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Instagram: Fast Becoming The Major Marketing Platform For Travel Businesses

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Travel marketing is no new word. Different travel companies have been doing this for ages now. Even different forms of online marketing has also emerged since the advent of the internet. However, with every passing day, new social platforms are being introduced on the internet.  And with them, the world of online travel marketing is also evolving at a fast pace.


Use Images to Market a Destination

When you are planning to market a destination where your travel agency offers a trip, what the first thing that you would like to show your potential customers? It has to be a picture of the place. A picture speaks a thousand words. Most of the people decide the spot where they want to go for a vacation after seeing the images, mostly on the internet. So, the images are probably the best tools for travel marketing, especially when it is performed online.

The more the number of images, the better it is from the marketing point of view. However, that does not mean that you will have to post images of the place on a continuous basis. The best way to avoid this is to go for user-generated content. It is a great idea to crowd source the images. The basic idea involved in the process was to turn all the fans of your company into marketers. Ask them to post new photos of the places for which you are marketing your travel agency.

Offer Discounts for Sharing the Best Images

You might ask your fans to share the pictures that you have shared on your Instagram profile. It will act as one of the most outstanding ways of marketing your travel business. But why not add a little more spice to it? Ask the fans to post the best photos clicked by them at their favorite destinations. You can choose the best photo from the list. Besides, you can also offer a prize – a discount on some of the trips conducted by you and so on – to the winners. This will surely drive the rate of photo shares on your Instagram profile, thus helping you spread the word about your business.

Make Use of the Selfie Craze

Selfie is probably the latest craze in the world of social media at this moment. Millions of people are loving the idea of clicking their own portraits and posting them on the social media platforms. Why not use this concept for marketing your travel business? You can ask your fans and followers to post their selfies at a certain place. Mention that apart from their own picture, there should also be a hint of the place where they are clicking. This will then encourage them to share maximum number of pictures on your company’s Instagram timeline.

This, in turn, will help you to generate content, which will help you establish the online presence of your business more firmly. Once they post these in your company’s Instagram timeline, the pictures can be an excellent way of marketing your business among the large number of potential customers.

Use Hashtags Prudently on Instagram

Planning to make something seen or heard on the internet these days? The hashtags are probably one of the most important things you can use. This form of metadata tag makes it easy for the users to search for certain terms. When a hashtag is included before the word or group of words, they become easier to find. And whenever someone searches for a relevant keyword, the terms that you have hashtagged are going to appear, thus increasing viewership. This holds true for Instagram as well. You can use hashtags for Instagram to highlight your content.

Apart from being an image-based platform, Instagram also offers the chance to easily share the content across a wide range of social media platforms. In addition to the images, it also supports the sharing of 15-second videos. By offering these functional edges over other platforms, Instagram is fast turning into a major marketing tool for the travel businesses.

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