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Ten Proven Blog Post Ideas And Examples To Smash Blogger’s Block

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Are you struggling for inspiration as to what to write about for your next business blog? It’s natural to sometimes struggle when it comes to creating great content, a position that most business bloggers find themselves in sooner or later. Here are my ten proven blog post ideas and examples to help smash your bloggers’s block.

# 1.  List posts

Lists perform very well online. People love lists and It is easy to come up with ideas for great list posts. If you have to write a piece of content at short notice, like I did with this one – list can be quickly researched and written up when compared to other types of posts.


# 2.  Link round up posts

This is where you pick a topic and build a useful resource post by linking out to other bloggers and their posts.

  • Linking out in this way is also a great way to network
  • and it encourages those bloggers mentioned to comment and share.


# 3. Review posts

Reviews are an easy way to create blog posts and you can review just about anything, including:

  • Products
  • Software
  • Tools
  • Websites
  • Venues
  • Books
  • etc


# 4. Interview posts

Think about the interesting people you know and you’ll quickly realize how easy it is to create a series of blog post interviews. Not only that, you can also use interviews strategically to build relationships with customers, prospects, suppliers and key influencers within your industry.


# 5. Crowdsourced posts

Social Media allow for you to easily and quickly crowdsource your posts by simply asking your network for contributions. The inclusive nature of a crowdsourced post means that your network is also more likely to comment, share and help promote – giving crowdsourced posts an edge over other types of posts.


# 6. How to posts

Writing an how to post is an effective way to tap into people’s needs, while creating blog content that is proven to drive traffic to your website.


# 7. Case study posts

What better way to create unique blog posts and promote your expertise, skills and experience, than by writing case studies about the clients and the work that you have carried out.


# 8. Controversial posts

Challenging the status quo is an effective way to differentiate your writing and generate interest and engagement in your blog posts.

  • Be careful not to be controversial for the sake of it,
  • choose a subject that you are genuinely passionate about
  • and make sure to back up your opinions with research and evidence.


# 9. Pose a question posts

Remember you don’t always need to know the answer to create great blog posts. In fact, posing an important question in your writing is a great way to create interesting and engaging content.

  • People love to share their opinions and experiences
  • Posing an important question in your writing is a powerful way to engage readers, while creating great blog content.


# 10. Round up the best of your blog posts

If you have been blogging for a while, you will have built up an archive of blog posts:

  • You can easily use this content to create a new round up of your most popular posts
  • or maybe a resource post around specific business topic.


Thank you for reading and I hope you found this article useful. If you have have any thoughts or ideas for blog posts, please share them in comments below.

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