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Emerging Video Travel Marketing Trends For 2015

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People love to travel. Almost everyone. And they try to plan a vacation at least once a year. And this offers the travel businesses enough opportunity to make a fortune out of this. But it’s not an easy task, especially in a world fraught with competition. So, the travel businesses need to make the most of the new marketing trends that emerge every now and then.

It has been noticed that for the travel industry, visual is the best form of marketing. So, the images of different places, hotels and other relevant things make excellent components of travel marketing. Along with these, there has been a new addition – the videos. These seem to take the concept of visual marketing for travel a step further. It is likely to remain one of the best ways to market your travel business in the years to come.

Did you know?

  • 60% of customers prefer websites that offer videos
  • 40% stay longer on your website if there’s a video in it

So, the importance of videos in marketing is surely immense.

Different types of video content are gaining ground these days. These include:

  • Travel awareness videos
  • Destination videos
  • Video tour of hotels and resorts
  • Testimonial videos

There have been several new trends in video marketing for travel businesses as well. Many of them will continue to be important in 2015 as well. Here’s a quick look at some of them:

  • Video reviews of destinations
  • Drones for travel marketing
  • Travel vlogs – a combination of blogs and videos
  • Use of video sharing platforms beyond YouTube

Videos for Travel Reviews

Travel reviews have long been one of the major components that help to influence a person’s decisions while planning a trip. Even a few years back, travel reviews meant just pages of text. And may be, a few images. But the concept of travel reviews have changed of late. You can now find video reviews for various travel destinations. If you are planning to market your travel business, such videos will play a vital role for you. Try to create awareness about the different destinations where your business offers trips. Amaze people with the best attractions of the places. But try not to make the video overtly promotional. And if you can do that, it is sure to help you acquire proper results.

Emergence of Drones for Travel Marketing

The world of technology has moved ahead at a brisk pace. It has impacted almost every walk of life. The travel industry has not been outside its ambit either. And there has been almost a sort of revolution in the field of travel marketing with the help of technology. Emergence of drones and its use in travel business have taken travel marketing a few steps forward.

Drones have been introduced quite a few years ago. And now, they are being used for travel marketing as well. In fact, drones can be used for videos of various things related to the travel business, including:

  • Destinations
  • Tourist attractions
  • Luxury accommodations, such as resorts

These drones are unmanned aircrafts that help to capture the visual of a place from high up. It’s really amazing at times to watch pod of dolphins swimming across the blue waters or a large whale moving through the ocean. And drones offer the chance of experiencing just these things. Besides, they also offer details of a specific location, thus helping you perform direct marketing for your business.

Create Travel Vlogs

Blogs are still important in travel marketing. But they surely have taken a new form. People do not have a lot of time to spare these days. So, they won’t be able to read through the content if you post pages after pages of travel descriptions. But a video will surely do the trick. It will help to communicate with the potential audience faster. So, for marketing your products and services, it’s important to turn your blog into a perfect travel vlog – a blog with minimum text and a number of attractive videos. These vlogs will drive your travel marketing through videos.

Make Use of Platforms beyond YouTube Also

Where do you post your travel marketing videos?

For most of the travel business owners, the answer is sure to be YouTube. And the platform being one of the most visited video posting and sharing websites, it makes sense also. You can very well have a dedicated channel on YouTube for marketing your travel business.

But YouTube should not be the only platform for sharing your marketing videos. There are numerous other websites, such as Vimeo, Vine, and so on. And quite a few people are members of these sites as well. So, these platforms are also likely to help you reach out to a good number of people with your marketing videos. Besides, there’s a chance that the people present on these platforms might not have their accounts on YouTube. So, try to make use of all these platforms to reach out to maximum number of people with your travel marketing videos.

Video marketing for travel businesses is becoming more and more popular with every passing day. It is likely to remain relevant in the years to come as well, thus helping travel business owners to take their business forward with success.

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