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Creative Tips to Get Viewers to Be More Engaged on Your Instagram Live Broadcast

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The ability of viewers to comment, like, and ask questions makes Instagram Live an excellent platform for those who want to grow and foster community. But the value Instagram Live has for your business goes far beyond mere engagement. Experienced marketers will advise you to make Instagram Live a part of your marketing strategies. But to pull off a great show, you will need not just your phone and a good internet connection, but also the right apps. More importantly, you will need to get your social media feed WordPress spot on. Here are our expert tips on how to get your viewers hooked to your content.

Host an Event that is Live-Themed to Build Community

You could think of hosting a Christmas-themed broadcast and ask your participants to wear sweaters and bring holiday mugs. This makes them feel at ease to ask you any questions they have, which is what you want.

Be a Consultant

Another tip is to do a live stream in which you tell your audience members to share with you their businesses as well as the kind of content they would like to have from you. After that, you could then brainstorm the content together on the live stream. You might be surprised how helpful your audience might find the session.

Run a Flash Sale During a Q&A

You could also use Instagram Live in creating urgency by holding a flash sale on a service or a product that has the same length as that of the video. 

Preferably, the length of your Q&As should be no more than 30 minutes, which is an ideal IGTV length. 

Go Live With Your Partner

This is a great hack for growing your followers and creating a community. While your followers will require turning on their notifications to be alerted when you post IGTV videos, Stories, or other kinds of content, your audience members will be notified automatically when you are live.

Also, notifications will be sent to the followers of your viewers who happen to go live. You won’t just get an opportunity to go in front of your followers when you are accompanied by somebody else but you get exposed to their followers as well.

You are guaranteed to garner a few more followers after you share a live broadcast with another person.

Promoting and Attracting Followers to Your Instagram Live

If you want people to watch your stream, a basic thing you should do is setting a time as well as the day that people will expect to watch you. For instance, if people come to know that you always go live on Monday at 1 PM, the chances of them tuning in to your live stream will be higher. Also, the tactics below will help you a lot to engage more with your audience during your live stream. I don’t need to mention that you have to strictly use the best Instagram feeds WordPress.

Create via Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can be used to a great effect to create a buzz about your upcoming live broadcast. It’s advisable to post videos and graphics of what you intend to talk about in your live broadcast, and the best time to do this is some 24-48 hours before you go live. You could even include a countdown sticker to the story to inform people about the time your live broadcast will take place. This feature will even alert them when your session has expired. You may want to add an arrow that points to the countdown sticker. 

Take Audience Suggestions

While most of us have our ideas about the content type that we should provide to our users, and what they think is most valuable, we are seldom right. The poll sticker lets you give tour followers an option to inform you of the content they like most. You may even allow them to vote and you might be shocked at the results. When the material day comes, reveals the topic that your users picked and ask them to watch.

Allowing your audience to form part of your broadcast introduces an element of interaction to the way they engage with you. At the same time, it motivates them to join in the live stream and watch it. It makes them feel like they influenced what you are teaching. Serving your viewers the most popular topic is sure to attract even more viewers. 

Use the Q&A Sticker to Amplify Your Live Using 

The question sticker can be used in a similar way, but with a bonus. For example, if you start streaming live right now, your Instagram followers will get a notification that you are live. Also, if you start responding to questions through the Q&A sticker on live streams, they will be informed that you are doing a Q&A. 

Tech and Tools Prep To Use Before Going Live on Instagram

Good Wi-Fi is a prerequisite for a high-quality live broadcast. If it’s not up to scratch, you can expect your stream to be glitchy. 

Another important thing to remember is to remove any chances of distractions or interruptions on your smartphone. To do this, switch to Wi-Fi and then have the Airplane Mode turned on. Also, make sure your notifications are turned off and ensure you are not getting any calls during the live event as this can mess everything up. Another thing to do is to ensure your phone has sufficient power. 

It is strongly recommended to find something to hold the phone with. With free hands, you will find that it’s a lot easier managing the live stream. Things like pinning a comment, answering questions, and performing other tasks can be much easier if you have free hands.


Instagram Live has revolutionized how engaging with customers used to be done. This feature lets you organize a live show where your users can comment, like, and even ask questions in a live stream. It makes Instagram such a powerful tool for businesses that you can only ignore at your peril. But for you to get the best results, you need to know how to keep your customers engaged throughout the session and the right tools and tech to make your event a success. By following these tips, you will no doubt create a successful live event.

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