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Impact of Social Media Marketing Small Sized Businesses

The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Small Sized Businesses

Are you still doubting the impact of social media in the corporate world? Well according to The Statistica, the number of social media users is bound to reach a staggering amount of 3.02 billion users per month. This is about one-third of the world’s population. Social media platforms have emerged as the most viewed and […]
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Top Ten Publicists In NYC

Top Ten Publicist In NYC Impacting Marketing

Do I need a publicist?  If you have a brand, then what is a brand without publicity? Brands hardly seize the limelight by mere chance; look carefully, there is always some professional behind the scenes. However, since you are reading this, I assume you are because you have that you do need a publicist. New […]
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Powerful Shifts of AI Digital Marketing


4 Powerful Shifts of AI in Digital Marketing

The wind of artificial intelligence in business, is sweeping across all industries. Of special consideration is the synergy between AI and digital marketing. AI is changing the way B2B digital marketers work and live. According to Venture Harbour, 61 percent of B2B marketers say AI in digital marketing is the most important aspect of their data […]
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Increase Instagram Fans and Likes

How to Increase Instagram Fans and Likes to Your Accounts

Compared to Facebook, driving an Instagram account to popularity seems like a harder task. Compared to Instagram’s image dedicated app, Facebook accounts look like clumsy giants. But still, the conceptual differences in a Facebook fan account could also give us an advantage. In a certain way, we’re comparing apples and oranges – Facebook Accounts are […]
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use Instagram for Growing Your Business

How to use Instagram for Growing Your Business

Instagram has been one of the most prominent social media services. With over 700 million active users per month, it is the right option for targeting the perfect audience, and it can be one of the excellent option compared to the other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. If you want to use Instagram […]
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Marketing Techniques To Boost Awareness

7 Smart Marketing Techniques To Boost Awareness For Your Business

In improving a business, marketing is as important as any other growth aspect. You may have a quality product and excellent customer service, but these will be meaningless if people don’t know who you are. Without a proper marketing strategy, it’ll be hard even to stay relevant in a widely competitive market. Here are 7 […]
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Maximize Impact Press Release


Content Marketing Techniques to Maximize the Impact of a Press Release

If you want to attract trade and mainstream media, public attention, and consumers, a press release, particularly in the social media format, can be the perfect marketing tool. However, more is needed than the standard regulatory announcements and executive changes. Below you will find five ideas that will take must-disclose information and turn it into […]
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Stock Images Buy or Free

Stock Images – To Buy or To Take the Free Route

You are probably aware of just how important images are to your business marketing efforts. There are two main reasons for this. Content that contains images generally performs better than content that contains only text and people remember images more easily than they remember text. What this means is that using photo stock images in […]
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hyper personalization to grow marketing

Hyper-personalization is Taking Marketing to the Next Level. Here’s How

Artificial intelligence is an integral part of many industries throughout the world of business, including marketing. But how are marketers incorporating AI in marketing? What does it look like? While digital marketers have many examples of how AI is in action in marketing industry, 98% of marketers consider personalization to improve customer relationships.  Personalization is […]
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product management marketing

Product Market Management

Product Market Management may be called product management marketing or product marketing management. It is the function that acts as the liaison between the outside sales force/ and or customers and the internal departments in the company. The process of planning Planning is the keystone of product and market management. In our rapidly changing world […]
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