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Top Content Marketing Trends in 2021

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Whether you are promoting financial services like Payday Depot or any other brand, you need to work on the content strategy. It’s the core aspect of a marketing campaign that can determine its success or failure. Here are seven top content marketing trends for 2021:

Value-Driven Content

2020 has been about value: people don’t want to spend their time on meaningless things. They want to know what brands believe in and what they stand for. Therefore, when creating any type of content – from an article to a text – you should consider this parameter first. It means that you should not only describe how to use your product but what bigger goal a customer can achieve, for example, from buying kettlebells.

Original Research

People are tired of expert opinions that don’t have any back-up. They want to know what really works and what – doesn’t. Therefore, if you really want to grab attention, consider carrying out original research. It will show the specifics of a niche and might be highly valuable. Try to start with the most acute problems: the results may be revolutionary!

Interactivity and, Therefore, Engagement

2021 is likely to be the year of interactive content. Yes, now brands have to work hard to gain users’ interest, as the flow of information is endless. Interactivity is a reasonable and, most importantly, working solution. Besides the attention, it’s going to improve the level of engagement.

Focus on User Experience

Before, content strategies were tailored to Google’s demands. Now, things are going to change, with Google devoting much more attention to users. It means that in order to satisfy the search engine, you need to please the users. This is going to promote personalization that is known to drive user satisfaction.

Content Atomization

Content atomization implies breaking up a huge piece of content into several smaller ones. Such an approach allows a business to reap more benefits from really valuable work. For example, you can transform a white paper into a series of blog posts or podcasts.

Topic Authority Instead of Keyword Research

Traditionally, SEO specialists were paying much attention to keyword search and backlinks in the pursuit of the top SERP. However, things are going to change as Google will pay much more attention to the depth of expertise rather than aspects like link building. It means that you should aim for high-quality semantics rather than authoritative links.


SEO is hardly a new trend in content marketing. Yet, it never grows old. With the growing importance of online brand promotion, the competition in SEO increases. Therefore, high quality is going to be among the top trends. It means that the strategy will focus on long-tail keywords and unique yet relevant topics.

2021 has only begun. Here is why we must not limit our strategy to these trends. You should always follow the latest tendencies to produce high-quality and relevant content.

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