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Facebook Live vs. Youtube Live vs. Professional Live Streaming Platforms

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Live video streaming has become an integral part of every business dynamics. Whether we talk about a budding brand or business or talk goes around an influential business or key players live streaming serves all and with each passing year is becoming mainstream. Periscope is the first app to introduce live streaming way back in 2014 which was later followed by all other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Youtube. 

Walking on the same pathway, Facebook and Youtube started offering Facebook online streaming and youtube broadcast videos respectively to reach millions of audiences around the globe at a single click.

Social media apps like Facebook and Youtube are secure online video platforms that have made it easier for businesses and brands to stream live via smartphone. The immense popularity and millions of active users on these platforms have made live video streaming on Facebook and Youtube a major hit.

As we slipped into the era of digitalization, everyone is aware of live video content and it is loved by one and all. It gives the audience memorable experiences by engaging them interactively with the brand. Live video content gained immense popularity because of its authentic nature that builds a sense of trust among customers which results in building customer brand relationships. Mark Zuckerberg has described himself influenced and obsessed with the live video content that is displayed on a secure online video platform today.

Live stream to multiple social media channels opens the opportunity to expand to business and grows exceptionally by reaching millions worldwide. Live streaming is the most powerful tool and an integral part of the marketing strategy. Whether we talk about launching a brand or business in strategic marketing dynamics, providing educational training, marketing a brand or organizing flash sales that boost instant purchase decisions, live video streaming on a secure online video platform is the most compelling technology in the current era that serves all purposes.

In this article, we will share a brief overview of the two most popular and secure online video platforms, Youtube & Facebook. We will further through light on their comparison with other professional live video platforms used by professional users. 

Facebook Live Overview

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that has millions of active users around the world irrespective of age and gender. For the past two years, Facebook has been counted as one of the secure online video platforms for streaming brand or business events. Live video streaming on Facebook is quite popular as it has resolved the barrier of geographical constraints and engages the audience interactively with live events. Sharing live streams on Facebook or using Facebook online streaming is rapidly increasing with each passing year and is likely to get more shares, comments, clicks & likes. Brands can share the Facebook live stream on the website to drive more traffic thereby leveraging the brand and maximizing reach.

The Functioning of Facebook Live

Live video streaming on Facebook is quite simple and in no time you will be streaming live without any hassle. Facebook allows you to stream live either via smartphone or by a desktop. 

If you are using live broadcast services for Facebook on mobile devices, open the Facebook app and tap on the “ what’s on your mind”? It is the first step to live stream on Facebook Live. Once you tap on it, the screen opens and displays an icon. Tapping on the icon allows you to stream live on Facebook Live. You can simply add a title and video description and select your target audience by setting privacy settings and can simply go live by hitting a GO LIVE button.

If you plan to stream live on Facebook via desktop it involves a bit more complex process when compared to streaming via smartphone. Streaming from the profile is not possible if you are streaming via desktop. You need to have a brand and business page and an encoding software before you opt for live broadcast services for Facebook. 

Merits and Demerits of Facebook Live

The major pro of live video streaming on Facebook is its popularity and active online users. If your brand page has a good following, Facebook online streaming proves to be beneficial for you.

When we talk about the downside of Facebook live compared to youtube, it lacks in searchability and SEO rankings. The search engines are not able to find Facebook live posts and Facebook online streaming does not rank on the search engines. Apart from it, Facebook live allows you to stream live for a maximum of 90 minutes.

Youtube Live Overview

Apart from the popular Facebook, Youtube is another secure online video platform that allows you to stream live. Walking with recent trends, youtube offers youtube broadcast video services to reach millions around the globe at a single click. When compared to Facebook live, youtube live has more functionality. 

The Functioning of YouTube Live

To broadcast live video on youtube, you need to have a verified account and a youtube channel with 100 plus subscribers. Link an approved ad sense account to your youtube account if you want to share your live stream to multiple social media channels. Once you are set with all the settings, you can simply stream on youtube Live. You can even hire an external professional camera or use your webcam for youtube broadcast video.

You can even pre-schedule a live event on youtube and invite people in advance to catch the Live stream.

Merits and Demerits of Youtube Live

The major merit of youtube live when compared facebook live is its results in searchability and SEO. Youtube wins the race in this scenario hands down. Youtube broadcast video shows in search results easily thereby maximizing the reach where facebook videos lack. The rankings of a youtube video in search engines are relatively high. It’s another plus in the bucket. It’s easy to find videos on youtube when compared to Facebook. Youtube broadcast videos are available forever and the timeline for streaming live is even more.

After having so many merits, youtube even consists of some downfalls.  The major drawback of youtube live is that you lose control over your own content. 

Whenever you opt to live stream on youtube and upload content, it automatically gets permission to use your content in its advertising which loses your privacy. Apart from it, youtube is one of the most common social media platforms that is blocked around the world in businesses and schools. If your content can not reach your potential target audience, it is of no use. If you are looking for a secure online video platform for professional purposes you need to look for professional video streaming services like IBM Cloud, Vimeo, Brightcove and so on instead of Facebook and Youtube.

Professional and Secure Online Video Platform

Based on the detailed guides from The Wired Shopper, an authority website that deals with such matters live streaming on multiple social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube are immensely popular and helped many brands and businesses to leverage thereby expanding their reach and boosting sales. Choosing the right streaming platform entirely depends on the needs and demands of your business. But due to certain reasons, some professional users opt for professional video streaming solutions rather than social media channels.

If a business, university or college wants a professional touch, social media channels are not a perfect fit. If a company wants to monetize an event live stream or a university wants to live stream multiple lectures simultaneously in this case scenario professional live streaming is the right choice. It even allows you to live stream on your own website. 

Professional Live Streaming Platforms Hold The Following Features:

  1. Monetize broadcasts
  2. Allow restricting certain geographic locations 
  3. Live Stream multiple events simultaneously
  4. Maintain all rights to broadcast content
  5. Access dedicated tech support

Facebook Live vs Youtube Live is absolutely free when compared to professional streaming platforms that have streaming plans for small and big businesses. But when it comes to functionality, no one can beat professional video hosts. 

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