational tone. The book is full of genuine writing examples that demonstrate principles which apply to fiction as naturally as they apply to non-fiction. If the writers read this book once, they can become better in writing; and if they read it frequently, they can be the best writers. This short handbook also sorts out the usual problems in grammar, style, punctuation, and use of literary devices and metaphors, and other usages.

#12. Writer’s Digest University

Writer’s Digest University covers workshops for short stories, fiction, non-fiction, and also for freelance copywriting. This book is the definitive crash course in writing as well as publishing. No matter how high or low your level of experience is, is is definitely a unique resource for you. This one-stop resource includes definitive courses in writing as well as publishing where you’ll come across up-to-date market listings; wide-ranging instructions; fast and broad answers to general writing questions; instructions for the sake of formatting and submitting of fiction, non-fiction, scripts, articles, verse, and children’s writing; and progressive instructions on business issues such as marketing and publicity, freelancing for corporations, and placing the precise price for your work. This resource even covers a DVD that characterizes recorded live webinars along with industry experts, and many more.

I hope you have benefited from the above learning resources which will assist you to write better copy. These tricks will help you become successful writers as you develop your writing skills.

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