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The Best Blogging Success Stories Ever!

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The evolution of Web 2.0 gave people the power to express. Since the possibilities of the internet are endless, users who were good at expressing thoughts and ideas in words started writing blogs. As more and more blogs got published, it gave shape to a whole new digital content ecosystem – the Blogosphere. Fast-forward to the present, blogging has new standards, and it has evolved into the major revenue stream.

Now you find bloggers in almost all niches; most of them use blogging as a platform to connect, discuss and collaborate with a specific target audience. As you read on, I will share stories of five successful bloggers who used the platform for increasing revenue.

Ryan Biddulph – Blogging from Paradise

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger who writes about how you can create content and monetize it while you are on the move. Born in New Jersey, Ryan loves traveling and writes about his travel experiences as well. He runs a blog named “Blogging from Paradise,” and as the name suggests, he blogs while he is traveling to different countries. He is also very active on other bloggers’ sites and regularly comments on their blogs, which has given him the title of “Comment King.”

After completing his high school and college, Ryan bounced around between many jobs. However, he describes that after taking a job as a security officer, his life changes completely. This was when he decided to do something that would give him the satisfaction of being free. Then when he was fired from the post of a security officer, he set his wheels in motion.

Most of Ryan’s content revolves around teaching people how to manage blog. He also gives them tips on how they can monetize their blogs through White Label SEO guides. Additionally, he also writes about his experiences while traveling. All these things add up making him one of the best bloggers in 2018.

Neil Patel –,, Crazy Egg

Born in London, Neil Patel is a California-raised investor, entrepreneur, and analytics expert now settled in Seattle. He is best known as the co-founder of a customer analytics platform KissMetrics, an analytics company called Crazy Egg, and also a blog that goes by the name of Quick Sprout. Neil is a website traffic and SEO expert, and his blogs contain content that teaches you various digital marketing and SEO techniques.

Neil started his first website when he was sixteen, which was a copy of the popular job website However, it did not fare well since he knew nothing about marketing. He hired many marketing agencies, but nothing worked out. It was when he decided to learn marketing to become proficient at it.

Today, Neil Patel is helping companies, like NBC, Amazon, HP, GM, and others to help them grow their revenue. He has been termed as one of the top influencers on the web by The Wall Street Journal. Forbes has regarded him as the top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine has recognized him for creating one of the best 100 companies in the world. Also, he was recognized as one among the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by President Barak Obama, and one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 by the United Nations.

Most of his blogs teach people about digital marketing and SEO. Through his blogs, he teaches people how to leverage the digital world to earn money.

Lewis Howes – Instagrammer (@lewishowes), athlete,, School of Greatness

Aged 35, Lewis Howes is an American former professional Arena League football player and decathlete. If you needed an example of how the internet can change your life, Lewis Howes is a perfect example for you to follow. Lewis was doing very well as a professional athlete – until he was badly injured that ended his sporting career.

After knowing that he cannot play professionally for the rest of his life, he found success through webinar training LinkedIn courses. Today, he runs one of the world’s top podcasts named School of Greatness that gets big guests, like Maria Sharapova, Tony Robbins, and many others. Not only this, but Lewis is also an NYTimes Best Selling Author.

He has podcasts on various niches, starting from business and entrepreneurship, to health and relationships. Lewis provides the best content and excerpts across all the platforms including social media.

Hannah Bronfman – HBFIT

Born in New York, Hannah Bronfman is an entrepreneur from Manhattan. She runs a blog named HBFIT, which is considered one of the most popular lifestyle blogs that you can find today. HBFIT stands for Health, Beauty, and Fitness. As the name suggests, the blog covers every part of lifestyle advice and tips that can help you improve.

Hannah is one of the most influential bloggers in the fitness and lifestyle industry. She has co-founded a mobile app named Beautified, which allows the users to book last-minute beauty services. Today, HBFIT has thousands of followers across all the social media platforms. Hannah uses the platform to share useful information related to health and fitness regularly, which is why people love it.

Hannah uses many ways to monetize the channel to make money out of the website. She uses advertising, selling affiliate products, health, and fitness products, and she also leverages on the sponsored posts and reviews.

Mark Wiens –

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Mark Wiens is a popular name in the world of travel and food blogging. He runs a blog called Migrationology that has millions of followers. Now based in Bangkok, Mark and his wife focus on creating blogs, videos, and podcasts on local food and travel.

Mark has traveled to many places since his childhood; he attended his first school in France. Then he moved to Democratic Republic of Congo, where he was homeschooled for three years. He then attended an international school in Kenya before finally returning to Arizona to complete his graduation in 2008. He says he found his love for traveling, eating, and blogging during his time in the Arizona State University.

Mark strives to provide his followers with authentic travel and food information, through videos and blogs. He makes sure that he connects with the locals to find out more about the place and its food, which inspires him to create content for his followers and readers.


Above-mentioned are the stories of five successful bloggers who use content to reach their audience and earn from it. You can follow any of these bloggers to get to know more about them and, learn how they leverage blogging and blogger outreach to generate revenue out of it.

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