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Why Voice Search Will Dominate the Next Marketing Era

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Search engines have evolved a lot since their inception. Today, Google algorithms could decipher tons of signals and inputs and they thrive to provide better results. With the rise of the internet, technology also became more evolved and the way people consume and search for information has changed drastically.

Among such rising technology is the Voice search. According to a 2018 report, 20% of all mobile queries are voice searches. SEO firms should be aware of this trend which is currently revolutionizing the search industry.

What Exactly is Voice Search?

Voice search allows users to command the computer or a device and browse the internet without actually having to scroll through search results and websites.

And this technology is rapidly catching up with the consumers.

The statistics mentioned above shows that voice search is definitely going to affect the search engine optimization. Brands have already started optimizing their websites and content platforms aligning voice search. Organic SEO agencies have specialized strategies to rank their content in voice search.

We all know that the basic function of a search engine is to provide specific and relevant results to their users. With rising in Google voice search and other similar technologies, brands need to adapt their organic SEO strategies to provide relevant voice search results.

How To Optimize Your Site for Voice Search?

Considering an increase in the voice search, brands and businesses should optimize their website to voice searches and gain more traffic. Most Organic SEO agencies follow the traditional optimization methods. But this is where they go wrong. The way queries are handled in Voice search is different from text search. Below are a few tips to optimize your website for voice search results. 

Understand the Intent

Before diving into Voice SEO, understand the intent of your audience. What category your business falls into and what category of adults or teens are using the voice feature. List your business on Google My Business. This will help your business in local voice searches. 

Use Natural Language

People using voice searches tend to use more of a natural language to gain information. This means organic search optimization must change its approach to extract more question-based keywords. Since voice search tends to have longer keywords than text-based queries.

Question phrases are the most common types of voice searches like what, how, when, and why type questions.

You can frame your keywords in a question format and answer them. Google picks up the answer and displays it as a featured snippet. Having your content ranked for such queries will automatically boost traffic. 

Mobile Friendliness

Voice is dominated on mobile devices, so having a mobile-friendly strategy is really important. If you want to boost your ranking, make sure your website is easily accessible through mobile.

Voice search on mobile

Why Voice Search Will Dominate the Next Marketing Era?

The following scenarios will make the dominance of the voice more clear. SEO agencies failing to capture this trend will be left behind in the competition.

Business needs to cater to the Audience’s Demand

Speaking of content in the era of voice search, it needs to be customized according to the customer’s needs. If your target audience is using a voice search to find your products and services you need to align your strategy to meet this demand. When the customer engages with your content it automatically drives your SEO efforts.

With the advent of voice search, consumers are not browsing their screen to find any product. If your business could tap the strategy to understand the voice search intent of your target audience, you could leverage this knowledge to drive effective results. Any brand failing with this strategy will suffer from low and irrelevant traffic.

Semantic Search is Getting Better

Google’s algorithms are getting better at understanding the intent of the user. Today, Google tries to answer user queries with minimum possible steps and voice search is just another way to do that.

Usually, the information asked through voice search is a question based – Why, How, When, etc. Google tries to answer these types of queries on the SERP itself. If your website is ranking on Google’s featured list, it has more chances of getting ranked for Voice searches. 

Massive Reach

One of the reasons why the voice search is getting popular because it is easy to use. Even a blind person could easily use the device to find suitable answers. By making your website voice friendly you are allowing yourself to cater to a large audience. This is going to cause a revolution when adopted on a large scale.

It Promises to Enhance Productivity

We all know speaking is faster than typing. With people’s lives getting busier each day, the productivity given by voice search is tremendous. This will not only save time but also increase your productivity. Which will help businesses in the long term?

The Rising Importance of User Experience

At the end of the day, businesses should only focus on creating a positive user experience. Devising a voice optimization strategy could really boost Your UI and overall sales. Even Google algorithms reward a good user experience based on numerous factors. With E-Commerce business becoming more user-friendly, adding a voice search option could really take this segment to a different level. If you are an experienced player of an Organic SEO agency, you must have seen the changes occurring in this segment.

The Emergence of Local Businesses

Google My Business and other business directories have really helped small and medium scale businesses to thrive virtually. Today any local business could register its business and drive sales to its website. The addition of voice search could really help local business. Google and other major search engines are concentrating heavily to help small scale businesses by providing various free marketing tools. Adding a voice search to the mix will help local businesses since the majority of voice searches tends towards finding a product/service in your local area. Creating voice optimized content should be a part of your local SEO strategy.

Points to Remember

If done right, voice search tremendously increases the chances of your website getting ranked on the first page and drive valuable organic traffic. With voice devices rising in the market, the technology will be soon adopted on a mass scale.

UI-UX is being heavily leveraged in today’s marketing world, SEO agencies must leverage these technologies to give their clients the best SEO results. With customers moving towards voice technology, brands need to integrate voice search in their SEO strategy to cater to their audience’s needs. Today’s Organic SEO agencies should not only focus on solving customer’s queries but also try to do it with minimum steps and voice search gives you that advantage.

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