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9 Powerful Tips to Ace Your Logo Design

Powerful Tips to Ace Your Logo DesignImage Credit: DepositPhotos

Gone are the days when branding was an elusive subject for entrepreneurs. Today, not only they understand the merit in top-notch branding, but they also spend a sizeable portion of their budget on the same.

Besides, there are all kinds of tools on the Internet that allow you to create branding materials.

There are also freelance websites where they can find skilled professionals in different corners of the world to help with their branding requirements.

Logo Design

One of the most important aspects of branding is unique and memorable logo design. This is because it’s used in many places- website, blog, social media, and even promotional objects like notepad, pens, coffee mugs. Naturally, it has to be the very best.

If you are unhappy with your current logo design, then the following are 9 amazing tips on how you can take it up a notch:

1. Enhance the Brand’s Understanding

You can’t design the perfect logo for a business unless you understand the brand first. This is because there is more to it than just a tagline and visuals. You need to understand the philosophy behind the business, the mission statement, and the vision. You also need to identify the elements that are making the brand stand out from the rest. Once you have all these details, you can create the perfect logo without a problem.

2. Use the Right Colors

Did you create a logo using colors that you personally like the most? It’s possible that your subjective opinion isn’t the best for the brand that you are helping.

A perfect logo must have the perfect colors, and here is the thing- each color says something. For instance, red says “passion, enthusiasm, energy”. Similarly, blue says “trust, peace, cool”. As you might have guessed, there is actual psychology behind the colors you pick. So, you should select only those colors that are in line with a brand’s personality.

3. Fonts are Important Too

Just like colors, fonts play a huge role in logo design as well. For instance, if your logo uses cartoony fonts, then they won’t be the best choice for healthcare or legal services company. In the same way, you can probably find better fonts for an action figure company than Times New Roman or Arial, both of which are considered formal fonts.

You will be surprised by the kind of impact you can create with your logo by changing the fonts alone. Think about it- the Coca-Cola logo is memorable and rather iconic only because of the unique typography that it uses. So, it’s important that you learn how to choose the best fonts so that you know that the message your logo conveys is exactly what you intend for.

4. Simplification Helps

A powerful way to totally revamp your logo is to analyze its framework. So, study your logo carefully and ask yourself: does it look too complicated? If the answer is “yes”, then you should immediately work on the design and try to simplify it as much as possible. Remember- you don’t have to make it look dull or inspiring. There are many logos that are quite simple but they are unique and attractive nonetheless. Some good examples include Google, Nike, Apple, and Chevrolet.

When your logo is simple, it can stand out among other logos rather easily. Your target audience is also able to register it easily as there are no unnecessary design techniques or elements involved.

5. Make it Scalable

One important quality of a good logo that’s often overlooked, is scalability. This is because you have to use your logo in all kinds of spots which can be as big as a giant billboard or super small like a pen. So, this principle can only work if the design is legible when it’s scaled up or scaled-down.

6. Use Online Tools

This isn’t exactly a logo design tip, but yes, there are all kinds of online tools that you can use to enhance your logo designs. There are tools for fonts, colors, icons, and then there are also tools that can generate logo designs for you! You can check out the options available and pick the ones you think can help with your requirements.

7. Convert it into Greyscale

As mentioned earlier, handpicked colors can really make a logo pop and look attractive. However, an ideal logo looks great even when it’s in black and white. So, that’s another thing you should try- convert your logo into greyscale and see if it still looks good.

8. Learn from the Best

Studying some of the best logo designs in the world can give you great ideas for your own. For instance, there are many remarkable company logos to draw inspiration from viz. Disney, Adidas, Apple, etc. These logos are loved and admired across the globe. Needless to say, you can learn a lot from them by studying them closely.

9. Highlight Key Elements

Sometimes, highlighting certain portions of a logo can make it look more appealing. For instance, the bright orange star in Walmart and M in McDonald’s are two good cases in point. The designers were clever enough to identify these design elements and made the logos look unique and attractive by accentuating them.

So, there you have it- some of the best tips on how to improve your logo design easily and quickly. Good luck!

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