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How to Design a Brochure That Attracts Customers

Most commonly used to provide you with a broad overview of an organization, brochures are a fantastic way of advertising. Since they are a perfect balance of information to garner interest, with visual design and contact space to make sure that they achieve the desired effect, brochure printing is one of the best ways to […]
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Three Reasons Why Content Marketers Must Collaborate With PR Professionals

Let’s face it; the online marketing world has become inexhaustibly robust.  To be a professional in one field is to falter in another. Yet, the entire economy of the Internet is geared towards a single purpose: to make sales. Irrespective of terminology — whether you choose to call yourself a blogger, or a content marketer, […]
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What Is Content Marketing and Why Are People Doing It?

Content marketing is one of the most widespread marketing strategies today, and for a good reason. It aims to develop and distribute authentic, relevant, and reliable content to engage a precisely defined demographic to foster productive consumer behavior. In the internet age, when we speak about content marketing, our mind directly goes to YouTube videos […]
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How to Get Them to Read Your Content

You know of the success that a good marketing strategy can bring about. If you’re committing to a comprehensive marketing strategy, you should expect to see all the effort that goes into it paying off. With all the right elements coming together, there is no doubt that it will. Through web design, online advertising, social […]
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5 Sites Where You Can Instantly Publish Live Portfolio Pieces

We’ve all seen those posts. ‘Start making money as a freelance writer with NO EXPERIENCE!’ Sure. They make it sound so easy, don’t they? Except that when you start to delve into it a little deeper, you realize that most of the people who are telling you this did NOT start without experience, and it’s […]
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Which Social Media Platforms Should You Add to Your Marketing Plan?

The short answer is: it depends. Each social media platform has its unique features and advantages and disadvantages, and each one appeals to different users. So, the right applications for, say, a pet supply retailer will be very different from those that are appropriate for an IT outsourcing firm. Social media generally can be a […]
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11 Easy Ways to Find Your Audience’s Pain Points

What do you do if you’re creating content for your blog, and you know your writing is good, and your SEO couldn’t be better if you paid someone else to do it – but you’re still not getting any traffic. Is it you? Is it your niche? Is your blog ugly? What’s going on? Before […]
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Finding Your Writing Voice: How to Sound Like Yourself

Finding your writing voice might just be the hardest part of blogging. It’s completely normal to write something, then hate everything about it the second you’ve finished. Self-criticism is just part of the trade. But a big part of creating something that feels right is finding a voice that sounds like YOU. So, What Is […]
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8 Helpful Keyword Research Tools

Effective keywords research presides a successful content marketing campaign. Either you’re running paid ads (PPC) or optimizing for organic traffic, your keyword selection determines the success of your content. Without knowing the exact words users are typing into the search engines to look up relevant information related to your business, SEO can be a hit […]
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A Complete Off-Page SEO Checklist for Small to Large Business Websites

Talk of Search Engine Optimization and attention immediately turns to on-page optimization strategies. The right use of keywords, quality content, URL optimization, Meta Data, Alt Tags, etc. would help you rank your website high on Search Engine Results Pages. But you are likely to see desired results when you complement your on-page SEO strategies with […]
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