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8 Unexpected Benefits of Using Instagram for Business

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By now, most of us have used, or, at least, heard about the viral Instagram social media channel. But how many of us are truly aware of the great advantages of using Instagram for business? Here are our top 8 picks that can seriously help you grow your business online!


According to Wikipedia, the Instagram social network is excellent for uploading, editing, and filtering images from your personal life. It’s a great way of showing exciting moments in your pastime. From amazing trips to delicious food, from new jewelry to your work environment, you can share just about any cool part of your lifestyle on Instagram.

But that’s not all that this amazing social media platform can do! Individual entrepreneurs, small business owners, and giant corporations all use Instagram for business to influence the SEO optimization of their websites and implicitly grow their business. Whether you are a beginner when it comes to using Instagram for business, or a business Instagram veteran, here are some of the lesser-known benefits of using this platform.

Instagram for Business: It’s More Than ‘Likes’

1. Connecting with Your Customers

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Instagram is well-known for its extremely high volume of active and engaged users. For anyone asking why to use Instagram for business, this would be the most important reason. Such a high level of engagement creates the perfect environment for connecting with customers, receiving their feedback, and consolidating a long-term relationship. 

2. Learning Your Customers’ Preferences

The majority of people believe that Facebook and Twitter are the most engaging social media platforms out there. However, a recent Forrester Research report shows that Instagram for business leads by 120x more engagement for one follower, compared to Twitter. With such a high rate, you can publish lots of content that will give you a better understanding of customers’ needs and preferences.

3. Displaying Your Products and Services

There are over 600 million users seeking services and discovering new products on this platform. If you have a business Instagram account, you stand all the chances of attracting those users in need or who are searching for your product. Everybody loves Instagram videos, so you should consider creating short and attractive tutorials for your products to increase your Instagram for business exposure.

4. Driving Traffic to Your Website

By simply adding a link of your business in your BIO section, you can easily convert followers into active website visitors. However, since this is the only link allowed by the platform, what you could also do is to use the Instagram logo for business card purposes.

5. Expanding Your User Base

We’ve already established that people in search of your products and services are very likely to find you and become your followers. But they can also target and reach new audiences if you come up with the best Instagram hashtags for your business. The more on point they are, the larger your chances of being found by completely new customers. For example, if you have a German gaming website, one of your best hashtags should be #spiele gratis. Another great way to help grow your Instagram for business is by sharing photos with other users. If a user has taken a photo of your product or service, try to make sure he/she is using a representative hashtag of your brand when distributing it. This way, it will be a lot easier for new clients to find you on Instagram.

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6. Endorsing All Your Marketing Channels

Another amazing thing that Instagram for business allows you to do is share your content across any other marketing channel you are using. All you have to do is go to Settings and activate the Twitter or Facebook social sharing feature. However, one thing you will need to pay great attention to is maintaining all of your social media channels constantly updated. This might seem hard if you’re the one-man-show type of entrepreneur, but all you need to do is establish your own Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter routine. Once you have found your rhythm, keeping everything up to date will seem almost effortless.

7. Assigning Brand Ambassadors

One of the most powerful online tools entrepreneurs and companies can benefit from nowadays are customer reviews. There are thousands of users browsing Instagram for business tips. If you can convince some of your satisfied customers to leave detailed reviews about your services, your chances of converting grow exponentially.

8. Boosting Your Sales Level up  

According to a recent report published by Shopify, a renowned e-commerce platform, the average margin for sale derived from an Instagram referral is $65, as opposed to $55 from Facebook and $46 from Twitter. One of the main reasons behind these great Instagram for business results is the high-quality professional look of Instagram images, which generate more significant engagement and thus boost up sales.

Final InstaThoughts

Nowadays, in order to promote your business, it is crucial to focus on social networks. If you haven’t started your business Instagram account yet, you should do this right now! Think about how this platform is becoming more and more popular as each day goes by. This should make you act instead of waiting. All of the unexpected benefits enlisted above should give you a clear insight on how to use Instagram for business. Start promoting yourself right now, and let us know how useful these tips have been, and also if you encounter new ones on your own!

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