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Email Marketing Tips for Scaling an eCommerce Store

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Email marketing for eCommerce is extremely necessary and the art of using this email trick to produce sales for your store.

One of the most important aspects of running a web store is your capability to build an eCommerce email list. However, before creating an email list you should know how to interact with your customers.

Ecommerce email marketing is the way to make good relationships and building value with your customers. It is the golden key for increasing your customer’s lifetime value and productively predict the outcome of your business.

It’s not so difficult. You just have to send an email to customers who discard their shopping carts or having campaigns that work with each other to increase their sales.

The strategies you choose with your email list for marketing are important. It’s the same as you connect or interact on different social media websites with your customers.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips

Before writing an email, you should know these tips to attract a customer to your eCommerce store.

  1. “From” Name Should Be a Human Name Rather Than “No-Reply”, or “Info”
  2. Try Using Their City Name for Personalization
  3. Short Emails Deliver Better Results
  4. Work on the Pre-header
  5. As Always, the Subject Line Should Be Catchy

1. “From” Name Should Be a Human Name Rather Than “No-Reply”, or “Info”

If you want to connect with your customers, then the first thing is to catch their attention. If you act like a robot, then you will get similar attention.

name in the email

Make sure that the ‘from’ section in the email has your name in it rather than ‘info’ or ‘no-reply’. It gives a good impression to your audience and lets them know that you’re just another human trying to communicate with them.

2. Try Using Their City Name for Personalization

It depends on the size of your eCommerce that you might have one or more than one target audience. So, it’s important to divide your audience which you want to target.  You can divide them like:

  • Loyal shoppers vs. new shoppers
  • Shoppers in Australia vs. In Europe

They can be based on the characteristics of the product, or the demographics group they are from like their city.

This will make sending emails easier by personalizing them one time and create different copies for each group. In this way, customers will get all the information they deserve to know about the services or products.

3. Short Emails Deliver Better Results

The emails should be short because nobody wants to waste their time by reading irrelevant material.

They will leave all the extra material and will only read the important part so it should be short but clear. Each sentence should be important, valuable, and straight to the point.

Make sure that the message you want to give out is pretty clear and easily visible in the email. Your audience is not sitting around waiting for your email, so make the most of their time.

4. Work on the Pre-header

You must be confused between the pre-header and subject right? Pre-header is next to the subject line in your email box.

preheader ecommerce email marketing tips

People usually read this after reading the subject line and it plays a key role in deciding whether they will read this email or not.

A lot of marketers leave the words “read email in the chrome” as the pre-header line but this is not a good way to make the audience read that email so do yourself a favor and delete that sentence and replace it with a sentence that attracts your customers.

5. As Always, the Subject Line Should Be Catchy

This is the first thing every customer will notice and read when the email shows up in their inboxes. It’s the ‘subject line’ of it.

A subject line should be catchy, if it’s not good enough to attract customers then nobody is going to open that email and won’t even see what you have to tell.

Make sure that the subject line should be concise and clear and it’s not too long to read. For instance, if you want to convey important updates or news about your web store then the subject line example would be “we’ve got a great surprise for you”.

Best Email Marketing Campaigns for eCommerce Stores

These are the best eCommerce email campaign examples that are used to increase sales:

  1. Cart Abandonment Email
  2. Special Promotions Email Campaign
  3. The Get in Touch Email
  4. Referral email campaign for eCommerce stores
  5. The Upsell Email

1. Our Very Own, Cart Abandonment Email

Some customers usually discard their shopping carts but this doesn’t mean that your sales are lost.

These cart abandoned emails are sent to motivate the customers to recover them. Every cart that is abandoned email can include different messages, like discounts, cart content, or personalized product suggestions.

The main part you should be concerned about is while making these card abandonment emails you should know the history of the customer. Make sure you send the right email to the right customer and at the right time.

2. Special Promotions Email Campaign

Promotional email campaigns are the most effective form of email that can help companies promoting their offers, products, services, and events.

The main purpose of these emails is to change subscribers into paying customers. This is your goal and this is why it’s essential to create an attractive special sales letter.

For instance, the weekly newsletter, sales-related, and customer retention email can be your promotional email.

All you need is to be specific and clear about the purpose of your promotional email. Promotional emails help marketers in making a good relationship with the customer.

This technique is one of the best eCommerce emails that will help you to increase your sales.

3. The Get in Touch Email

The get in touch email is a message conveyed through email to personal contact or professional contact to maintain good communication between you and them.

email marketing dashboard

Writing emails occasionally can be a helpful way to know about the recent developments in the careers and lives of these people while ensuring that they remember you and have active communication with you.

4. Referral email campaign for eCommerce stores

Referral marketing is a technique that motivates old customers to naturally tell them to buy their services or products. Referral marketing is done by word of text, mouth, and unexpectedly, but there are some ways marketers can successfully create a program around referrals.

For marketers of eCommerce, referral marketing is a good technique to spread awareness about the service and product you are providing. This technique brings traffic to your site and will also increase your ranking.

5. The Upsell Email

Upselling means convincing a customer to buy a high-value item and is based on purchase threshold patterns and includes discounts, shipping credits.

If it is not okay with your company’s sales model then you can consider the substitute of advertising tiered pricing for your service/product packages.

The main concern arises when your audience starts growing and it becomes hard to send emails to every customer. You can use marketing automation tools for this purpose by automating the process of sending upsell emails.

This technique is valuable for increasing the profit of any retailer.


eCommerce Email marketing is an important part of running a business because it brings traffic to your web store. An email for eCommerce should be written carefully and with a lot of attention providing every single detail that is important but not irrelevant. From the goal to the ending, everything in the email is an overall impression of your brand for the audience.

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