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5 Super-Actionable Tricks to Grow Your Business on Social Media in 2021

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There are over 4 billion users on social media platforms, with most of them spending well over 2 hours daily on them.

And if you have a powerful social presence on any of these platforms, you can build awareness and grow your business on them.

But which tactics should you leverage to succeed in this quest?

Read on for actionable tactics your brand can leverage to grow your business on social media.

#1. Incorporate Hashtags

Hashtags: A word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #, a form of metadata tag More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)

By now, you’ve heard of hashtags.

But do you know how to strategically use them to grow your business on social media?

Their strategic use can expand your reach, amplify your brand, get content found, and so much more.

How can you use hashtags to achieve all of this?

There are four ways:

  • Use brand-specific hashtags: Create a hashtag that includes your company name, tagline, or product. It should be unique to your brand, easy to spell, short, and memorable.
  • Use campaign hashtags: Use a hashtag containing words or phrases unique to your current social media campaign or promotion. Make it unique, then encourage customers to use it during the campaign. For example, make the hashtag a requirement to take part in your contest or giveaway.
  • Use content hashtags: These are hashtags related to common phrases you use in your content — for example, those related to your location, events, products, etc. Using them helps you connect your product to people searching or following these hashtags.
  • Trending hashtags: These are the most talked-about hashtags. If you find one that relates to your business, use it to join conversations, and broaden your reach.

But how can you discover quality hashtags that can grow your business on social media?

A great way of doing so is by using tools like Flick. This tool can help you discover, manage, and analyze Instagram hashtags. Based on this analysis, you can figure out which hashtags to use.

#2. Use Videos

Over the years, videos have become a powerful tool for marketers who want to grow their businesses on social media.

But why?

The latest video marketing stats show that videos help marketers increase returns, drive traffic to their sites, improve lead generation, and boost sales.

But how can you use it to grow your business on social media?

  • Create viral videos that either shock or wow your audience.
  • Publish targeted videos such as how-to videos, product demos, etc.
  • Share videos telling your brand story.
  • Create video testimonials.
  • Use vlogs to tell your target audience who you are, what you do, and why you do it.
  • Offer behind-the-scenes footage of your product and brand, especially when launching a new product.

#3. Leverage Collaborations

Collaborations allow you to introduce your products to a whole new audience who might be interested in what you offer. You can combine forces either with another brand or influencer to improve your digital presence and grow your business.

But how can you successfully handle collaborations that can grow your business on social media?

First, find a brand or influencer that can expose you to relevant audiences. Also, ensure that they’re from your niche and are passionate about your cause and industry.

For example:

A fitness equipment seller can partner with a gym owner, a fitness app, or a nutrition company with a great social media presence.

As for influencers, you can look at your loyal customers or influential people in the same niche as your brand. To make this search simpler, you can also leverage influencer discovery platforms to find those who have a sufficient reach and content that will resonate with your target audience.

Second, identify actionable goals that you can track and measure. For example, growing your email list or getting new subscribers.

Third, ensure the brand or influencer you collaborate with is trustworthy, genuine, and knowledgeable. Brands or influencers you partner with become a reflection of your brand, so make sure they help you build trust with your audience.

Fourth, lay out clear expectations and deadlines. Keep each other accountable and have a clearly written strategy with no doubts about who should deliver what by when. This can ensure that your collaboration will be fruitful.

Fifth, choose an emotional campaign that gets your audience talking.

For example, collaborate on a charitable cause, host an event together, produce a new product, host a giveaway, etc.

#4. Round-the-Clock Customer Service

One of the best ways to grow your business on social media is through customer service. You need to ask yourself — How easily can your target audience reach your brand on social media and get help?

But how can you incorporate social media into your customer support arsenal?

Set up a separate hashtag or handle that audiences can use when they need help.

Your best option, however, is to integrate chatbots like Flow XO or WotNot or offer live chat support through Messenger.

Chatbots can give you a 24/7 presence and provide automated responses that can keep the customer engaged. They can also help you reduce your churn rate by collecting insightful customer data, offering essential information, and nurturing leads and converting them.

#5. Track Performance

There’s a lot of competition on social media and algorithms keep changing. Additionally, audiences constantly choose what to consume. In such a situation, it can be easy to get lost in the infinite-scroll feeds.

For this reason, you need to track the performance of your social campaigns regularly. Doing this helps you:

  • Gauge each campaign’s performance and whether it has helped you achieve your goals.
  • Use insights to identify your audience and create personalized and targeted promotions.
  • Understand which content works for which platform and also find the best times to publish.
  • Identify strategies that drive more conversions.

You can leverage these insights to change and optimize your social strategy to grow your business on social media.

But how should you track social performance?

Start by identifying goals for each campaign and metrics that will effectively help you track your performance. Then, leverage Google Analytics or other social media analytics tools to track campaigns.

Grow Your Business on Social Media the Right Way

The tricks mentioned above can help you boost your reach, be there when customers need you most, increase conversion rates, and grow your business on social media.

However, it’s essential to test out each of these strategies, track performance, and optimize them to ensure that you can make the most out of them.

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