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Top 10 Ways to Improve Customer Experience Through Web Design

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The birth of e-commerce started a radical shift in the way people shop. All around the world, the industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and is taking over the business game. Most companies without an online platform are suffering a significant loss of customer and profit since e-commerce is becoming a highly preferred industry in most consumer markets. But what makes e-commerce highly popular among consumers?

One major factor that contributes to the overall customer experience in web design. Walmart founder Samuel Moore Walton emphasizes that a company’s goal is to have customer service that is “only the best.” And web design makes sure that customers are getting more of the chunks they can usually bite.

If you recently came across the philosophy behind customer experience, you may know why it’s not easy to imagine the possibilities to which some businesses are investing so much on excellent web design. You might even ask the following questions: What is web design? How does it help improve a customer’s experience when visiting a website?

Web design encompasses various skills and other disciplines that manage and produce website templates. And in this digital world, 66 percent of people would prefer excellent website design than a plain one. Here are the top 10 tips on how you can craft a unique web design layout for maximum customer experience:

Identify Your Brand’s Personality

Web design is how you present your website, and the layout determines how many consumers will flock toward your site. One way you can craft an excellent web design is by identifying your brand’s personality. By knowing how you present your brand through web design, you can come off as exciting and engaging, even if you aren’t an established business yet. Aside from that, customers will surely remember your brand identity.

However, identifying one’s brand personality is not a walk in the park. You need to ask yourself various questions about your business. What makes you unique? How do you want your customers to think of you? What features do your competitors have that you don’t? And from there, you will have an idea about the perfect design for your website.

Shorten Website Load Time

It frustrates us when YouTube videos take time to load, even more so when we encounter slow web pages. Page load time is highly crucial for the customer experience. If a page takes more than 2 seconds to load, you might as well say hello to fewer page views. So do take time on improving the website loading time.

You can start with reducing the number of HTTP requests the site makes. When your site loads, it downloads various pages like images, scripts, and other related content. And an HTTP request is made for one element, so if you combine or reduce the number, the load time will drop.

Provide a Leisure Navigation System

Life is a maze, but don’t let it be the same for your website. A Hubspot survey showed that 76% of the customers want to find what they want in a jiffy. Guide your customers through a smooth and easy-to-understand navigation design system. Unnecessary random pop-ups and auto-scrolling will only spoil the overall site experience, so remember to avoid placing those features on the site to ensure great customer experience.

Integrate a Subscription Plan

Nothing makes a customer happier than having a simple and hassle-free shopping. And going for subscription integration may be the best decision for this situation. A subscription plan is simple, and it makes cash flow easy to manage for a business. Plus, it is highly convenient for the customer. They do not need to fill out multiple payment forms since the bills get automatically deducted through various methods, primarily through credit cards.

Play with Long-Form Content

You can’t hope to persuade a customer to buy your product with only a 500-word paragraph. There is so much to say about a product, but a shorter word count will not bring your product’s best aspects to life. Go longer and make the long-form content enticing to read. But you have to remember that you are selling your product and not preaching. Then make the content engaging and relatable to the average user.

Use Human Faces in Your Visuals

If you want customers to view your website, add in images with human faces to your design. People love to look at faces. From the day we were born, we instantly respond to a face. We seek them out, with our inherent need to look at them. And that is what makes a face as an ad, more appealing. But be wary of facial expressions, because not all of them can fit the branding story you want to go for.

Tell a Powerful Story

People love to tell stories because stories help people connect. And a good story is an excellent strategy for reeling in customers. When your target audience associates your site with how they feel, there is a big chance that they will return for more.

Your website gives you an advantage since people are always online. But it is the kind of story that people want. Tell the wrong tale and say goodbye to customers. Tell a compelling story and see the number of visits grow.

Uphold Professionalism

Despite the various artistic design tips, you must still keep the site up to a professional level. Companies want to show their customers that they mean business and what better way to do that than to include a section of the company’s daily operations, mission-vision statement, and photos of the staff.

Portability Is Highly Needed

One downfall of some businesses is that they don’t go for mobile portability. Let’s face it. People have phones, and people carry it with them every day. Mobile phones have become a part of a person’s lifestyle. And by going for mobile portability, the chances of the site’s visibility will surely increase. But do mind that you also need to make a mobile version design of your website. The current one will not fit with the specs of a mobile phone, so do consider that.

Emphasize Customer Suggestions

Customers trust each other’s review more than any other source. By including a section that has various customer reviews, the site’s credibility and validity will boost. More customers will surely visit the page and check out your products and services. It is a simple strategy but a good one.

E-commerce is now a top industry among all others. And to bounce back, some businesses are also going digital. But one thing that most companies do not consider when going digital is the importance of web design. Web design is a powerful tool that shapes how customers see and experience your brand, products, and services. When created well, it can surely boost customer satisfaction and visits tenfold!

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