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SEO Tips: Using Content and Getting Quality Backlinks for Improving Off-Page SEO

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Marketing is about fixing your links and keywords within relevant content. Beth Comstock, the Vice-Chairperson of General Electric, said: “You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.”

People who know about off-page SEO understand what backlinks are and why they are essential. They are what an SEO company works on most of the time. Backlinks are nothing but the link to a website on other websites. They are the point where a user can be redirected to their website. Getting backlinks is not a tough job, but getting the right type of backlinks requires some thinking.

Off-Page SEO Vs. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is what is done on websites so that search engine crawlers get everything that they wish for. There is an algorithm according to which they check websites, and the websites that fulfill the algorithm the most are ranked higher. An example of on-page SEO is the complexity of the code of a website, the UI/UX, and the placement of images and content. All the things that have been mentioned in the previous statement should be in their best form, and the content should be original, readable, properly structured, and should have relevant keywords.

All these things allow search engines to put the content at a higher result position. The content that has relevant keywords will be published on an appropriate website, and if it fulfills all of the other requirements, it will get a higher rank. This is the reason why the value of content is increasing in the digital marketing industry.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO involves increasing the online presence of websites through activities that are carried out outside the page. These include getting backlinks. Backlinks are essential in SEO. Backlinks are the links that are placed on other websites that redirect to your website. Some rules should be kept in mind while placing backlinks. Putting a lot of backlinks on any website might result in higher ranking initially. But when the crawler finds out that most of those pages are not relevant, its ranking will go down drastically. Getting backlinks using unfair practices comes under Black Hat SEO and search engines do not prefer that.

Off-page activities involve a lot of directory submission and bookmarking websites. This is all for increasing backlinks. The next section will describe how people and digital marketers can increase quality backlinks to ensure that their ranking stays high. There can be a mix of black and white hat activities but mostly digital marketing agencies need to understand this:

What Should a Digital Marketing Agency Do To Get Quality Backlinks?

There are some rules that people need to follow if they want all the backlinks to be useful. The most important of these rules is to stick to just the websites that are related. There are various web directories and bookmarking sites where websites can be submitted to increase backlinks. But, posting anywhere without relevance is the worst thing that can be done. Yes, it might increase the rankings initially, but even the digital marketing company would know it deep down, which will have a negative effect later.

SEO Services Providers’ Guide To Getting Great Backlinks

1. Prefer Websites of Established Business Relationships

All companies have some relationship with other businesses, and these can be used to increase organic and quality backlinks. In today’s time, all the companies have their websites, and you can ask your partner or the dealing digital marketing company to mention your link. They can put it on their website under the relevant category or section.

2. Convert All Unlinked Mentions Into Links

Many web pages might have mentioned your website’s name in their posts or articles. This will increase the backlinks, and because it will be with relevant content, it will hold more value than any other backlink. There are many SEO service providing companies that miss out on this basic but handy trick.

3. Try To Get Into a Relevant “Best of” List

Many websites publish the “Best Of” lists in different categories of business and websites. If your website is in these lists, then its backlink quality will be excellent. There can be no better way to get a backlink and look trustable than by being in the best of the same niche.

4. Try To Get Reviewed by Other Websites and Ask Them To Put Your Link With Their Review

Try asking other websites to review your website or services and tell them to put your website’s link in their article. This will also have a link around good content to increase the reputation of the website. This is something that digital marketing companies that want to improve the quality of the backlinks that they provide should pay attention to it.

The Importance of Content in SEO

Earlier in the article, we discussed content being an essential part of SEO. In SEO tips, we always mention how people can improve their SEO by optimizing their content according to Google’s search algorithms. Below is the information that will help users enhance their web site’s content and SEO:

1. Post Content That Is Relevant To Your Website

Posting articles on a website regularly is essential, but it is more important to post content relevant to the website. For example, a sports website should not publish an article that is related to technology. This is something that is not accepted by Google. Just posting something that is in trend to get more page views or attract customers to your website might be harmful. If the content of a website is relevant, it increases its trustworthiness.

2. Stay Away From Plagiarism

Duplication of content or plagiarism is prohibited, and if Google finds you plagiarising content more than a few times, it might put your website far down the search results. Make sure to post original content. There are many content writers out there who can do this job well for you.

3. Use Keywords Naturally

Using keywords naturally is essential. Google doesn’t give preference to articles with stuffed keywords. Also, readers can figure out that this has just been done to make the content searchable. This will have a negative impact on the readers and they might not come back to the website. This is why most digital marketing companies have a strict policy for their content writers about how they should use keywords. Also, using more than one keyword in the same paragraph is not preferred.

4. Follow a Structure

There should be a structure according to which an article is written. An article should have small sentences, they should be in the active voice, and there should be proper heading and subheadings. This is important to make an article readable. Articles with better readability are ranked higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).


The SEO tips that have been given above will help all types of websites and businesses to get quality backlinks. This is something that website owners can even do by themselves if they don’t want to spend money on a digital marketing company to do it for them. Though it is always better to outsource this work as it takes time and effort. Outsourcing SEO projects will allow businesses to focus on their primary area of work and ensure better results.

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