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How to Evaluate Candidates’ Resumes: 10 Key Tips to Speed Up the Shortlisting Process

Resume evaluation is critical for choosing the right talent for your business. However, it can be long and frustrating. Looking through candidates’ resumes takes time, and if you aren’t careful, you can miss something.  Establishing an efficient shortlisting process saves you time. It also ensures that you get the best people for the job. Here […]
March 17, 2022 2,463 Reads share


Hiring Staff Overseas: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Hiring Foreign Workers

It has never been easier to work remotely from anywhere.  Technology has meant that you no-longer need to physically be in the place where you work.  Coupled with this has been changes to routines brought on by the pandemic.  More employees than ever now want to work from home at least some of the time.  […]
March 2, 2022 3,235 Reads share


The Art Of Creating A Strong Organizational Culture (And Why Most Companies Fail At It)

Organizational culture is what a tea bag is in a cup of tea; it infuses flavor by shaping an organization’s personality and the perception of the consumers and employees towards it. Creating an organizational culture takes slow, intentional efforts that penetrate deep into an organization’s core. While most company executives know the importance of a […]
February 23, 2022 3,643 Reads share


5 Tips for Improving Your Leadership Skills

Some people are lucky enough to be naturally born with leadership skills. They have the winning charisma and ability to make others follow them instantly. However, others struggle to communicate well, making it difficult to influence others despite their best efforts. This is because they lack the soft skills needed to become a good leader, […]
February 21, 2022 4,702 Reads share


As a Team Leader, What are the Most Important Qualities One Should Possess?

Members of a group working together on a project, such as finishing a project with the help of a team, need direction and vision from their team leaders. The qualities of a team leader should be studied. Team leaders are responsible for various duties, including defining a strategy for the team, enabling team communication, training […]
February 14, 2022 3,651 Reads share

How to Successfully Integrate a Foreign Sales Team Into Your Workforce

Has your business recently expanded into a new marketplace? Are you keen to promote your brand within a different region of the world? These are two of the most common reasons why a foreign-speaking sales team may be required. The only potential problem is that it can be difficult to integrate these individuals into a […]
February 9, 2022 3,119 Reads share
Hospital Staff Hiring


Hiring Healthcare Personnel? Tips for Recruiting Hospital Staff in 2022

If you’re looking to hire hospital staff in 2022, you might have your work cut out for you due to a few reasons. And while the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many to rethink their roles in healthcare, there are still many viable candidates who have been drawn to the healthcare field just so they can […]
February 8, 2022 2,931 Reads share

How to Protect Remote Workers in 2022

The pandemic of 2020 has led to a vast number of workers being taken out of the regular office and being placed at home for work instead, distanced from their normal working conditions and what they are used to. Many companies responded well to this new working format, though others have not yet done everything […]
January 25, 2022 2,966 Reads share

Top 8 HR Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

In recent years, people worldwide have noticed the vast changes in the business landscape.  From the work-from-home setup to the increased adoption of digital means of trade and communication, most of the companies are forced to transition to survive in the new normal. What’s more, a global talent shortage, better known as the ‘Great Resignation’, has impacted a lot of organizations and how they look for the right candidates to […]
January 18, 2022 3,826 Reads share

6 Top Talent Management Trends For 2022

Are most of your talented employees leaving your business? Are you wondering how you can retain them to help your company reach its highest peak? It’s time you adopted talent management. Talent management involves growing your employees, personally and career-wise, as they work for you. Managing talents is worker-oriented, aiming at providing a comfortable yet challenging working environment for them.  The […]
January 17, 2022 4,372 Reads share