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Making More Of Travel Marketing With Drone Videos

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People love to travel – that’s a plain truth. And this opens up a vast horizon for the travel marketers to explore. If you are a travel marketer, it’s on you to explore different corners of the world of travel marketing. And it is extremely important for you to remain abreast of the latest trends in travel marketing to give your business a cutting edge over its competitors.

Moving to Videos from Images

An image speaks a thousand words. This is an extremely important thing for travel marketing. Precisely, this is what made images an integral part of the marketing campaigns of a large number of travel companies. But they have also been replaced by short videos, which help to convey much more within a shorter time. But this has moved forward at a brisk pace as well.

People are now looking for videos that provide some unique views of the major tourist attractions. This is driving the use of drone videos for travel marketing with every passing day.

In his article on drone videos for travel marketing, Rafat Ali says: “Drone videos are a new arsenal that travel marketers should be looking at seriously now, while the novelty wow factor lasts. There is a lot to learn from amateur enthusiasts and independent video professionals, all of whom converge mostly on Vimeo.”

What can a Drone Video Offer?

It’s really amazing to find what the drone videos can offer to the travel marketers. It offers a view of the familiar spot of tourist attraction in such a way that it might appear completely new to you. Besides, the drones offer a bird’s eye view of a spot, thus ensuring that you are getting a clear view of a vast area at a time. Moreover, the drones can help the animal lovers to get a closer look at the world of different species.

For example, this video shot with the help of a drone offers a look at dolphins and whales from unbelievably short distances.

For Places Untraveled

Not all places on the earth has already been visited by people. But the areas untrodden also attract the travelers to a great extent. However, when you are planning to go to a place, you need to have a look at what lies there for you. It’s important to have a look at the areas before venturing there. And drones are making this possible for the travelers.

The unmanned drones are taking the aerial routes to make the unfamiliar areas familiar for people who are planning to travel there. This is likely to help reduce the dangers associated with plans of traveling to unknown places.

Drones for Destination Marketing

Destination marketing is one of the major forms of travel marketing. And it is being enhanced every passing day with the addition of new components. Photographs and videos have already made it quite interesting for the potential tourists. It has also become one of the earliest forms of travel marketing to make use of drone videos.

These videos help to add a bit of surprise for the viewers. They present the already known destinations in an unknown avatar by clicking the videos from high up in the air. The bird’s eye view of the already familiar destinations ensures people are more interested towards the destinations.

Perfect Tool to Choose a Place of Accommodation

Haven’t planned where you are going to stay in the place where you are going for the holidays? In addition to the websites of the hotels and lodges, take the help of the drones. They are likely to help you to have a complete view of the area of the hotel and select the one you like. Thus, these drones are going to give you specific angles of the property that you could not have seen otherwise. Thus, it is going to be a completely new experience for you as a traveler, which is likely to attract you towards the place.

Why Not Images from Larger Airborne Vehicles?

A question might arise: what’s the need of drones instead of larger aircrafts, such as airplanes and helicopters?

It has been observed that the drones have the ability to take flight at the mid-levels, compared to high-level flights of the other aircrafts. So, the images offered by these drones are usually clearer and contains more details. Thus, they are better in terms of helping people to know a place through an aerial view. If you are looking for an in-detail view of a place, the shots from a long distance won’t be of any help. So, the larger flights are not going to be important for you. Instead, the drones are going to come in extremely handy.

Adding a Unique Feature to the Offerings

The travelers always look for something new. So, it’s important for you to provide them something unique to lure them. Drone videos offer you the opportunity for this. They help the travel marketers to make the offering amazing for their potential target audience and win them over.

One of the most important things that these drone videos offer is the uniqueness that it adds to the offerings. Even a few years back, no one would have expected a bird’s eye view of the destination or the hotel and lodge where he is planning to stay during the vacation. But this is no more an uncommon thing. And now, with the advent of the drone videos, the planning stage of a vacation is becoming more exciting than ever before.

The drones are bringing about a silent revolution in the field of travel marketing. They are helping travel business owners to present their offerings to the potential customers in an attractive avatar. This surely is making the customers more prone towards going for the offerings. Hence, these drones are, in one way, helping the travel business owners to increase their revenues significantly. This is one of the major reasons why travel businesses are embracing drone videos as a major way to market their businesses.

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