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Proven Blog Writing Hacks To Improve Conversion Rate Through Your Website

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The ultimate goal for every website and online business is to get conversions. Paying customers are what keep your business going.

High website traffic and active user interaction are great for building a strong brand online. It improves your business visibility. However, it doesn’t really put cash in your pocket that is necessary to run the company’s operations.

More conversions, on the other hand, lead to greater revenue for your e-commerce business. The problem is that getting more conversions is a real challenge for businesses.

In this blog, we cover some proven blog writing hacks that are guaranteed to boost your business visibility and lead to higher conversions.

Hack #1 – Show Expertise

Research shows that people are more likely to trust and buy from those they see as an expert in their domain. If you consistently put out helpful blogs and articles on your website about products and services in your industry, your readers will begin to trust your opinions.

Many affiliate marketers have built successful businesses this way. They consistently produce informative blogs about various products like electronics, food, health equipment and lifestyle goods. You can do the same with your blogs.

Hack #2 – Use Social Proof

Humans are social creatures and we tend to trust online stores that other customers have also used to purchase goods and services. You can easily place plugins on your website that show notifications for users, displaying the names of people who have recently purchased from you.

This technique is quite effective when you combine it with limited time offers on stocks that are running low. Visitors will feel that your products are worth purchasing and they might miss out on them if they don’t buy them right away.

Hack #3 – Design a Smooth Checkout Process

To boost conversions, you must make it easier for customers to place orders and buy products from you. You will need to design your checkout process to make it simple and quick. To do this effectively, consider reducing the number of steps that your customers need to take to buy a product or service.

Businesses with a complex or long checkout routine often lose their prospects because they get exhausted and leave before completing their purchase.

Hack #4 – Write High-Quality Content

Make sure that your writings are factual, relevant, and free from grammar or spelling mistakes. If you are writing blogs yourself, run it through good editing and proofreading software.

If you are using professional blog writing services to produce content for you, let them know about the style and general direction of the way you want to present your business, products and services.

Professional blog writers generally have a team of writers, editors and designers who can craft better quality content that sells products for you.

Hack #5 – Use Images and Video in Your Blogs

Video and pictures are quite powerful when it comes to grabbing attention. A lot of people prefer visual images to read. You would do well to include images of your products or services in your blogs to create that selling factor.

Your website visitors get a much better idea of what your product looks like or how your services will benefit them when shown through images and videos.

Consider hairdressing stylists or makeup artists that showcase their work through before and after pictures of models. Or take bakeries and food preparation businesses that use videos of ready to serve, hot meals in their blogs. These visuals are much more enticing than words and get them higher sales.

Hack #6 – Upgrade Your Content Regularly

Marketing is a continuous process. If you want to keep your conversion rate high and get consistent sales, you need to keep producing high quality, fresh content for your audience.

Use relevant headings based on current events that are likely to grab your visitors’ attention. If you are offering product or service discounts, make sure that they are highlighted in your posts.

Hack #7 – Place Clear CTAs in Your Posts

Your call to action must be easy to understand and clearly visible. One effective way to use them is by placing a running banner at the side that scrolls down as the visitors read through your blog post. They can click on the side-scrolling banner at any time to jump to your ordering page.

Another approach that has become popular is by having a chat window at the bottom right that can be opened or closed by the visitor to get in touch with your sales team. You will have good results if you reference the chat window a couple of times in your blog and encourage the visitors to get in touch with your team to solve their problems.


The internet is getting updated every day, and it has become quite competitive. It is no longer enough to just follow old tricks, expecting great results. You must continuously monitor and upgrade your website content.

You need to implement smart marketing tricks that give your business an edge and improve conversions. Strong digital marketing and paid advertising can bring in traffic, but visitors will bounce if the other factors are not in place.

We covered some proven hacks that can be useful in designing your website and writing blogs that sell.

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