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Place Pins: Pinteresting Ways Of Travel Marketing

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When any person is planning a trip somewhere, what she looks for most is a visual of it. You just can’t expect anyone to choose a place without knowing anything about how it appears. At least not in these days, when the internet and social media are at their peak.

And it is this quest to view the pictures and get some information of a place that she is planning to visit, which is making a ‘visual discovery tool’ more and more relevant with every passing day. Hence, the travel companies are also depending on such platforms to reach out to their potential customers.

Why Pinterest Place Pins?

Here’s an interesting data that might encourage all travel marketers. According to Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann:

  • As many as 750 million Place Pins are added on the site every day.
  • This comes in addition to a whopping 1.5 million travel-related pins on a daily basis.

This, of course, gives an idea about the amount of footfall that Pinterest experiences every day. So, no wonder why the travel marketers are moving to this platform more and more from their age-old offline options.

From a Corner to Everywhere

ANYWHERE! That’s exactly where tourist places can be located. You just can’t expect them to be situated on esplanades or on some wide roads. Some of them might be in lanes, too narrow to be shown on the large maps. Yet, as a travel marketer, it is essential for you to communicate as much as possible about these places to the potential travelers.

Pinterest Place Pins can, of course, be your best friends in such scenarios. It allows highlighting the businesses and tourist places almost everywhere, sometimes even at the street levels. You can even add an image or two of those places, along with a short description that contains a few words about your business as well right at the end. That’s almost the perfect way to set your potential clients on way to a memorable vacation.

Knowing the In-vogue Tourist Places

Before visiting a place, tourists wish to know where it is located and how it is. They look to find whether the place they are visiting is in vogue. Or, if it is at least a great place to go to. On the other hand, as a travel organizer, you must be willing to know the place where most of the people are planning to visit. It will play a major role in the marketing endeavors of your travel agency.

Keeping an eye on the Pinterest Place Pins are surely going to help you get an idea of the in-trend places of tourist interest. Thus, you can market the itinerary offered by your company to the potential travelers with ease.

Branding through a Few Travel Tips

There are quite a few people who create a map for their future travel plans and post it on Pinterest. Want to make the most of these maps? Remember, many of these tourists do not have any real idea about how they are going to plan their trip. As an expert travel organizer, you can always offer them the best tips on how to travel to these places.

Many of the tourists also look to find information about the best itinerary to the places they are visiting. And as you are using an image-based website like Pinterest, you should always try to make it as engaging as possible. While offering these tips, there’s ample chance for you to market your brand among your target audience.

Pinning your friends as well as clients to share your ideas. Letting them know about the travel plans and details through images and texts. Targeting the tourists to increase customer base. Pinterest Place Pins can help you perform almost all of these with ease. As a result, more and more travel business owners are moving to the Pinterest platform to take their business forward.

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