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ASO vs. SEO: Where Do We Stand in the Battle of Optimization?

As smartphones are becoming increasingly popular, the usage of applications has amplified significantly. Developers are always looking for opportunities and gaps in the market to develop new applications. It is needless to say that apps are the latest marketing platforms for various companies around the globe. This brings us to the question at hand, where […]
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Creating a Small Business Marketing Budget

5 Steps to Creating a Small Business Marketing Budget

For any small business owner, it’s important to have a strong plan. Of course, being able to adapt on the fly is also important, but no business will be able to succeed without planning ahead, and that includes budgeting. Small business budgets can be tricky, since there may be a small number of employees working […]
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Build a Strong Brand Image and Boost Conversions


How To Build a Strong Brand Image and Boost Conversions

Marketing a business may seem like a straight-forward process of creating content, running paid campaigns, and engaging with the audience. But, is this process enough to get sales and revenue? How can a marketer build a strong brand image that connects with the target audience and triggers a buying decision? Potential customers convert into regular […]
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Lead Magnet Options to Build Your List


7 Lead Magnet Options to Build Your List

You may wonder if ever you need a lead magnet but if you have a website, a blog or an online product, then you need a lead magnet. The freebie will attract your audience, a group of people who go beyond one-off purchases. Regular loyal online visitors who have you at the back of their […]
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Turbo Boost Your Local Business


5 Ways to Turbo-Boost Your Local Business

Local SEO is important for small businesses that operate on a regional level. It helps them prioritize appearing on the search engine results in a specific location, attract and convert local prospects who have a higher chance to become your loyal customers. According to this research, 35% of all search traffic has local intent. So, […]
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difference between igtv instagram-live

IGTV Vs Instagram Live – What’s The Difference?

Internet and social media have completely changed our lives. The significance of social media has changed the way in which we perceive things in our day to day lives. Nowadays sharing our pictures, places we visit, the food we eat are mostly shared on social media apps. It gains more likes, tweets, and comments. It […]
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SEO Always Matters for Every Startup

Why SEO Always Matters for Every Startup

If there is one thing that every business in the world should be doing no matter what size they are that is focusing on SEO. There are many reasons that this is important, especially since it can draw more attention to your website and increase the size of the business and even bring in more […]
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Tips for Your Blog Post That Will Bring It to the Top


13 Tips for Your Blog Post That Will Bring It to the Top

As easy as running a blog maybe, if you are not doing the necessary things to ensure your blog reaches the top of search engine results, it won’t generate adequate traffic, and you might just be wasting your time. Thank God for the internet, an upgrade like web 2.0 has led to a shift from […]
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Brand Voice on Social Media

Developing Your Brand Voice on Social Media: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

We’re entering the age of technological revolutions and massive diffusion of technologies connecting people around the globe. The constant development of mobile devices gave birth to new forms of communication and 24/7 connectivity in social networks. They play a significant role in changing human consciousness and shaping new customer behavior patterns.  In other words, they […]
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