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Top 10 Effective Strategies to Market Your Mobile App

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A great mobile app isn’t great until it’s effectively marketed to the right target audience. Once you’ve developed a mobile app that you’re proud of, the next step is knowing how to promote it. Identify the target audience before you devise a marketing strategy. All your marketing budget will be in vain if you fail to use effective strategies that can help your startup business.

It’s better to have a well-thought plan on paper to make the promotion of your mobile app a successful one that will aid in the marketing of your app.

Here is a list of marketing strategies you can use once the website and mobile app are ready:

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Most companies think it’s best to market their new app once it’s launched, but starting earlier is better. Ideally, you should begin to marketing before the testing phase. If you feel your app will pull through, you should start planning and carrying out organic marketing. It will help create curiosity in your users before the launch.

Get the Word Out

Now that your app is ready, an essential marketing strategy you can use is reaching out to your social network. Your social network doesn’t just include your family and friends, but also their friends.

Market your app on your Facebook page, engage with the users, and build interest for your app. Additionally, engagement will keep the page active as well which is ideal for branding and image building of your company.

You can also plan out giveaways that require your fanbase to share a post and create more awareness.

Blog Your Way to Google

Most people believe that blogging is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort, and if you’re one of those, then you need to think again!

To start a blog on your website, you need to list down topics that relate to your new mobile app. Your number 1 goal with blogging is increasing traffic on your website. Thinking how blogging will help with that? That is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play. An SEO tool is used to acquire the ‘best-targeted keywords,’ these are the keywords that people use to search for similar apps. Once you have the keywords, the next step is to incorporate those keywords into your blogs.

Teaser and Email Marketing

Email marketing is another organic and effective way to create brand awareness. Remember the giveaway you posted for your mobile app? Use it to your advantage. Get more people to subscribe to your newsletter and send out teasers via emails to entice users.

Later on, you can use email marketing to promote new products, promotions, and updates that help your users.

A Creative ASO Strategy

When a user searches for a mobile app, the first thing they’ll read up on is the description of the app. Your goal should be to have an intriguing description with the targeted keywords that grabs the attention of the customer and encourages them to install the app. When you draft a description, however, make sure to keep it concise. You want to get the point across within minimum number of words.

The icon of your mobile app also requires some innovation. An innovative icon will be imbedded into the users’ mind, but make sure it doesn’t confuse your users. To improve the ASO you can also add screenshots of your app, that shows how the app works.

An Innovative Homepage

The homepage is the first screen any user sees. Spend time on making the perfect homepage that grasps the attention of your users. Once the user stays because of the homepage, they’ll want to explore more and eventually acquire the app. But make sure the homepage isn’t too complex to understand.

Get Your App Reviewed

Remember to get your app reviewed. How to do that? Before the grand launch of your app, plan a soft launch. Call bloggers, influencers, and even regular people and encourage them to use your mobile app. Ask them for reviews to help create a positive brand image. A positive brand image will bring in more users and increase downloads.

A Video Approach

Making a video to help your users understand the dynamics of your app is a great way to promote it. If a user can sit through your video instructions and find solutions to his problems, he will definitely pass the word out.

With that said, the video should be short and sweet. People get annoyed having to sit through long videos.

Paid Advertising

If you have a handsome marketing budget, you can invest that into paid advertisements. It relates to online marketing. For paid marketing, it’s essential to know what keywords you need to target your desired audience. Some keywords rank higher which means more CPC (cost per click) while others rank lower. So, if your budget allows, you can try bidding on high-ranking keywords to increase downloads.

Popular Website Reference

If you know someone who runs and owns a popular website, chances are they can market your app for you. Getting your app referred by a reliable website will give you a significant boost in your own traffic. However, this isn’t easy, because if you want a reliable site to refer your app, you need to make sure the app meets their criteria.

The marketing and promotion of your app are as important as development. If the users aren’t aware of a new, useful app, how will you ever get a fanbase? Knowing the best marketing strategy, under your budget, is essential. These are just some of the ways you can market your app to attract users. If you’re still confused about how to start, we suggest starting small like social media awareness, that doesn’t cost anything either and will get the job done to some extent. Or simply hire a web and application development company that offers marketing services as well. Just make sure when you do start with social media awareness, you post updates regularly. We really hope this article was helpful to you!


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