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8 Tools To Accelerate Profit And Traffic For Ad Campaigns

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Ad campaigns are quite expensive as we all know. With such huge volumes of money involved, you would definitely want good results on time. You can spend your entire day trying to manage your ad campaigns but can that guarantee you success? I doubt! You have your business to run, your team members to cooperate with and other advertisement campaigns to run as well. From this, it is evident that it is not how long you spend managing and sharing your adverts that matters rather it is the use of the appropriate tools. These tools should give you better results and help you at times when you feel you are not able to manage the ads yourself.

Here are 8 tools to accelerate profit and traffic for ad campaigns:

Display Ad Networks

There are different display networks that you can use to connect your business advert with the websites that you want to host your ads. Remember a display network can help you get the perfect ad space and match it with your specific needs. With an ideal ad server, you can easily generate traffic on your ad and consequently accelerate your profits. These servers make it easy for you to target specific clients, track and report the progress of your ad in reaching the target market. Marketers at Zeropark reveal that with an Ad Network you can use push, pop, and domain authority maximization to market your product or sell your ad. You can use this network to check your traffic volume and also estimate the likely results of your ads. Display networks can allow advertisers to adjust their pricing strategies using CPM, CPA, and CPC strategies. The networks can also allow you to use target capabilities to target age-appropriate people, the ideal gender, the desired geographical locations, the client behavior, and the income levels of the target clients. A good example is the Google display network that can offer you your target audience through placement targeting, contextual targeting, interest categories, top targeting, language preferences, and remarketing.


An advertisement is in itself a risk. You are never sure the money you spend on paying for those ads will come back to you in terms of results.  As you try different ad strategies, you want to use tools that can prevent you from losing such lump sums of money. SEMrush exists to help you avoid such a mistake. You can use this tool to manage your CPC, SERP data, and increase your traffic volume. With this tool, you can learn a lot about your competitors and the highest-ranking content for different keywords. With these facts, you can create your content in such a way that your keywords shall appear on top of the search engine results. SEMrush can increase your competitive abilities by using specific ad copies. CPC can also help you estimate the output of your ad. For instance, with CPC you can determine your historical conversion rates, understand the amount of traffic you need for a single conversion, and afterward, you can multiply every visit by the CPC to be sure of the cost of the traffic you want to attract to meet your profit margins. This way you can determine whether the ad is going to be worth the money you put in or not and adjust your budget accordingly. A SEMrush can help you acquire the data you need to enter new markets or engage with different clients in your current industry. SEMrush is so comprehensive that you can use it to carry out organic research, generate organic traffic insights, build backlinks, get analytics, check your site engine and audit your site. You can use SEMrush to manage your adverts by generating leads, understanding your domain overview, and use it to manage your market reports.


SpyFu like SEMrush can help you figure out your keyword search competitors. It can give the entire glance of your ad space. This way, it is easy for you to analyze the level of performance of your campaign. It can let you receive key insights on the best long-tail keywords to enable you to get a maximum ROI. It can minimize your data crunches via excel and allow you more time to strategize on how to generate profits faster. You can use SpyFu to assess how much an individual spends on a specific keyword. With these competitive insights, you can forecast your potential ROI before you throw in lots of money on adverts that might never pay you back.


Zapier is an advertisement space that can help you automate your work and save you a lot of time to concentrate on other important businesses. With Zapier you can establish a trigger to notify you of client registration of event adverts you are advertising. This makes it easy for you to follow up on your clients with welcome messages to motivate them to attend the event. You can use Zapier to automate all your tasks and create branching logic to create as many zaps for one workflow. Zapier can help you o connect all your ad maximization tools to create a single streamlined workflow.


AdEspresso can help you significantly reduce the complexity of creating an ad campaign. It allows you to both duplicate old campaigns and customize them to suit your interests and can also let you create one from scratch. It has automated saving features to help you finish the process before publishing your ads. It comes with unique features like split test ads and split tests for multiple types of audiences. This enables you to pick out the most convenient segment and persona converts. It can help you to accurately interpret your results like establishing what time and day of the week your campaigns have the largest traffic. With this information, you can adjust your ad campaign budget accordingly.


This tool can help you understand the type of content that is most suitable for your business. It can help you create ad campaign contents that you are sure will appeal to the target audience while managing your competition effectively. It can help you attract social media traffic by enabling you to know which keywords social media users prefer to use when searching for content related to the one you are advertising. You can enhance your ad campaigns with Canva after you have generated this important information through Buzzsumo. Canva as an advertising platform can give you many design templates and features to enhance your capabilities of designing beautiful and attractive advertisement posters, logos, banners, brochures, presentations, and invitation cards which you can use to increase your online visibility and ultimately attract more traffic that can lead to you making more profits out of your ads. Remember your pages and physical designs must be attractive for you to attract a big audience.


Pitchbox is a sort of influencer outreach. You can use the tool to identify yourself and align with the most powerful influencers to increase the chances of your content being viewed and consequently increase your chances of generating maximum profits. You can use Pitchbox to create influence on social media and search engine optimization. It can help you to create person-to-person connections with your target clients. It has features like prospector to help you get opportunities for your campaign outreach. It can help you view the social profiles of your target clients and their contact information.  With Pitchbox you can conveniently promote your content, grow engagement and revenue and also increase your brand awareness. You can easily follow up with prospects and increase the response rate of your clients.


GetResponse is a popular email campaign and email marketing platform. It is an all-in-one marketing space that can give you the ability to handle different tasks on the same platform and automate your daily marketing activities. With Getresponse you can hold webinars, edit images, review website analytics, create perfect landing pages, track your target client behavior and conduct online surveys to understand the unique interest of your target campaign advert audience. Getresponse can help you do email automation and conduct email analytics. You can also use Getresponse to create and set an autoresponder based on your clients’ behavior. It is a simple tool that has an attractive interface, easy-to-use onboarding procedures, and a high-level client support system. It can help you accelerate your business growth.

There are many tools you can use to accelerate traffic for your ad campaigns and as a result, generate more profits. You can use the Facebook ads gallery to test the effectiveness of your campaign, refine it to suit the interests of the target customers, and also iterate your campaign ad based on previous outcomes. A buffer can help you engage your target clients on social media. It has features like; post to all social media platforms using a single post, schedule different social media posts for later uploads, and track engagement and interaction from your social media clients. Google analytics can further help you tailor-make your content to suit client needs and consequently increase traffic on your ad campaign. With Zapier, AdEspresso, GetResponse, BuzzSumo, and display networks you can increase your visibility, engage clients more meaningfully, and generate traffic and profits without much strain. These tools can give you time to work on other activities while your campaigns continue to run.

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