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Best Graphic Design Tools For Social Media Marketing

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In today’s world where the main focus is connecting with the audience, building your image, your recognition with the viewer whether it is for personal or professional purposes. Reaching to people is important whether it is through online or offline graphic design tools that can help you with that.

Graphic design plays a far most important role when it comes to editing your image, videos or even placing your words on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the new homes of conducting business, creating customer bases and promoting products. There are multiple ways to run your business without graphic designers.

You can design your business logo, flyers, posters, business cards, invitation, brochures, etc even you can design Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, advertising.


We Give You 20 Best Graphic Design Tools for Social Media Marketing Online:

1 PhotoADKing

Users will get the perfect sizing for various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and so on. Can even make a poster, flyer and different invitation cards with the help per given dimensions and layout. There are some beautiful visuals and graphics that will give your design lots of attention and it is very easy to use and understand.

2 Canva

This is the go-to us platform to edit photos and videos which is highly influential on social media platforms. Canva contains plenty of design tools, tutorials, templates and more, so you can have plenty of supplies to create almost anything that you like to create. With Canva you can even create the marketing content with various in build paid features, you can even convert your file in different formate, Canva provides you many different features and layout to work with to express your creativity.

3 Befunky

Befunky’s moto is Create, Learn and Support. With this tool can create beautiful collages and more. They provide you with different types of collage layouts, custom sizings, and spacing and patterns but there are limited options in graphics.

4 Pixlr

Pixlr is best for quickly cropping an image or applying a filter with simple editing tasks that you need to use and also it does not waste time and money with this photoshop. The user gets to create a new image, upload one from desktop, or can grab from search engine. The build-in feature does include a feature like a crop, fill, blur and smudge that is free to use.

5 Infogram 

This paid-for subscription tool allows you to create and share creative data such as infographics, pie charts, line charts, bar charts, and interactive maps. Custom-designed templates, available with Business and Enterprise plans, can even include your brand logos, color and visual imagery in titles, icons, and graphs.

6 snappa

Simple formate uses which is the heart of snappa is very simple to use a single-purpose app that allows you to create elegant, shareable images as immediately as viable. Like other apps of its kind, Snappa comes with a decent library of templates and various pre-set crop sizes, but the main importance is on getting the background image spot-on – whether you choose one of their free options, or prefer to upload your own. Once your image is in place, the effects panel comes into play – you can darken, brighten or color it to best suit the text you plan to overlay.

7 Pablo

It’s another free browser-based editor Pablo can help you to create an amazing engaging image for your social media platform. The main display of getting attention on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is to combine the right text with the right images, this tool makes this fast and easy. For instance, it allows you to make your text larger or smaller, change the font type or color, change your photo too blurred or black-and-white and more.

8 Quotes Cover

Quotes Cover is a quick and easy tool to create art for your social media profiles. Users can enter their quotes or choose from popular inspirational messages, choose which platform for the social media page and then use an editor to make final adjustments.

Quotes Cover comes with a wide selection of fonts, colors, and options to make the image unique.

9 Fotor

Fotor provides a various number of tools to create graphics/designs for the social media platform. You can choose from the most popular cover art to the most popular post dimensions layouts for sharing. This list even includes creating thumbnails for YouTube videos. After selecting a template, you have access to other graphics, text options and the ability to import your own. When you’re done, you can simply click the share button and send the graphic to your favorite social platform.

10 Genially

Genially has a lot to offer. You can select from free templates, edit with backgrounds and animations. You can share the graphics in a variety of ways from social media link to distribution. One of the more attractive aspects of Genially is the ability to include a YouTube video into the image or animate your extension. Which can be helpful to many new creators to create different content or to express their creativity.

11 helps you to create amazing stunning graphics with extra engaging to the audience. After signing up for an account, you can select from many templates and then edit your work to your personal customized uses. Then, you can share a link to the social media, in the browser or as an embed code for websites.

12 piZap

The piZap editor comes with a variety of essential tools that can help you create just about anything to share on social media platforms it even has a meme function so you can quickly add text to images. Although it has quite a few options in the free version most of the tool hides most of the features you may want to use behind the pro account.

13 PicMonkey 

PicMonkey has the potential for making adjustments of images to be used in social media. It comes with a variety of borders, typefaces, textures and other methods of accentuating a graphic. Creators can then share their images to a handful of the most popular social sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The trial version allows you to test it out. If you want to upgrade after the trial, PicMonkey is inexpensive compared to other online photo editors.

14 Stencil

For a quick approach to developing social media images, Stencil is designed for speed. It comes preloaded with a million background in public field photos, more than 200,000 icons and graphics and access to more than 1900 Google web fonts. You can also upload your media to give it more of a personal touch. However, the free account is very limited in what you can offer. You only have access to create 10 images per month unless you upgrade the account.

15 Gravit

Gravit is an image editor that centers around optimizing graphics for social media. It has several sizes ready for specific uses and comes with an array of editing tools. Gravit offers Cloud support so you can save your creations online. It has a feature-rich interface and has several pre-defined layouts. For instance, you can quickly make Facebook cover art with specific dimensions for the social site.

16 Venngage

Venngage has a lot of possibilities when it comes to creating infographics and other shareable content. Using the free account, you have access to a quality of media to build your data-driven content. The layout which is consists of the most popular formate, fonts, and designs for each social media platform which can be shared on various social media directly from the app.

17 Photovisi

If you’re interested in making a collage to send to Twitter or Facebook, Photovisi can help. Although its free account adds a watermark, it’s still effective to create images for social media. The tool comes with a variety of backgrounds, shapes to add and a basic text editor. When you’re done editing, you can save the project or share it. Unfortunately, sharing also incorporates a snippet about where the graphic came from in your post.

18 Timeline Cover Banner

Timeline Cover Banner is an innovative tool for emphasizing your social media profile images. You can create a fun trendy picture for your social media accounts or use the photo editor to create backgrounds.

It’s quite a basic tool that is free to use and doesn’t have flashy additions. However, it’s a quick and easy way to accentuate your profile without buying into a graphic design program.

19 Landscape

Sprout Social makes a unique social media graphics tool in Landscape. This platform allows users to upload any graphic and will then crop it for specific social sites to create a perfect fit. These pictures include linked posts, profile photos, and background details. Landscape supports the most popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Although you can’t share these images directly, it’s still a great way to get the perfect size for what you need.


The iPiccy photo editor delivers a wide range of tools to spruce up any image before uploading to social media. It includes a lot of the basic functions you’d expect including Auto Fix and the capacity to clone objects. You can also use the Collage Maker to create a nice collection of images such as in a portfolio.

21 Crello

Crello is an advanced service where you can easily create unforgettable posts for social media platforms. It contains various formats and sizes, design options, filters and presets. Crello is also suitable for creating content for online and offline advertising.

22 DocHipo

DocHipo is a cloudbased design tool for creating stunning social media graphics for Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. It has a wide array of appropriately sized templates per the recommended dimension. DocHipo’s various unique design elements like illustrations, stickers,animations, etc., allow you to customize the templates to suit your business needs fully. You can download them in multiple file formats or share them directly on social media. The inbuilt image background removal and photo editing features will make your visuals more compelling and engaging. The intuitive editor makes it a breeze to work with this tool.


These are our Best 20 Graphic designing tools do let us know which one your favorite among this in the comment is below.

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