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8 Creative Low-Budget Marketing Ideas

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Don’t market your product, market a solution!

If you think marketing requires high-end budgets and lights camera action, you couldn’t be more wrong. Marketing is simply the effort you put in to bring in creativity. The act or behavior that stands out from the crowd and makes a name for itself is called marketing!

A Little Creativity Can Go a Long Way

If marketing was about throwing money and watching sales go up then there would be no business that would fail. Everyone has the money to market but no ideas to put into realization. This is where creativity comes in. And if your creative juices have dried up then don’t worry. It happens to everyone once in a while and if you follow us through this, you will have your brain cells working in no time

1.  Promote Through YouTube

If you have a new business chances are you have no customer base. Even if you have been in the market for a while you would still need to bring in more customers. How do you do that? Well, you can utilize YouTube for it.

Comparatively to other social media platforms, YouTube is the easiest to gain organic (free) viewers for your business. You simply need to figure out,

  • You target audience
  • The problem in the market
  • The solution your product provides regarding it

Make videos such as “how-to” and “features”? of your product or service that solve the problem you are addressing and voila you will have subscribers and viewers that would interact with your product or service all for free.

2. Utilize Influencers

If you have an eCommerce website or an application that needs to be downloaded you can have huge traffic or downloads if you can hook up with right influencers in your niche (Niche means market)

You don’t have to go around social media and spend hours searching for your influencers. Many websites are waiting for you to search on google so they can show up and help you out.

3.  Paint Uber Cars

Have a product or an app you want to sell/download? Running out of creative and low budget ideas? Take a look around you and see which business is getting the most traffic. Uber is getting a lot of “traffic” both on their application and on the road.

Since uber is pretty much expensive when it comes to asking for a shout out on their application, how about you find the backdoor to this marketing giant? Try tapping onto uber drivers and asking them to vinyl their car with your product name.  And have pamphlets and flyers put in their cars.

Now, here’s the math. Upon each sale or download, you can pay a percentage amount to the Uber driver who makes it possible. And they can since uber drivers spend most of their time meeting new people. And if each uber driver makes 12 trips in a day with 3 passengers per trip on average you can do the math for how many people would see, hear and probably download your product/app in a month.

4.  Infographic Marketing

This one’s easy and simple. Just make how to Infographics and spread those across your social media channel and website. Add a short description of your product/service or just one feature of it relating to the infographic. Post it on the relevant group on Reddit and sit back and enjoy the show!

5.  Go Wild, but Not Too Wild!

This world is a jungle and you need to set your mark on your territory. You can do this by using the oldest trick I the marketing books that are called “Gorilla marketing”

Gorilla marketing is an unconventional marketing method where the company communicates surprisingly with the customer. Panting a zebra walk with your brand name or decorating escalator steps with features of your product whatever you can make happen? Make that happen!

6.  Email Monkey

Email used to be the king of its category back in the days before social media was created. All sorts of communication from sending wedding invites to office work were all communicated through email. Although not as much as before but to some extent email is opened and used.

If your product/service target audience is from the ’90s than email marketing is the thing for you!

7.  Chatbot Marketing

From selling banana to Bentley everything now is sold faster, better and cheaper on social media. Chatbots are to social media like minions are to guru form despicable me (if you have seen the movie) just like email marketing Chatbots are low budget compared to their advantages.

If you have a solid social media page. Be sure to implement chatbot features on it!

8.  Online Contests

When all else fails we go for strategies that bring in more people than the money we invest. But wait, haven’t we’ve been doing that from the top? Yes, but this is much more budget controlled. Online contests could give away as low as a bag or your product for free but the amount of traffic it generates is remarkable!

Wrapping Up

After reading all this, if you still think that you need a million dollars to market your product, know that these low budget techniques if polished well would bring more traffic and revenue than a million-dollar stunt.

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