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How an Entrepreneur Can Build a Successful Brand Using Organic Content

How an Entrepreneur Can Build a Successful Brand Using Organic ContentImage Credit:

I feel lucky that I am born in this age where we have the internet. It makes many difficult jobs easier, especially when it comes to developing an idea for a new business. 

I believe anybody can be an entrepreneur with a great idea because establishing an online business does not require a lot of money. Things were as comfortable in the past as they are today. 

Being an entrepreneur wasn’t quite easy in the past. People needed lots of money or a financer to establish a business

The investors could have invested only if they liked the idea. Things have gotten a bit easier now because every wealthy person wants to be a part of a growing business. 

You just need a great vision to initiate a business that has the potential of making a huge profit. 

We have witnessed a rapid growth of many brands. Amazon has now turned into world’s leading eCommerce giant. 

It was established by Jeff Bezos in 1994 to sell music and videos online. I often wonder if Jeff Bezos had thought his company could turn into the world’s leading eCommerce platform one day. 

It was established when web technologies were evolving and everyone did not have access to the internet. He must have faced some big difficulties during that time. 

Fortunately, things are not so difficult in today’s time. We have numerous marketing channels to endorse a brand without spending a lot of money. 

That’s where organic content plays a vital role. Emily Ratajkowski believes “Organic Content is King” if you want to build a profitable brand. That’s what we are going to discuss in this post. 

Who is Emily Ratajkowski?

With over 22 million followers on Instagram, Emily is an actress and top model. She is renowned for her brands like swimwear & intimate line, bodywear, and she is also offering her services as the Chief Taste Officer of BABE. It is a sparkling canned wine brand, which Emily has endorsed quite successfully. 

Emily believes she has been able to build a successful career because of her actions as a social media influencer

She has revealed organic content has played a vital role in her success whereas other brands have been quite sluggish to take advantage of organic content. 

She believes that modern age customers are pretty smart to identify promotions that are not natural. 

It means, a social media influencer can be paid to endorse a particular brand, but it will not work if it does not look organic. 

Every person has his/her own way of revealing things. If that person has a huge fan following on social media and you provide him with something to say or post as it is written, the followers will spot the difference. 

They won’t even pay attention to such things. That’s why organic content is required to convince prospects the influencer believes in things he or she is putting in front of them. 

5 things you should consider when using organic content to build a brand

The ultimate goal of using organic content is to provide customers with a much better online experience. 

Whether you build a better blog post or genuine post on social media, it should be customer-centric. 

It is not an approach to boost your spot in the SERPs. Therefore, you should seek high-quality content that contains solutions for customers’ queries and depicts why you provide the best solutions. 

This approach will help you in establishing yourself as the best source for valuable content. It will improve your engagement with the customers. 

You must start finding email address of any influencer in your niche to provide your organic content marketing campaign a boost start. Once it is on the track, you follow the below explained tactics to build a successful brand.

1. Recognize the best platforms to initiate the campaign

Every marketing tactic works best when the plans are implemented in the right place. I wonder why many new businesses fail to lure the audience because they choose the wrong place to market their products. It should not happen, especially when you do not have a lot of money to invest in marketing. 

Think about the strategy only when you know your platforms. Recognizing the best platforms for marketing is the first step of initiating an organic content marketing campaign

Your focus should be on putting content on the right platform. You should know your core demographics before you share your story. 

Social networking sites are the best platforms to find vibrant and immediately engaged prospects. 

About 42% of the world’s population is on social media sites. It does not mean all the social networking sites have equally effective marketing potential to endorse organic content.

Different kinds of users pick different social networking platforms to enjoy social networking. 

Therefore, I suggest you should try to reveal which platform offers the largest number of the target audience. Use that platform to initiate your organic content marketing campaign.

2. Get a flawless plan

A flawless brand strategy describes what your content, platform is and how you are going to measure the success. 

Suppose your products are designed for young prospects, you can choose Instagram to endorse it. 

You can click a number of impressive images to post through your brand’s Instagram profile. 

It must contain a strong call to action content in order to lure the prospect to buy the product. You can also use infographics to lure the target audience towards creative ads of your products. 

This alone might not work because you are a new brand. Therefore, you should take the support of some popular people on Instagram to reach a much larger number of followers.

These people are known as influencers. You should find influencers in your niche and take their support to endorse your posts and profile on Instagram. Thus, you can reach the target demographics much faster. 

3. Get high-quality content

I often share email marketing tips for small business owners. Even though digital marketing techniques may change, one thing remains the same and that is the requirement of high-quality content. 

Organic content can be entertaining, educational, and a story to endorse a product. It will engage the audience only if it is perfectly crafted. 

The modern age readers do not like it if the content contains grammatical errors. You also need to focus on some key phrases to offer your post a chance of getting viral

There is no issue if you are using modern slang. All the influencers use a variety of new words to make their posts look catchy. 

The process does not work only when your content looks like machine generated content. It should have that unique human touch in order to make it appealing. 

That’s why your content should look like coming from the person who is posting it. He/she can be an influencer, a popular personality, or you can do it on your own.  

Some new brands stuff the content with lots of keywords. These keywords might work to bring your posts at the top in the search, but the viewers will never pay attention. 

Yes, the keyword is one of the most crucial elements of organic content but it is not everything. 

Your posts should be entertaining, funny, and engaging. Then only you can expect to get some sort of response from people. Do not scratch your head too much, just be genuine and keep things simple.

4. Do not repost the same content time-and-again

I have never seen popular influencers making the same posts time and again throughout the week. 

They are professionals and they know what their followers expect. Therefore, they come up with something new every time they make a post. 

Repeating the same type of organic content can reduce your followers’ interest in your brand. The target audience will take just a glimpse of your content and move ahead. 

I used to make the same mistake until I realized only fresh content entertains my followers. They are following you only to learn something new. 

So, it is your responsibility to come up with new ideas. Do not take things lightly until you build a solid brand identity.

5. Do not be in a hurry

It is quite difficult to wait when you are putting all your efforts into a marketing campaign. You would like to get positive results as fast as possible. You may need to wait a little longer. First, you will have to join or build a community of people, who like your brand and products. 

You may think about making several posts in a day to share more about your brand and products. 

It can upset your followers because they may not wish to see the screen filled with many promotions. 

Start slowly and make just a few genuine posts within a week. This strategy will help you in retaining your followers for a long time. 

Over to You

You can also try other new and popular organic content strategies to get positive results faster. 

Whatever tactic you try, it will work only because of the quality and freshness of the content.

Therefore, your focus should never shift from the quality of the content to its quantity. Keep things short and to the point in order to build a great relationship with your customers and followers. 

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