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Using Social Media For B2B: The National Software Centre Lead By Example

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Deciding on how best to use social media for B2B can be challenging. In an effort to explain how social media can be used, I’d like to draw your attention to a recent Irish example that I’m actively involved with, the National Software Centre. 

National Software Centre in Cork City, Ireland

NSC Directors: Shemas Eivers, Aidan O’Driscoll, Donagh Kiernan and Teddy McCarthy. Image:

The National Software Centre is a landmark development in the context of Ireland and the EU, offering World Class Broadband Infrastructure and Third Generation Offices in Cork. The project is a privately led venture via a public private partnership. The fundamental thrust is to create a global footprint for knowledge based ventures through using innovative networking technologies.

Cork City was named among the top 10 in the best cities to visit in the Lonely Planet guide’s ‘Best in Travel 2010′ and European City of Culture Cork in 2005. Many global companies have become embedded in Cork’s industrial infrastructure over the last 10 – 20 years. Amazon, Apple, Centocor, Eli Lilly, EMC2 Corporation, GlaxoSmithkline, Novartis, Pfizer, Siemens, etc. have all found the significant benefits of locating in Cork to their advantage.

NSC Lunch ‘n Learn Events (#nsclunchnlearn)

[Disclosure: The Ahain Group, where I am a founder are marketing partners to the National Software Centre]

The NSC Lunch ‘n Learn events are monthly events that are held at the NSC campus.

  • They include presentations from expert speakers and NSC clients.
  • These talks are videoed and later published to the NSC blog and on YouTube.

The objectives of these Lunch ‘n Learn events are threefold :-

  1. To align the NSC online persona with the entrepreneurial and business community that exists within the campus
  2. To foster an environment where NSC clients can network and work with each other
  3. To market NSC companies and the NSC in Ireland and internationally

The focus being to indirectly market the NSC through the online promotion of the wonderful companies that are based there, and the business community that exists there, rather than promoting the NSC campus itself. Here are some Lunch ‘n Learn examples of NSC clients talking about their businesses:

# 1. ePubDirect

Patrick Crowley of ePubDirect wowed with his Prezi presentation that explained the eBook distribution business, commented on the growth of the business and ended with some recent good news about Random House PublishingSian Phillips also recently interviewed Patrick for Tweak Your Biz.


# 2. TreeMetrics

Enda Keane of TreeMetrics explained the advanced technology that they use in the forestry sector. The techniques are environmentally-friendly, efficient and in great demand.


# 3. Ahain Group

And finally, here’s yours truly giving a presentation on behalf on the Ahain Group about online marketing trends and social media strategic planning.


You can find all of the rest of the Lunch ‘n Learn videos on the NSC blog or on the NSC YouTube channel.

In the meantime, have you used video for your B2B online marketing efforts and what advice would you give?

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