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Grow Your Online Business Presence By Blogging Strategically

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If you follow these blogging tips you can blog strategically and grow your online business presence.

Create good content

Without this, all the following is irrelevant. Try and keep sentences short, concise, easy to read. Remember if your content is successful, it will be seen worldwide, by many for whom English is not their first language. Therefore it’s good to keep things clear for all your readers.

Keep using images to break up the text. It will illustrate your point, and also keep it visual for those scrolling / browsing on tablets and mobiles. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all like a little visual illumination to freshen the content up a little.

Write something that has value to other people

Offer up solutions to people’s problems. Phrase your titles accordingly. You will get extra readers, who have just googled their problem and found your article. Keep thinking about how you can restructure your content to make it helpful and useful to other people. If you do, then they will come, in greater numbers.

Find your niche

Or rather the niche where you can operate. Know that this is not easy to find and therefore may take some trial and error. This is part of the process. Use your analytics to see what resonates for people. Some things will gain more traction, this will be the arrow pointing you to where your niche is.

You will have lots of good ideas, some will work better than others. Blogging into the right niche is an iterative process. Keep trying things, it’s a cumulative process too. You learn, and learn, and learn some more. Gradually it all comes together, and you begin to write more killer articles, more often.

Don’t make clickbait titles, nor dull ones either

Be clear, interesting, funny. Or at least some of these. You can get software to do this, or practice, or look at how your (good) competitors are doing it. If you’re being excessively descriptive, then it’s probably going as boring to others as it is to you.

Find the right place(s) to be seen

Good content alone will not be enough. You have to find the right places for it to be seen. LinkedIn may work, but better is to keep refining your strategy to find the specific right LinkedIn group. Even though you should give it a health check, how often are people posting to it? How many people are engaging with the articles posted. How many people are members. Is the group relevant to your geo-location?

It is probably good to belong to a mixture of big groups with a large worldwide reach, and then also much smaller groups that are specific to your own city or region. Remember too, once you find a good group, if you do consistently engage in it, this will also earn you top contributor status. This will also bring people to look at you and your company.

Facebook groups also have good value too. Some have high numbers, from 1000 members to millions. If there is one relevant to your own niche, then you may get better engagement than from a linkedIn group. This is the element of mining to find your own particular niche. Equally it could be Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Sldeshare or something else. You will know, because you have tried them out and experimented with different possible channels for your content.

Posting at the right time

Once you have found your niche, be aware that there are good and bad times to post. Depending on the medium, some operate on a most recent most visible principle. Therefore you want to be at the front of the queue. It can take some time to establish, by observation when this optimal time maybe. Also, if it is something like twitter, then it is fine to post multiple times. Be aware though that posting too many times will annoy people.

This is the first of a series of posts planned. Please feel free to comment and make any suggestions too.

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