Business management is part art and part science with a sprinkle of insanity. As a leader, you need to form the bedrock for your team. You do that by being consistent, reliable and available. These articles on TYB are designed to help you become a better leader everyday by feeding you a constant diet of business wisdom from people that have been there, done that and succeeded.

Inconvenient Truth About Managers


The Inconvenient Truth About Managers That We’re Avoiding

There’s an uncomfortable truth about managers that we’re not facing. According to the “Good Manager, Bad Manager: New Research on the Modern Management Deficit” report, 44% of managers feel unprepared for their responsibilities, and a shocking 87% wish they’d had more training before they took on the role. The impacts of this are not just […]
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Be Proactive Without Excusing Your Challenges


5 Smart Ways to Be Proactive Without Excusing Your Challenges

When I started my business blog, IdeasPlusBusiness, I knew nothing about starting a business online. But, I was determined to make it happen. I was determined to learn and put in the time required to master a new set of skills. I was short of capital when I started, but I was determined to continue. […]
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Ways to Fund a Project or a Business


What are the Ways to Fund a Project or a Business?

One of the biggest issues that most businesses face when starting up is finding needed funding for their projects. There is no project in the world that does not need at least some kind of investment from an outside donor. It could be used as a salary for various employees the project may need, or […]
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The Art of Getting More Done by Doing Less

Work Smart: The Art of Getting More Done by Doing Less

It’s been over a year since I’ve graduated from college. Since then, I’ve more than doubled my freelancing income, grown my blog, and on the side run a content marketing agency—while traveling the world! My friends and family think of me as that crazy guy. After all, I’ve probably hustled hard all day, every day to be […]
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Effectively Manage a Distributed Workforce

5 Tips to Effectively Manage a Distributed Workforce

More and more people are choosing to work remotely, abandoning the traditional nine to five for a more flexible work environment. With the help of the internet, people can work from home, cafes, and even out of the country as they travel to different places. We call them digital nomads, and they’re pretty much living […]
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Common Misconceptions about Careers in Management


8 Common Misconceptions about Careers in Management

Having a set professional goal in life is a luxury enjoyed by few. On top of it, a career in management is like walking to a field of activated landmines with hundreds of opportunities just waiting to blow your mind away. However, for a person who has chosen the field of management, life can be […]
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Things To Do With A Bad Hire


5 Things To Do With A Bad Hire

Whenever we hire someone, we have that nagging doubt that there may be something wrong with the hire. What if he doesn’t perform well? What if he leaves after 2 months. Or what if he sells company secrets? We think about a lot of these “what if?” scenarios because they reflect back on us, the […]
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Time Thieves Every Small Business Should Consider


7 Time Thieves Every Small Business Should Consider

Are you trying to figure out how to start up a small business, but yet have not had any luck? After that, you need to know the important steps you can take to help you set up a small business easily because it really is not as difficult as it looks. Here’s a simple equation: […]
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Developing Next Generation Leaders


Invest In Future By Developing Next-Generation Leaders!

For many years, those born in the Baby Boomers generation have been held most of the top-level positions of several business firms across the world and lead the respective organizations and its stakeholders towards success with highly honed skills, business talent with vast experience, and accomplished leadership abilities. However, with the members of this generation […]
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employee retention


Employer Benefits – The Consequences of How You Treat Your Staff

When a prospective employee submits their résumé for consideration to an employer seeking to fill a vacancy within their organization, a question often asked is “What employee benefits are there?” And while employee benefits are often a vital factor that is taken into consideration when accepting a position with a company, another aspect that fails […]
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