Money is a tool that you can leverage to open almost any door in the world of business. Money is also one of the most difficult aspects of personal and business management. If cash-flow is a problem, or you’re not seeing the ROI you need in order to keep the doors open, this content will help you make more money.


7 Times When You Need to Call Your Accountant

Small business owners don’t have time to waste on tasks that other people could do just as well. As the leader, your days could be better spent finding new clients and building up your business than mucking around in the administrative weeds.  While you may not have enough cash on hand to hire someone new […]
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An Employer’s Guide to Printing Paychecks for Employees

While many people in the US live digitally and choose to be paid through direct deposit, some employees prefer printed checks. Which is still okay. Gone are the days when people’s only option was to order printed checks from commercial institutions and third-party vendors. The major downside of pre-printed checks is that they are expensive, […]
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Comparing Loans Online

The Comparisons Market: What You Need To Know & What Your Customers Need To Know

The lending and finance industries have seen radical change over the last decade, spawning from the global economic crisis. Fintechs have flooded the market and stolen so much share from traditional banks and lenders that 15 years ago, consumers would have relied upon. The biggest changes have been noted in the consumer credit market, in […]
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How to Streamline Finance and Accounting using RPA?

In this era of rapidly growing technology, robotic process automation (RPA) is turning out to be one of the most exciting concepts. RPA helps enterprises to transform business processes by aligning the accounting software or a bot to perform time-consuming, laborious tasks. Accounting processes like accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) are essential for the […]
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Investment Banker in 2020 - Top Skills Required


Investment Banker in 2020 – Top Skills Required

JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America are the big boys most investment bankers dream of starting their career. The demand for investment banking remains as strong as technology in the banking industry drastically evolves. A career in the field of finance is inspiring and it sure assures you to be in […]
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Why Small Businesses Need To Master Bookkeeping

Why Small Businesses Need To Master Bookkeeping All small business aiming to make it big need bookkeeping. However, many find it daunting as bookkeeping can be time consuming and make you lose focus from other core areas of your business. Businesses from all walks of the industry like small traders, retailers, restaurants, etc. need bookkeeping […]
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Wise Ways Credit Card Usage

A Wealthy You: 5 Wise Ways to Use Your Credit Card

We keep ourselves in good condition by following a healthy lifestyle, and this is how exactly we should treat our credit cards. If you want a comfortable life and a stable financial status, there are necessary considerations you must follow as the holder of your card. Basic yet, the smartest. Most cardholders are discontented with […]
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The Differences Between Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting

Many businesses have heard of invoice finance and some of the terms that go along with it – factoring, discounting, spot factoring, CHOCC and more… it can be a difficult area to understand sometimes. However, in principle, it’s really quite simple. Both invoice factoring and invoice discounting are services where a funder will provide you […]
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Is Day Trading the Same as Investing

Is Day Trading the Same as Investing?

If you’ve ever considered putting your cash to work for you, rather than watching it gather dust in your savings account, then you’ve probably taken a close look at the stock market before. There are plenty of different ways to get involved in working with shares and stocks – from long-term investments and securities to […]
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