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10 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence

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It is astounding to think that social media networks were just invented as a powerful means to connect people all over the globe. However, when you look at things today, you will see that no online or brick and mortar business can survive without its presence on multiple social media websites.

According to a report in 2017, Facebook had a staggering 2 billion following worldwide. Moreover, Instagram is being used by 1 billion people in 2018. These figures have grown exponentially and will continue to grow in the near future.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are some of the most famous social networks in the world, and each one of them is essential to help increase your target customer base. A majority of small and big businesses in the world interact with their customers on several platforms. It has become the lifeblood of brand marketing and presence.

Here are 10 integral ways you can boost your social media presence.

1. Setting Realistic Goals for Your Brand

Before you start marketing your brand on different social platforms, you have to make sure that you are clear about your short and long-term goals and objective. You have to know what you are setting out to accomplish with each milestone.

However, you have to do this before you jump to another significant aspect of branding marketing and increasing your social media presence. Failing to do that will eventually lead to loss of resources and time.

You have to understand that each social platform is geared with different types of tools and features to help increase your presence; you have to keep your goals and objectives in line with those elements.

In addition, you have to have precise targets laid out to understand what direction you are going to head in. This is what helps increase brand visibility, boost in lead engagement and identify potential leads.

2. Never Compromise on a Good Profile

When creating an account on any social media network or are beginning to implement a marketing methodology, there is nothing more vital than checking your profile. Your profile must complete from head to toe – do not leave any field empty. Be honest with the details and try to relate to your target audience.

Don’t forget to write a short, precise and crisp bio on your brand that unveils the story behind the brand. As you write the bio, don’t forget to integrate keywords, which help attract relevant traffic towards your brand.

3. Associate Yourself with Different Events

When it comes to boosting social media presence and brand awareness, events are an absolute must – they are a gold mine! Never forget to include different and relevant hashtags on every type of signage as well as the printed materials and flyers you hand out during an even. Include all the social media icons you have created your profile on so that people can locate you quickly.

Moreover, do not just print the social media button like that – include an attractive call to action to compel your target audience to follow you positively.

4. Brand Authentic Content

If you’ve developed the brand – label them nice with social media buttons and different images to keep everything transparent.

5. Integrate Targeting Strategies to Enhance Organic Potential

This is an essential aspect of creating a strong and quick social media presence, however; you have to remember that every social platform has a different set of features and implementations. Always tweak your content as per particular member of your target audience, and you will see how quickly your organic potential will increase.
When talking about Facebook, here are some of the options you can use to promote your brand organically:

  • Language
  • Interests
  • Status
  • Relationship
  • Post end date
  • Gender
  • Education level
  • Age
  • Location

6. Market Your Profiles on Every Major Social Platform

It is vital to promote your profile and brand every single place that your business links to on the web. A majority of businesses set up their profile in almost all the most popular social platform in the world for maximum presence and reachability. Always highlight your social media presence on your website, your business cards, your emails, etc.

Furthermore, you must also remember to include a call to action buttons such as “Like my page” or “follow us” on your site so that a potential customer can view your social profile without leaving your website.

7. Always Engage with your Followers

Interaction is critical when it comes to increasing your brand following and overall social media presence. Your target audience wants to know that it isn’t bots controlling your profile. In addition, to prove them wrong you have to share relevant and relatable content with them and ask for their views and welcome constructive criticism.

You have to be sure to connect with your customer and potential leads on an emotional level and show them why they would need whatever you’re selling to make their lives better. Giving them what they want will lead to an automatic word-of-mouth marketing campaign throughout different social platforms.

8. Upload Videos

If you are more inclined towards video marketing, Twitter is your best bet for brand marketing and enhancing a robust social media presence. As per independent research, unique video uploads have twice as much odds of being remembered or memorable on Twitter than anywhere else.

Furthermore, take full advantage of options such as auto play. Activating this feature will automatically play your vide as soon as the user begins to scroll up or down the feed where you post the video. They will more than likely click on the video and may even re-post it or tweet about it.

9. Follow Influencers

Social media influencers are one of the trendiest ways you can promote your brand presence. However, you have to understand that that doesn’t just happen overnight, you have first to follow them, re-post their tweets, share their content and get noticed by them. Like their content and share it on different platforms for maximum exposure.

10. Sharing Curated Material

You can use curated content to your advantage as well. User these days go for research-backed content – however, ensure that whatever your post is relevant to them.

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